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Just okay My biggest problem with it was the whole thing took place over about 4 days And it was looove, truuue loooove The heroine was feisty and the hero was nasty but it didn t really slip over into lovely crazy old school Unfortunately I liked the plot It had a lot of potential But what with the fast love thing and the fact that the hero made weird assumptions and didn t share vital information which he should have and he blew hot and cold it just did t do much for me. @Download Book ⚤ Gracious Lady î Short Of Calling Out The Cavalry, Sophie Could Only Do Her Best When It Came To Handling The Enigmatic Maximilian Grant And His Headstrong Daughter The Catalog Of Disasters That Had Followed Since She D Agreed To Become The Teenager S Companion Were As Disturbing To Her Equilibrium As Her New EmployerUnder Maximilian S Autocratic Rule, Sophie And Her Past Were Subjected To Enraging Scrutiny Moreover, She And The Arrogant Mr Grant Alternated Between Being Defiant Adversaries And Would Be Lovers Sophie Knew There Would Be An Explosive Outcome But Would They Emerge Fighting Or Loving Sophie Gordon had been a very impulsive teen and now in her early twenties she s paying for her rebellious past She travels to the country estate where her Aunt Millie works as a housekeeper, in the hopes of a temporary job as companion to the estate owner s teenage daughter while she s home on summer break From the first meeting with Maximilian Grant, he makes it quite obvious that he disapproves of Sophie and even has her past investigated much to Sophie s distress Sophie has paid dearly for her past mistakes and she s worked very hard to keep moving forward Maximilian s daughter Jennie proves just as challenging as her arrogant father, and soon Sophie finds herself on a roller coaster ride that makes her stay very turbulent Most confusing of all is the intense attraction between Sophie and her charismatic employer one moment they are despising one another, the next they are in a passionate embrace.I am really enjoying Ms Mortimer s early Presents I find her stories flow easily and her characters are very realistic for the time they had been written Her heroines tend to be very young, though they are usually very mature Sophie is such a heroine She cringes at remembrance of past mistakes, and strives to move on Maximilian is a man very used to getting his own way, but he admires Sophie s spirit and the way she stands up to him This is another very pleasant, quick read. One of Caroles classicsand a delightful one.Gosh,reading this book was like watching a romantic comedy film.The POV of the frank heroine Sophie Gordon was so hilarious,and i just really enjoyed her thoughts and emotions.She was a coulerful and lovable heroine,and no wonder the head strong Maximilian Grant fell in love with her.The characters and the plot were a charming one,and i just LOVE the hot romance between Sophie and Maximilian.Their kissing scenes were SMOKING HOT The title to this book is because of a beautiful race horse with the name Gracious Lady. This is one of those romances I won t have to pack now that I ve read it What is Sophie, Jennie s paid companion, doing getting the hots for Jennie s harsh, neglectful dad Nothing Sophie can say scream at him seems to make him listen to her good advice The book s title turns out to be the name of a horse. Loved it.. A story is all over the place No flow Badly written. Re Gracious Lady Carole Mortimer is hanging on to the May December trope like grim death Most of HPlandia has moved on toequitable ages in the dance between the H and h, but not CM.She likes her double decade age differences and in this one the h, who is the impoverished daughter of a poor Earl and his former housemaid Countess, is a 22 yr old debt ridden English Lady The H is a widowed 39 yr old father of a rambunctious 16 yr old who has the h s aunt working at his English Manor and Estate as his housekeeper.The h made a very bad marriage at 18 to a smooth charming gambler who wanted to use the h s title to get intoupscale gambling dens When he kept losing, he blamed the h and started verbally and physically abusing her The h left his sorry slime gulping pus blobule behind, but there was a mountain of debt jhe ran up and then he died before she could file for divorce.The h wants to be a teacher and is currently working odd jobs and going to Open University at the same time So when her housekeeper aunt calls her up and states that her uber rich businessman employer is willing to pay a pretty decent salary for the h to companion his daughter for a week, the h leaps on the offer.The book opens with the h insisting that her BFF s brother let her out of his car on a dark country lane The h is furious and you might think that the BFF s brother got a little handsy and the h said no Don t believe that, cause it is wrong The BFF s brother is actually dating the h s housekeeper aunt s daughter and he is a local journalist He wants to get into the big time journalism stakes to keep his ambitious new girlfriend, the h s cousin, and he wants to use the h as a inside source on the new uber rich family in the neighborhood that would be the H and his daughter So the h is not down to spy on potential future employers and she is furious She has red hair and usually is a pretty laid back person, but her disastrous marriage and the subsequent headline making scandal have left their mark The h is thinking about how to get back to the H s estate in the dark, on a lonely road, when a car pulls up The man in the car is none to thrilled to see what he thinks is a rebellious teen being dumped by her boyfriend and his words are pretty harsh as he prepares to offer the h a ride The h is forced to call her aunt, who has no patience for the h s little mishaps and the h is all set to try and find some excuse to avoid getting in the H s car Fortunately the BFF s brother comes back and says sorry, cause he knows his sister is going to kill him for messing with her BFF The h is hoping the H won t recognize her the next day, she is supposed to interview with him for the companioning job No such luck, the h gets back to her aunt and the H s manor and guess who strolls into the kitchen Yep, it is the H and he is angry and he obviously recognizes her There are veiled insults thrown about with the h s aunt being oblivious and the h is called to the H s study, there is probably going to be some serious talking to s about to happen Tho CM gives us a little hint that the H probably wouldn t mind a little stern Headmaster naughty schoolgirl role play, if the way the H was eyeballing her redheaded charms is anything to go by There is some bickering about the h s choice of companions for the evening and the h assumes she won t get the job The H tells her there is no job, because his daughter is going to stay at her maternal aunt s and not at the manor The h goes off to bed for the night, preparing to leave the next day, after she explains that the H s daughter is now off to other plans The h can t sleep tho, so she goes down to the library to get a book We all learn that CM is a true romantic and probably couldn t help but be an HP writer, cause the book the h grabs is Jane Eyre, we find out it the h s favorite.In true Jane Eyre fashion, the H tackles the h in the library andwords are exchanged while the HP Lurve Force Mojo is making eyeballs doing undressing and breathing becomeslike panting There is the prerequisite Mr Rochester Jane h and H comparison jokes, once the H realizes what book the h is planning on reading.The h finally escapes to bed, but hearts are pounding and cheeks are flushed and the H definitely made a very smooth 20th century Mr Rochester attempt at seduction cause after all the original one did try to marry Jane with his crazy wife in the attic, so the modern version would definitely go for the subtle lurve club pass Sadly, I was in a quandary between the Toby Stephens or Michael Fassbender version of Rochester for my imagining of the scene I was leaning on the Michael side of things, mainly cause he had an awesome core in 300 Not Ciar n Hinds, tho, I did not like his mustache So the h is finally sleeping after having a little mopey moment, cause she only has about 10 to her name, when she is awoken by some one rummaging around her dresser It is after lunch and the h has been sleeping for most of the morning The little rummager is the H s daughter and she is the epitome of obnoxious, bratty teen.But the h likes her She feels bad for the daughter, cause the girl has some serious damage going on in her head She hates her maternal aunt, who tries to use her to pant after her father, who was the aunt s sister s husband, and she thinks her father doesn t like her because she heard her parent s arguing over custody when they decided to divorce when she was 12 The daughter thinks her father was trying to dump her on her now deceased mother to get them both out of his life permanently and now resents her, cause he got stuck with her after her mother died in a car accident.The h tries to reassure the poor, angry teen, but then she has to question her own judgement when the H is really, seriously mean and horrible to the two of them The big thing to come out of the next H h teen confrontation is that the h will be staying for a week to hang with the teenager The h kinda doesn t want to, even tho she really needs the job, because the H has a really officious and weirdly intrusive assistant who is really a security consultant and had made a complete report about the h s unfortunate past and gave it to the H When the h confronts the H on his prying, there is a roofie kissing moment and the h is wondering what the H thinks he is doing.Then the OW Aunt shows up and it is clear that she is the usual witchy condescending hussy, cause she goes out of her way to be snide and rude to the h and the H s daughter, while hanging all over and drooling on the H So the h settles in to hang with the teenager and they build a pretty good rapport The H and h are wary of the Lurve Force Mojo vibes, tho the h managed to dye a few of the H s fancy silk shirts pink and the H makes lascivious comments about the h wearing them to bed when he lets her keep them The h and the daughter spend a lot of time horse riding and the H has a very exotic racehorse named Gracious Lady in the stables There is security all over the place and the h and the teen are warned not to leave or do anything without notifying the security The teen is being a teen tho and she scuttles off for a ride on the pricey racehorse and the H has a major hissy fit conniption The h is confused, she hasn t really been paying attention to the other staff goings on or the security details, cause she has been wayconcerned that the H is alienating his daughter and the teenage might do something drastic The h got married at 18 in a fit of pique and some teen infatuation, so she knows the path to ruin and dismay is paved with teen angst from personal experience It finally dawns on the h that there must be some kind of threat going on But after fighting with the H, who explodes at the drop of a hat, over consoling a horse before helping his troubled kid, another roofie kissing moment and her aunt retiring to bed with a migraine, the h is too worried about the daughter and getting dinner cooked to really ponder it much.Then the H shows up in her room and almost passes out on the floor The h thinks he is drunk at first, but it turns out the H has food poisoning, so we all rush to hospital The H got a bad prawn from the curry his daughter cooked, but the daughter thinks she caused the H s collapse because she deliberately put garlic in the food, knowing it would give her dad heartburn.The h is now really worried over the daughter and H s relationship The h is trying to figure out the best way to help the trouble teen, when the H comes storming in because the tabloids are running a big story that the H and h are lovers and using the teen companion job as a cover story for their affair The H believes that the h s BFF s brother and soon to be cousin in law is the instigator of the story the h knows he isn t, he wanted to write about the racehorse, but the H isn t listening at all The H and his daughter get into a big fight The h is ready to run out on these crazy people, even tho she is now in love with the H and then the OW aunt shows up The H decides to finally talk to his kid and the h is sent to talk to the OW The OW freaks a bit, cause she saw the tabloids and is intimidated that the h is a verifiable member of the nobility the OW is a fashion editor, but she can t complete with aristocracy The now confirmed wanna be OW storms off, after telling the H to go jump when he walks into the room, cause she wasted her time luring him and never getting him The H remarks that he and her sister were woefully unsuited cause they got married at 19 and 20, so he can t imagine that the OW ever thought that she and he they would be happy together, since she is evenmaterialistic than her sister was.The H gives the h another roofie kiss and when the h looks bewildered, the H quips that he must be doing it wrong, cause every time he kisses her she asks what he thinks he is doing Then he confesses his big love for the h and asks her to stay and be his wife He finally listened to his daughter, who told the H that she likes the h and that the H should marry her because they love each other The H also explains that he was trying to get custody of his daughter in the divorce when his wife died, so he felt guilty that he won by default and he pushed his daughter away out of personal guilt The H also says sorry for being a slimy blob fish, but there were threats made against both the racehorse, Gracious Lady and the H s daughter The people making the threats have been rounded up by the police now, so the H has finally gotten over his panic and can actually use his words in a non yelling manner With the H s ranty moments explained, the h joyfully accepts his proposal and confesses her big love for the H back The H s daughter pops in to make sure her dad is proposing right and on that affirmative confirmation, we leave the H and h to go to the h s room to try on pink silk shirts for another CM rosy glow HEA.This one was lightening fast and cute The h was also a bit oblivious to what was going on in the background But she was pretty feisty and she had good cause to beconcerned with the H s daughter s behavior, so her reasons for not being the sharpest tack on the mat were believable.The H manages to squeak by with his bad behavior explanation and tho the big luvre declarations came fairly fast, this is HPlandia after all So really, the Patented HP Lurve Mojo Force only needs eyeballs meeting on a dark country lane to knock every one askew with the power of it s stupendous love vibes Give this one a go if you run into it, it was fun, fast paced and nice little day trip HP outing. Gracious Lady is the story of Sophie and Maximillian.Wow This was an utter mess of a trainwreck.The book has a simple plot the widowed hero hires the heroine to be his 16 year old daughter s companion The execution, however, has too many loopholes.We have too many things happening at one time petulant daughter, snarky OW, mysterious assistants, racehorses, unscrupulous journalist friends, a weird forbidden attraction, dramatic past problems leading to suspicion and trust issues, a sudden love confession and the end.When did they actually fall in love WTF was this Not worth anyone s time.Bleh.Safe1.5 5