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You cannot do better than Abnett s Gaunt s Ghosts series I wish he d crank out some. The team that went to Gereon came back different You do not spend that long on a Chaos held world and not have it affect you It changed the way they fought It changed the way they lived and thought, the way they trusted All of those changes were alterations forced on them by the simple need to survive Gereon left its mark on them They developed an instinct, a type of hunch, a sensitivity, a little inkling that rang alarm bells when things were not right They learned to sense the vibrations of Chaos Because of this, they survived and returned from the dead to their people Also because of this, they were not trusted and found themselves before a tribunal.Colonel Commissar Ibram Gaunt has been missing so long and presumed dead that his unit, the Tanith First and Only, has been redeployed Eszrah Night, a Gereon partisan who has attached himself to Gaunt, follows Gaunt on the trip homeward They learn that the Ruinous Powers are on the move and that the Warmaster may very well find himself stabbed in the back Since the higher ups would not believe anything from a possibly tainted resurrected hero, Gaunt would just have to find a way to force them into listening and believing.In the meantime, the Ghosts are sent back to the front lines where the men they meet will learn to do things a new way, the Ghost way, or die The first few chapters of the book are intense Gaunt s Ghost fans are witness to their heroes returning and how they are treated But then things slow WAY down There are many battles, but nothing really gets done It comes across to the reader as simply filler pages Then, as usual, a little past the half way point, things begin to happen The real story begins From then on, you will not be able to pull yourself away I only took away one star due to the several chapters of slowness because the author managed to show the reader that the new Ghosts actually teach the fresh, green, recruits how to think under stress Readers actually see the cherries mature into decent fighting men A wonderful addition to the series Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews. one of the best series I ve had the pleasure to read Dan Abnett has done it again with his latest addition to Gaunt s Ghosts This installment reunites the Gereon suicide mission survivors with their former regiment, the Tanith First and Only who have been integrated with another crippled regiment, The Belladon Eighty First Commissar Ibram Gaunt has been stripped of his Colonel rank and redeployed away from his former regiment, suspected of being tainted by Chaos on Gereon.What follows is a gripping warstory that touches on many facets of a soldier s life The Gereon survivors are shadows of their former selves They are truly The Lost Coming home from a suicide mission, they are treated like the enemy simply because it was deemed impossible to return without being corrupted by Chaos Unable to tell their comrades what happened on Gereon, they are self reliant to the extreme, and trust no one.His Last Command is a brilliant book, with incredible action, brilliant dialogue, and at times touching moments between brothers in arms. In HIS LAST COMMAND, Gaunt s Ghosts have returned from their mission on Gereon, a Chaos controlled planet, to Ancreon Sextus where war is also raging, in a continuation of the story of Gaunt s Ghosts They have been changed which is frightening to those around them They changed in order to survive on Gereon, but others think the transformation may be sinister therefore, they are put in internment camps and questioned.Finally, they are allowed back into battle as the forces attack Sparshad Mons, a step city ruin on Ancreon Sextus, which appears to be filled with the enemy Not many people want to listen to Gaunt, even though he is an expert warrior with sharpened senses Nothing is as it seems as the battle progresses and Gaunt must find a way to get his superiors to understand what he knows Will Gaunt ever convince them that what they are seeing is not really what they are seeing Dan Abnett has written a sequel to a story that I think you would need to read before tackling this one After a spell, things did become clearer and I was able to pick up the storyline The characters were well flesh out and the writing was smooth but the story did move a bit slow in places when some of the battles were taking place There were many battles and a lot of dying on the battlefields Strange monsters inhabited the land and only Gaunt knew where they came from The monsters were fascinating in that they could not be killed in a normal way Only Gaunt s Ghosts knew how to get rid of them.Reviewed by Alice Holmanof The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers (Read Ebook) ´ His Last Command Ö Incroyable EPub, His Last Command Par Dan Abnett C Est Tr S Bien Et Devient Le Sujet Principal Lire, Les Lecteurs Sont Tr S Takjup Et S Inspirent Toujours Du Contenu Du Livre His Last Command, Essai De Dan Abnett Est Maintenant Sur Notre Site Web Et Vous Pouvez Le T L Charger En Vous Inscrivant Qu Est Ce Que Tu Attends S Il Vous Pla T Lire Et Faire Une Remise Pour Vous