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If all you know about Steven Avery s murder trial is from Making a Murderer you need to read this book This interesting read delves deep into Avery s history, his wrongful 1985 conviction and into the truth about what really happened the day Theresa Halbach was killed It s a fairly quick read and well worth the time to read. Netflix s Making a Murderer is many things entertaining, riveting, and expertly crafted One thing it is not is objective.After finishing Indefensible, I m left saddened Saddened that the creators of Making a Murderer didn t use their considerable influence to seek unbiased truth Saddened that an entire community has been negatively impacted Most of all, saddened for Teresa Halbach s family.If you re looking to fill in the considerable gaps that the documentary leaves, you need to read this book which includes additional testimony and background information on the major players in Wisconsin s most infamous murder mystery. I really enjoyed this book Griesbach, a Manitowoc County prosecutor who was not involved personally in the Avery trial but who did play a part in uncovering Avery s original wrongful conviction, did an excellent job of refuting the slanted Netflix Making of a Murderer documentary that made it look like Avery was the victim of a police conspiracy Unfortunately, so many people have been brainwashed by the documentary that the truth is as much a casualty in this case as the detectives and policemen who have been viciously maligned and falsely accused When you take into account Avery s violent history toward women including the testimony of some of the women he has abused and the physical evidence that cannot be refuted and the evidence that the documentary intentionally hides and the manner in which the documentary distorts testimony to fit the conspiracy conclusion, there s no question or doubt at all that Avery is indeed the murderer of Teresa Not only did he murder her but he also violated her in a horrific way before stabbing her to death, which is also in keeping with his violent history against women and with his own words regarding his twisted desires while he was in prison I hope people who are interested in this case will purchase this book and read it It will be an eye opener for many who know only what the documentary has provided. I almost didn t finish this book, since it was released before the second season of MAM I thought it would just be a rehash of everything I already knew After reading Indefensible, I think we can all agree that Mr Avery isn t a good guy I found out lots of new information and actually read some of the transcripts to fact check, and was leaning heavily that Mr Avery is right where he belongs With the bombshells that dropped after the second season, I m curious now as to how it s all going to play out I feel like the defense didn t do any of the investigations that they should have done Should Ms Zellner prevail, I ll be interested in another book from this author. I read several different sides to the story and watched the documentary This is by far the book that tells the most reliable facts Just confirmed what I felt in my gut all along Thanks for all the hard work an time put into this book As long as Avery keeps fighting , it keeps him in the limelight and that is what he enjoys. The author expends great effort throughout his book to argue that he has eliminated his biases about this case My impression is he may have convinced himself that he is objective however, his writing gives us many examples throughout of his slant and bias Interesting reading but his bias diminishes the impact of this book. I watched the documentary s 2 seasons and was conflicted between sympathy for mostly Brendan Dassey and could the police actually have framed these 2 for this crime Sat down and read Mr Griesbach s book in its entirety for 6 hours last night and it completely changed my thinking towards these crimes and how the Netflix documentarians deceitfully edited and left out key evidence in their shows Steven Avery is a sexual deviant who treats women like trash and premeditated his attack on Mrs Halbach Still not sure that Dassey participated in the murder or just helped clean up the crime scene, but family loyalty probably kept him from telling the truth and it cost him 20 extra years in prison Very detailed book in explaining the evidence and the backgrounds of each participant, good read I definitely feel sympathy for Lt Colburn, who these Hollywood filmmakers have implicated and attempted to tarnish his reputation career, what a shame. {Read} ⚝ Indefensible: The Missing Truth About Steven Avery, Teresa Halbach, and Making a Murderer ⚪ An Insider Exposes The Shocking Facts Deliberately Left Out Of The Hit Netflix Series Making A Murderer And Argues Persuasively That Steven Avery Was Rightfully Convicted In The Killing Of Teresa Halbach After Serving Eighteen Years For A Crime He Didn T Commit, Steven Avery Was Freed And Filed A Thirty Six Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Manitowoc County, Wisconsin But Before The Suit Could Be Settled, Avery Was Arrested Again This Time For The Brutal Murder Of Teresa Halbach And, Through The Office Of A Special Prosecutor, Convicted Once When The Saga Exploded Onto The Public Consciousness With The Airing Of Making A Murderer, Michael Griesbach, A Prosecutor And Member Of Wisconsin S Innocence Project Who Had Been Instrumental In Avery S Exoneration, Was Targeted On Social Media, Threatened And Plagued By Doubt Now, In This Suspenseful, Thorough Narrative, He Recounts His Own Re Examination Of The Evidence In Light Of The Whirlwind Of Controversy Stirred Up By The Blockbuster True Crime Series As Griesbach Carefully Reviews Allegations Of Tampering And Planted Evidence, The Confession By Avery S Developmentally Disabled Nephew, Brendan Dassey, And Statements By Avery S Former Girlfriend Jodi Stachowski, Previously Sealed Documents Deemed Inadmissible At Trial By Judge Patrick L Willis And A Little Known, Plausible Alternate Suspect Griesbach Shows How The Filmmakers Agenda, The Accused Man S Dramatic Backstory, And Sensational Media Coverage Have Clouded The Truth About Steven Avery Now As Avery S Defense Counsel Files An Appeal And Prepares To Do Battle In The Courtroom Once , Griesbach Fights To Set The Record Straight, Determined That Evidence Should Be Followed Where It Leads And Justice Should Be Served For As Surely As Our Legal System Should Not Send An Innocent Man To Prison, Neither Should It Let A Guilty Man Walk Free