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For some reason it took me than I expected to finish this one Review to come this week Oh, I ve got so much to say I want to write it already. How can someone take one of the most interesting periods of history and make it this boring I was hoping to get a intriguing, interesting, fiery no pun intended story of the infamous Bloody Mary Instead I found a passive whiney brat.And the writing was lacking It was like hearing a boring story from your 103 year old great aunt many years after the fact instead of an in the moment exciting account Do yourself a favor, skip over this. @Download Book Ñ In the Shadow of the Crown: The Tudor Queens ì As The Cherished And Only Surviving Child Of Henry VIII S Marriage To Katherine Of Aragon, Mary Tudor Faced An Assured Future Until Her Father Decided To Rid Himself Of Her Mother, And So Brought Devastating Changes Not Only To Mary, But To The Entire Country Young And Inexperienced, Mary Was Left Alone To Face The Dangers Of Those Who Lived In The Shadow Of The Crown The Perilous Years That Followed Were Filled With Drama, Yet She Longed For A Happy Married Life And Children, And By This Time She Knew She Had A Divine Purpose To Restore The Church Of England To Rome This is the story of Mary, firstborn daughter of King Henry VIII told by Plaidy in the voice of this tragic woman Born to Katharine of Aragon and Henry VIII, she enjoys her father s affection, his scorn when he declares the marriage invalid and his daughter a bastard, and finally his affection again when she does what she must to please him and save her life She believes that she has a greater purpose in life to bring back the Catholic church to England Her father s frail son, Edward, is king for a short time, leaving the crown to Mary whose tender heart and lack of political finesse make her life difficult indeed She marries Philip of Spain, love at last she believes only to discover that for him it was an arranged marriage This is a sad tale well written by an author I had not read prior to this one. OutstandingWonderful, sad and poignant I have always thought that she did what she did concerning the burnings that she did it to save the people, but you can t with murder in your heart I honestly liked the sympathetic view of Mary I of England I honestly believe that she was just a woman who desperately wanted to be loved by a man and have children, and also bring her country back to Rome It is fiction but part of me believes her council was to blame for the killing of the heretics and not just her own choice It felt like an interview than a novel but I m okay with that type of atmosphere and preferred it for this type of book Glad someone wrote a historical fiction book on Catherine of Aragon daughter. Lo termin porque me pueden los Tudor, pero realmente me sorprendi lo mal escrito que estaba, volv a constantemente a las mismas ideas, por lo que, sin exagerar, un sexto del libro debe haber sido pura repetici n Es un buen boceto que necesita ser reordenado para eliminar redundancias A bit slow Not to Plaidy s usual standard. This novel about the life of Mary I, also known as, Bloody Mary, was a very sympathetic view on her, and thought it seemed of an account of her life rather than a story with a plot, it was simply amazing Of course, no one can deny she was wrong for the burnings of Protestants, this book moves into her mind and gives you an insight as to why she might have done so She really thought she was doing the right thing, much like how her father believed he was doing the right thing in divorcing and beheading his various wives Mary lived through so much and her perseverance alone is something to be admired. Mary Tudor is my favorite character of the Tudor period I have long been fascinated with her, and tried to understand her thoughts as to what she did in her reign and why Jean Plaidy is one of my favorite authors of historical fiction Putting the two together should have been a dream, right Honestly, not so much.As much as I love the author and the subject matter of this book, it was pretty much a chore to get through I can t quite figure out why, but it took me forever to read, and I just had to push myself through it, rather than be engaged enough to find myself unable to put it down Definitely not one of her better works, which saddens me.