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Insomniac Citysuch tender, moving, heartwarming heartbreaking, intelligent writing everything is beautifully observed in this reflective piece of prose a form of ode, a love letter to New York, to a one of a kind love His NY observations are so insightful so carefully and tenderly described you can t help fall for it yourself How he talks about O how considered his thoughts are, it is so intricately shared here Love is so personal, it has no boundaries, it s delicate it s destructive it s all the little things that make you love a person Nobody s perfect but we should try to find the perfect in everyone This will break your heart while equally restoring it If you aren t already in love with New York and of love itself you will be after this Insomniac City is a slight book, and its breeziness and lack of depth will either strike a reader as charming and fl neur like or will be irritating in the extreme What is called a memoir is actually little than a commonplace book, including extracts of diaries, snippets of conversation, and notes taken with studied casualness and later transcribed into the text The low point of this approach comes when Hayes describes replacing Sacks typewriter ribbon Testing the new ribbon, the latter strikes random keys and types nonsense phrases, all of which Hayes dutifully reproduces in a two page spread It s hard to avoid the sense that one is watching a doting mother hang her two year old s incomprehensible fingerpainting in an expensive frame over the family mantle.Throughout Insomniac City, in fact, Oliver Sacks is constantly performing Oliver Sacks for the delectation of his amanuensis Hayes and Hayes never stops elbowing the reader to say, Isn t Oliver wonderful Isn t Oliver smart Doesn t he have a brilliant mind Anecdotes about the great man abound, but they remain sterile.On his own, Hayes eccentrically tools around New York having experiences, offering 20 bills to homeless people and chatting with strangers, the quintessential ecotourist in other people s existences.The glimpses that Hayes offers into his and Sacks intimate relationship are tantalizing but vague, with a kind of maidenly lack of specificity that is out of place in a book whose entire purpose for existing is the relationship between the two men Hayes is, after all, the reason that Sacks ended a period of celibacy that spanned than 30 years, about which the public is evidently going to learn nothing in this lifetime Sacks doesn t say much about it in his autobiography, published shortly before his death, and Hayes follows suit.There would have been no need for pornographic detail, surely, but a bit candor about the late in life relationship of two men, one of whom was nearly 40 years older than the other, would have been both useful and appropriate.Instead, Insomniac City feels oddly and, one suspects, deliberately de gayed to serve the needs of its high end mainstream publisher and of its hip and urbane New Yorker public who are surrounded by gay people but really don t want to talk about them all that much.Hayes is too in love with his own beautiful little phrases to focus on substance, and, apart from noting that the prose is ornate, a reader might be forgiven for wondering why so much air has been pumped into the spaces between the words.In the end, Insomniac City feels very much like Oliver Sacks The Souvenir Program, pretty, superficial, and forgettable. I couldn t help but fall in love with New York City as I lived it through author Bill Hayes eyes reading Insomniac City New York, Oliver, and Me He is a wonderful observer and he captures the essence of people through photographs and his stories He tells us his life journey after he loses his beloved partner he leaves San Francisco to start fresh in NYC and we experience his existence as he heals his soul, taking in the sights of the city and finding beauty in his connections with others We here about his relationship with Oliver Sacks, the well known neurologist, genius of a man and can feel the love they had for each other through the pages Although Sacks was almost 30 years older, Hayes often seemed to be his guide contributing to what made them a well matched, intriguing couple.I ve always been enad with New York City and did enjoy living there for a while, but now, in addition to my renewed appreciation and love for my favorite city I feel warm feelings toward author Bill Hayes who is no doubt a kind, tender hearted, open minded man who, in his life has nurtured loves until they are gone, but he continues to see, appreciate and capture the beauty in this world Oliver Sacks seemed like a brilliant, unique and loving man I would have enjoyed meeting him.As Bill Hayes writes It requires a certain kind of unconditional love to love living here But New York repays you in time in memorable encounters, at the very least Just remember Ask first, don t grab, be fair, say please and thank you, always say thank you even if you don t get something back right away You will This tender memoir was like reading a love letter to New York City I have a list of people I know who will cherish it like I did Review on Book Nation by Jenhttps booknationbyjen.wordpress.com I remember a friend sending me excerpts of this book I read it while I was at Doolally a taproom in Bombay I was waiting for friends to show up for the Wednesday night quiz and then something happened which I hadn t expected to I wept by the time I had finished reading the long excerpt I cried I think I even bawled I strongly also believe that when an art form does that to you when it creeps up on you like that and almost shatters your world you re in for a rollercoaster ride That happened to me as I was reading Insomniac City New York, Oliver and Me by Bill Hayes, from which the excerpt was Relationships are fragile, they are also very strong At the same time, what do you do when it ends all of a sudden When it ends not because you want it to, but because death comes suddenly knocking on your partner s door and there is nothing you can do about it Then what Hayes s partner died after sixteen years of togetherness He then moved to New York from San Francisco in search of a new start as most of us do He found himself in a city that was surprising, random, and at the same time made him see the humanity that exists Slowly and steadily, he fell in love with New York and found love in the form of the late, great neurologist and writer, Dr Oliver Sacks This book Insomniac City as the title suggests is about New York, Oliver Sacks and Bill Hayes It is also about life majorly so, and how it changes constantly whether we would like it or not It is about New York of how brutal and gentle she can be at the same time, of how to surrender to the city is to love her completely and without any prejudice The book ultimately is about great love that transcends all barriers, challenges, doubts and the throes of darkness There are also the author s stunning photographs capturing his love for the city and Oliver Let me not forget the portrait of Oliver Sacks that Bill Hayes paints so vividly and beautifully a genius who did not own a computer who always preferred to communicate via letters and longhand, who didn t know how a champagne bottle was opened and used goggles when he first opened them for the fear of the cork hitting his eye, who called pot cannabis and who believed in living life as it came day by day Hayes met Oliver after Oliver wrote him a letter praising his book The Anatomist and this is how they met and love blossomed The book is about that love, about how Oliver met Hayes after three decades of being alone and celibate Insomniac City will surprise you in ways than one Insomniac City is about the love between Oliver and Hayes and what they shared in Oliver s final years The writing is so personal and out there that you cannot help but be overwhelmed Their love for things common, their roads to discovering something they did not know, and what it is to live daily for the bond to strengthen and one fine day to see that love slip away The book teaches you about grief, about people coming together quite randomly on a bus or a train and makes you aware and conscious of what it is to be human I cannot recommend this book enough Do yourself a favour Order it, read it and weep You need a good cry, now and then. ( READ EBOOK ) ☩ Insomniac City: New York, Oliver, and Me ♻ Bill Hayes Came To New York City In With A One Way Ticket And Only The Vaguest Idea Of How He Would Get By But, At Forty Eight Years Old, Having Spent Decades In San Francisco, He Craved Change Grieving Over The Death Of His Partner, He Quickly Discovered The Profound Consolations Of The City S Incessant Rhythms, The Sight Of The Empire State Building Against The Night Sky, And New Yorkers Themselves, Kindred Souls That Hayes, A Lifelong Insomniac, Encountered On Late Night Strolls With His CameraAnd He Unexpectedly Fell In Love Again, With His Friend And Neighbor, The Writer And Neurologist Oliver Sacks, Whose Exuberance I Don T So Much Fear Death As I Do Wasting Life, He Tells Hayes Early On Is Captured In Vignettes Throughout What Emerges Is A Portrait Of Sacks At His Most Personal And Endearing, From Falling In Love For The First Time At Age Seventy Five To Facing Illness And Death Sacks Died Of Cancer In August I didn t want this book to end. 3 Bill Hayes 6 2009 2015 , 2 , This is the most beautiful book I have ever read For Bill, I will think of words better than beautiful splendid, lovely, awe inspiring, extra ordinary How lucky for us the world that Bill met New York City and met Oliver, the three create a perfect enchanting symphony and sometimes disharmony together Thank you, Bill, for remembering, capturing, and sharing it with us. There is really only one thing To be alive A beautiful love song, to Oliver Sacks, to New York City, and to life. via my blog Some days, I feel like Sylvia Plath married to Anne Sexton or is it Anne Sexton married to Sylvia Plath but without the depression or suicides Just poetry This is a bitingly beautiful book, a celebration of life, love, loss, New York and the relationship between Bill Hayes and Oliver Sacks In truth, I fell in love with Oliver myself bathing in the memories Hayes showers on the reader There seemed to be an infinite childlike curiosity and lust for life in Sacks, and an overflow of genius How could Bill not be changed by his love for Oliver nor feel such a crippling loss of such a soul in his life New York might well break your heart, and so will the love and tenderness Bill Hayes shares in this gorgeous memoir.The connections fired off in Oliver s brain each day, looking at ordinary things we usually dismiss,warmed me to my toes There is something refreshing about Oliver and Hayes love for him shines through the telling The photography of Bill s is moving, not everyone can capture a person s essence in a photograph Bill Hayes has There are sweet stories about Bill s encounters with strangers, and one of my favorite photographs he took is of Ilona Royce Smithkin, the eye artist There is something endearing about her art, and in the photo of her by a window, she is just as I imagined she would look It has to be said my favorite part of the book is when they meet with Bj rk, yes the singer I was tickled to learn Oliver wasn t aware of who she was and the meeting of like minds moved me They were familiar to each other in spirit, both curious and brilliant in their own right, fame not withstanding.Oliver isn t Bill s only love, nor loss First was Steve, his partner that passed away from cardiac arrest as he slept deeply beside him To say he was bereft is minimizing the horror, the crumbling of one s reality when death steals away our loved ones In an effort to outrun his grief, he travels but his life eventually begins anew when he starts over in New York Unlike so many youthful dreamers that head to bustling city, Oliver was nearing 50 years of age Is it possibly to become a New Yorker when you aren t as fresh and new Though he an Oliver had first become acquainted when Sacks wrote Bill a letter, meeting when he visited NY, it wasn t the catalyst for the move He needed a change, needed to shed his life in San Francisco it was time for rebirth It was a blessing that love blossomed between Oliver as they saw of each other, no longer on opposite sides of the country, a man 30 years his senior comes to mean so much to his life You just never know what is waiting for you on the other side of grief, as Bill soon learned We are lucky to be a part of Hayes love affair with New York, strangers, photography and always, Oliver Though it s a book that speaks of grief, I found it to be much a memoir celebrating love and the promise of living, of forging ahead with hope and joy.Nearing the end of Oliver s life I felt my heart weighted, for a light was leaving our world As he lay dying and his friends and lover gathered together and read to him I thought what a tender manner to slip away in your last days To the end Oliver was brave and curious and loved, much loved A true love story just in time for Valentine s Day.Beautiful Memoir with lovely photographs It was touching in every way.Publication Date February 14, 2017Bloomsbury USA