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I have only previously read two of Katie Price s books which was Angel and Crystal but I wasn t blown away by them enough to pick up her further releases When I was sent her new book In The Name of Love I was expecting to feel the same about this one so I have had it sitting on the side for a few weeks avoiding picking it up.I have had various comments on Goodreads, Twitter and Facebook regarding Katie Price since I have started this book many saying they won t be reading it as they are not a fan of hers I wouldn t say I am a fan of her in her usual job role but at the end of the day I love to read and regardless of who is writing the book if I enjoy it or not I will always give my honest opinion Secondly it is also worth mentioning that Katie writes this book in partnership with Rebecca Farnworth.In The Name of Love follows Charlie who works as a sports presenter she is holidaying with best friend Zoe in Barbados when she falls for the gorgeous Spaniard Felipe but Charlie wants be loved for who she is not for what job she does so she keeps it a secret from Felipe but towards the end of their blossoming holiday romance Felipe finds out about Charlie s secret and thinks she has an ulterior motive to try and sell a story about him now that he is tipped for a medal in the Olympics and so he slams the door in her face declaring her never wants to see her again.With the help of meddling friends the couple are brought together again but their relationship seems to be a rollercoaster of events with the odds stacked against their relationship it s not looking likely to be a happy ever after scenario Can Charlie solve the major problem that is troubling their relationship I love the cover of this book, if I was looking for a holiday read at this time of the year this would definitely be screaming at me from the shelves, ok so the lady on the front of the cover is very typical Katie Price look alike but all in all it is a fabulous summery cover which shouts glam.The book starts off how I expected very glamorous holidaying in Barbados but the characteristics I assumed I would find in the main character were actually in her best friend Zoe she was the one who was very glamorous took ages getting ready and wearing the must have outfit Charlie herself was actually a genuinely nice character who didn t seem to lead the typical celebrity life.I really didn t expect to enjoy this as much as I did once the book got half way through I was speeding through the second half of the book and got carried away with the storyline, there were times where I wanted to shake both Charlie and Felipe but I still kept reading even though I was pretty sure I knew how it would end Each of the characters where developed really well even the supporting characters there was never any confusion as to who was who I took an instant dislike to Darcy who works with Charlie and seems to be the thorn in her side and I was sure that a situation in the book involved her but I was wrong The storyline focused alot on equestrian which is an interest of Katie Price and her knowledge is shown in this book I personally have no interest in horses but the book isn t taken over with the topic it is just based around it.I was fully expecting to either not complete this book or be giving it a 2 3 star rating but this really surprised me how much I enjoyed it I am so glad I took a chance on this one I would pick another of her future books up after reading this.In The Name Of Love is due for release on 21st June in Hardback (((Book))) ↼ In the Name of Love ☟ On A Sun Drenched Beach In Barbados, Feisty Sports Presenter Charlie Meets The Irresistibly Gorgeous Felipe Castillo Instantly Attracted To Each Other, They Have A Passionate Affair, Until He Walks Out With No Explanation It Is Only Then That She Discovers That Felipe Is Related To The Spanish Royal Family, Is A Brilliant Rider And The Lynchpin Of The Spanish Eventing TeamBack In London, Charlie Puts Her Heartbreak Behind Her By Going Out On The Town Until Felipe Returns And Turns Her Life Upside Down Again Soon They Are The Golden Couple Of Sport, Followed By The Press Wherever They GoBut Not Everyone Is Happy To See The Two Together His Disapproving Mother For One, And The Anonymous Person That Is Waging A Hate Campaign Against Charlie At Work And As The Pressure On The Couple Mounts, A Dark Shadow From Charlie S Past Comes Back To Haunt HerWill Charlie Be Able To Overcome Her Past In The Name Of Love I have read all of Katie Price s novels and thoroughly enjoyed them, however I have to say that I think this has been the worst I have read It started very promising and I was enjoying the storyline Charlie one of the main characters goes away with Zoe, her best friend on holiday to the Caribbean The story became very rushed, I could not believe the quickness of Charlie s new found love relationship No than 6 hours after they had landed Charlie was already on a date with a guy she met out there Felipe and Charlie s relationship became a rollercoaster of a holiday romance, however they were both carrying a secret This was later blown out of proportion and they went their separate ways Once Charlie was at home, again I was enjoying the storyline, it was nice to be introduced to her work colleagues Darcy in particular and Charlie being invited to a red carpet dinner where Charlie was reintroduced to Felipe was also a high point in the book However after this I began to drift, the story became predictable and boring Yes I had been aware the story probably would be predictable and I was ok with that, however the further into the story I came I was becoming bored and actually frustrated and annoyed by some of the characters Charlie in particular became annoying.I began to develop sympathy and enjoyed reading about Darcy, even though I guess it was Charlie and Felipe I was meant to care about and to be honest I couldn t care less about what happened to Charlie in the end I began skim reading just as I wanted to get to the end of this book This I feel was not one of Katie Price s best novels, I did finish it as I was sent to review it from the publishers and I am only grateful that this was not the first of hers I have read Another disappointing feature of the book is that I found the spelling and grammar particularly bad in the story I feel should have been done when it was proof read There were many plural errors which should have not made it into the book I also feel that the story could have been shorter, it felt like she was dragging everything out to make it into a longer novel but then cramming things into the end to make it a happy ending I feel that it is a good book for the beach, you can put it down and when you pick it up again you still know what is going on The cover is stunning in the way it draws you in and you want it to add to your beach collection I am hoping that Katie Price write s about Angel and Crystal from previous novels as these books are in a different league compared to this.To read this review and please visit Mrsbbooks2011..blogspot.co.uk Price s best selling novel In The Name Of Love begins on a sun drenched beach in Barbados at fabulous five star resort The novels protagonist Charlie Porter and her friend Zoe are holidaying here and soaking up the sun on this very expensive treat.This trip to Barbados gives Charlie a break from her reporting job back in London and time to relax and soak up the sun with her best friend However this relaxing holiday turns into a holiday romance as Charlie meets the drop dead gorgeous Spainard Felipe Castillio Des Rivas Her first encounter with this Spainard begins at the luxury pool were Felipe is making a run for his suite and knocking over a staff member carrying cocktails for his guests Charlie is gobsmacked by his arrogance towards the staff member and is determined to make a stand Although, this does not go to plan as Charlie is enslaved by his beauty and his body.All is forgiven soon enough after a dinner with Felipe, his friend Luis and Zoe However both Felipe and Charlie lie about their lives and what they do Although the theme of horses is soon mentioned, Charlie s fear and Felipe s love for riding begins to divide the couple as Charlie is unable to talk about horses after her torturing accident Although the divide between them is challenging, their love blossoms through the odds and takes them on a roller coaster of an adventure.However, soon enough when a old foe comes to the eye, the lie of what Charlie does for a living spills out and Felipe is furious He demands to never see her again and the door has slammed shut on their relationship and they are lost to eachother Back in London, time has sent Felipe to the back of Charlie s mind until they meet once again, face to face, at a charity ball However their meeting seems than coincidence as their friends had arranged their appearance As they have been apart for so long, they begin to fix amends and they are reunited together and knowing what they both do as there is no secrets between them now.There love becomes stronger and stronger yet again weaker and weaker as they both live in different countries and unable to be with eachother day to day which makes every second precious when they are together The Olympics draw closer and Felipe is in trouble The horse which has been made the Olympic champion has been injured and unable to compete Felipe is made to work ten times harder with his back up horse, Valentine As Charlie sees the devastation of Felipe, she attempts to overcome her fear for love and is unable to as the tormenting images reach Charlie s mind The divide becomes severe and places Felipe in jeopardy of not being able to concentrate or have Charlie s verbal support Charlie begins to believe that she is not good enough for Felipe and begins to end their relationship and get back with her cheating EX Aaron who is also known as TFB Total fucking bastard Both Felipe and Charlie are devastated by the loss of eachother but Charlie believed that she had no choice in order to let Felipe concentrate on his riding for the London Olympics In the meantime, Charlie begins to try therapy for her love for Felipe and it begins to slowly heal her With the help of therapy, Charlie is able to go to the Olympics along with her therapist and her daughter She is able to watch Felipe s silver medal performance and as they lock eyes at the winners circle, there love has no boundaries now as they are reunited once again.The novel ends six months later back in Barbados where is all began There love is soon taken to a whole new level and Feljpe proposes his Love with a beautiful emerald ring Both Charlie and Felipe have conquered their names in Love The character Charlie Porter is a feisty, beautiful and loving character that simply goes to heart Her ways and beauty catch the attention of Felipe Castillo Des Rivas and brings them both together The life in which she leads is the complete opposite to Felipe s as his job and life revolves around horses which Charlie is unable to discuss with him.Felipe Castillo Des Rivas, is a handsome Spainard who s life revolves around the love of horses and riding Although he is unable to mention this to his beautiful green eyed girl Charlie,their love flourishes in many different ways There love for eachother and the passionate way they both show this, the time they spend together and being in each others company and always making every second precious.I highly recommend this book and give it a five star rating It s a beautiful romance which blossoms from right to left Many obstacles that are leaped over and how they speak In The Name Of Love Please let me know what you think of this review as it was practise for my GCSE English Language Exam A bor t sz nei rendk v l tetszettek, t kr zte a k nyv hangulat t Meleg, ny rias sz nek, tengerpart, bikinis l ny, aki feltehet leg Charlie, a f h sn nk Maga a t rt net nem volt nagy durran s, kellemes kis kikapcsol d st ny jtott, ahogyan a J t k a h zass ggal is.Amikor el sz r ker ltem szembe Javierrel, levett a l bamr l Szexi, mint ahogy azt olvashatjuk, de mindezek mellett bunk s rosszfi s, a kedvenc p ros t som, noha nem az a talpig tapl , akit l viszont m r rt zn k Van tart sa, amit nagyon b rtam benne Charlie is az a fajta l ny, akinek van gerince s ki ll a v lem nye mellett, ez szint n j pont volt ami a k t f szerepl t illeti gy reztem, a t rt net v gefel azonban mindketten teljesen talakultak, ahogyan a sztori is ink bb mindenki m sra f kusz lt, nem r juk, b r a v gefel visszat rt a sz l hozz juk Lehet, hogy ennek a visszat r sz lnak nem igaz n gy kellett volna alakulnia V lem nyem szerint rengeteg volt a m rt rkod s, Charlie iszony sokat hisztizett s sajn ltatta mag t, mindezzel szenved st okozva nmag nak s Javiernek is, ami ink bb ideges t s unalmas volt A lovas t m ja miatt k zelebbinek reztem magamat a t rt nethez, hiszen n is lovagolok, n is estem b r 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No your eyes don t deceive you, I have rated this book five stars People automatically write these books off because Katie Price s name is on the front cover Now I don t know how much input she has into the storylines for her books is she the one that comes up with the awful names that the characters have However saying that Rebecca Farnworth has admitted to liking to give her characters unusual names so I think she may be to blame for that but Rebecca Farnworth writes them and just because Katie s name is on the front I feel like chick lit fans who may give her books a miss are missing out However Katie s books sell extremely well book signings.I have to say that this is probably one of my favourite Katie books and certainly her best standalone As with previous books there was a mention to previous characters here, namely Angel and Cal Bailey I did wonder whether Aidan was a gay replacement for Jez, the fantastic gay character from previous books however he just wasn t as good as Jez and I didn t really warm to him I did however love the rest of the characters The book didn t just focus on Charlie, the main character, we got to see the other characters perspectives and this made for a much interesting read.I admit that I was hesitant to read this because the blurb just didn t grab me, however after a few chapters I was hooked and I devoured the book within 24 hours because I could not put it down It s frustrating at times but then that s what makes the book so good, if the girl met the boy and lived happily ever after without all the drama in between it d make for a pretty rubbish book I loved the character of Darcy, considering she was only really an extra , she had so many sides to her and I enjoyed reading about her almost as much as Charlie and Felipe I also loved Captain Jack, Luis and Zoe I think this book may have the strongest cast of characters yet and I think it d be a shame if they weren t revisited or maybe just mentioned in future novels.To conclude yes some people will just hate on this book because of the other but if you are a chick lit fan, don t miss this, or indeed any of Katie s other books as they are all fantastic trashy reads. Like many of Price s other titles, the main character, Charlie Porter , has strong parallels with her creator with modest family roots that sometimes hold her back, Charlie is a passionate horse lover and a TV personality though in this case, a sports presenter who has to contend with the press judging her every move.Charlie s beloved horse is killed in a tragic accident, leaving her with a suffocating fear of riding Recently separated from a cheating footballer boyfriend, she is whisked away to forget it all on a luxurious Barbados holiday by her WAG best friend, Zoe There, she meets the intriguing and handsome Felipe Castillo and it s then the story really starts Excerpt from full review of In the Name of Love at For Books Sake. I do thoroughly enjoy Katie Prices books we all know she doesn t write them and is just the ideas behind them snore They are well written, they just have Katies publicity on the front so I do wish people would stop snubbing them like they do when they are suggested.I did enjoy this book, it s a chick lit read I liked all the characters, even Darcy and im glad with the way things worked out Every one wants a happy ending I didn t enjoy the books as much as I have their others and believe the Angel series are her best ones, the others don t seem to match up But I liked the continued theme of cross referencing characters from her other books I think its a nice edition if you are a fan I would recommened these books to the right people, they are a lot of fun to read, gripping and exciting You can get lost in them if you let yourself. This is by far her best one of should I say their best one as it wasn t just Katie price who wrote this book Although there was a huge mistake on page 299 then after that it became slack with the editing of the book so many mistakes Who ever went over the editing must of really wanted to get this off their backs Apart from that mis hap a very good read Loved loved loved Charlie just didn t like the way she dumped felicity to get herself back on track it was all a bit of a rush But as always a romantic ending I bought this book mainly because of the synopsis they had at the back cover of the book From the very first glimpse, I thought that the storyline was amazing, and it was different from anything else However, after I go through chapter by chapter, one page to another, I find this book VERY VERY PREDICTABLE It s annoying to guess what will happen next and bam you got that right.