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west The Inspector West series begins with this well paced, exciting story I prefer to read a series in publication order, but was unable to do so in this case So, already familiar with the characters, it was interesting to see how it all started The book s setting, contemporary with its publication during World War II, gives its own specific flavour to the story Overall I found it to be pacey with no dull moments there are plenty of revelations along the way with enough peril to satisfy me 4 stars. Wow A lot of people were killed in this mystery It was ok for a first in a series I liked the commaderie between Roger Mark. I read many Inspector Wests in my teens in the late 70 s early 80 s and I have wanted to revisit them to see why I liked them at the time From memory, I would probably have given the books a 4 star rating This book was somewhat of a disappointment not because it was a bad book but it was not as good as I remember the series I hope to readto see if, overall, the books were only 3 star or whether this was an early book and the result of a less experienced writer. I read this in a Detective Book Club edition, paired with The Case of the Fenced In Woman For my full review, see here How was the Penguin edition so typo ridden Amazing. A little hard to follow the motivations at times Like the author was trying to be as obscure as possible so no one could possibly guess the killer It ended up being a little too far out there for me Also the edition I read had a lot of typos and grammatical issues Frequently when characters were talking there was a lack of punctuation I ve never read any of this series before so maybe that is just how he writes I expected better from penguin. I really didn t like this at all Very weak characterisation, risible plot, none of the Golden Age quirks, none of the British Comfy charms Just looking at the body count it must be about a dozen, none of whom we care about shows how loose the whole mess is.I bought it because Popular Penguins are usually chosen with care I ll bewary in future. Granted, it s Inspector West 1, but it s thirty characters with no characterization, only thirty tons of plot kindling. ^FREE PDF ⇛ Inspector West Takes Charge ⇪ Extortion Is The Name Of The Game In This First Story Of The Inspector West Series, The Scotland Yard Officer Has To Get To The Bottom Of A Blackmail Bid Against The Dreem Cigarette Factory With Those Behind The Attempt Prepared To Murder Anyone Who Might Get In Their Way, Inspector West Has To Unravel It All At Gunpoint, And Not Without Some Surprises