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@Read Epub ⚢ Ice in Sunlight õ I Think I M Supposed To Be Dead Corwen S Emotions Are A Frozen Wasteland After Years Of Enslavement And Abuse When He S Finally Rescued, Freedom Isn T Enough To Thaw The Wintry Landscape Of His HeartSlowly, His New Compatriots Teach Him That Physical Intimacy Is A Sacred Gift, That Pleasure Can Be Shared Without Pain With Endless Patience, They Offer Him A Different Way Of BeingIn Order To Be Whole, Corwen Must Surrender The Self Loathing He Wears Like Armor Can He Learn To See Himself The Way His New Companions Do Or Will He Hide From Love Forever In The Icy Vault That Shields His Deepest Soul Ice In Sunlight Is A Full Length M M Fantasy Tale It Is Intended For Mature Readers Only Due To Adult Themes And Content Don t be fooled by the sappy book description freedom isnt enough to thaw the wintery landscape of his heart Because this book is actually really good It s also very short, around 250 pages in epub form which was a bit of a shock for me, as i had just finnished a couple of MONSTER books before commencing this one Lady Midnight, A Little Life 700 pages each I would of liked a bitactually.Corwin is a fairly dimensional character, with just the right blend of sass and self loathing for a former bed slave, but i felt that his feelings on the abuse he sustained when being used by the king could have been touched on a tad , for a book about sexual healing I really liked Livia, and though she only gets a minor role in the story or does she i really conected with her charater.Plot was okay, spoiler ish but why Corwin was the only person in the castle who left with Amir s convoy aludes me I found some bits to be a bit info dump y, with backround on various kings and queens with little relevance placed somewhat randomly throughout the text It also felt like it was aluding to something, and i think maybe there is another story to be told in this world Hopefully I really liked the contrast between the two main cultures, even if the first was not explored much One of the first scenes, where Corwin cuts the meat really caught my attention Overall im really glad that i got to read this book And for free in exchange for an honest reveiw ARC was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review In this story we meet Corwen A young sexslave in the service of the cruel King Tobias of Genest Corwens life have been anything but fair and just All he knows is pain, greed and the strong will to stay alive When the king is murdered by a people Corwen refers to as the barbarians his life takes a whole new course that makes him question everything he thought he knew about life, love and self respect These strangers slowly teaches him that there in value in everyone and that love can be something wonderful and worth tendering.I quiet enjoyed this story I love Corwen and his witty mouth and sharp brain I love how smooth and flowing Julias language is throughout the whole story I love the idea and potential this story has, though I feel like it wasof an introduction to something bigger I felt like the story wasn t completeIt was to short for my liking, not even 200 pages longand it could have used another 100 pages to really get the reader invested The storyline wasn t very eventful either TheI think about it, nothing really happened except that we got to follow Corwen around his world and hear him mope about almost everythingunderstandable and entertaining but not exactly exitingand yet there still was something that kept me going I could not put it down and read it in one sitting Another thing that sort of caught my attention was the ending NO SPOILERS It was to brief To rushed Everything happened at once and suddenly it was all over I NEED MORE.In conclusion This story is good Really good Nothing to exciting, nothing to draining nor depressing to read It is original in it s own sense It is a lovely and inspiring love story about self discovery on a whole new level with lovely, inspiring, characters A book worth reading If you are looking for a good book to steal away one afternoon this is the one for you. Freebie at the zon.com right now I was kindly provided an eARC in exchange for an honest review review to come