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!Download Pdf ☩ Good-Bye, Mr. Chips ♑ Full Of Enthusiasm, Young English Schoolmaster Mr Chipping Came To Teach At Brookfield InIt Was A Time When Dignity And A Generosity Of Spirit Still Existed, And The Dedicated New Schoolmaster Expressed These Beliefs To His Rowdy Students Nicknamed Mr Chips, This Gentle And Caring Man Helped Shape The Lives Of Generation After Generation Of Boys He Became A Legend At Brookfield, As Enduring As The Institution Itself And Sad But Grateful Faces Told The Story When The Time Came For The Students At Brookfield To Bid Their Final Goodbye To Mr ChipsThere Is Not Another Book, With The Possible Exception Of Dickens S A Christmas Carol, That Has Quite The Same Hold On Readers Affections James Hilton Wrote Goodbye, Mr Chips In Loving Memory Of His Schoolmaster Father And In Tribute To His Profession Over The Years It Has Won An Enduring Place In World Literature And Made Untold Millions Of People Smile With A Catch In The Throat Brookfield will never forget his lovableness, said Cartwright, in a speech to the School Which was absurd, because all things are forgotten in the end This was a part of my course syllabus in 12th standard, and for this very reason, it felt like work and less like a novel But looking back on it and really seeing it has made me realise that I do love this novel It s comfy and short The writing almost feels like home I ve read it several times for my exams and then for my siblings and I know half of it by heart It s about Mr Chippings, a conventional professor, who comes to Brookfield, a second rank school after spending one year at Melbury We follow him through his years at Brookfield from his very first and nervous first day to his retirement and life after that We see him fall in love with a younger and radical woman We see him become the definition of Brookfield We see him living his days across the street after retirement and never really leaving the school It s sweet and sad and even fun. Loved this charming story I found myself envying Mr Chips his life Though he lived in very tumultuous times, almost everything back then was simpler there were less demands in one s day to day affairs And one can actually enjoy and savor the rest of one s afternoon sipping tea while looking out over the window to the idyllic scene of kids bicycling along the street The pace is not like today s hectic one, wherein just thinking of what one still has to do for the rest of the day is exhausting in itself The persona of Chips is also very likeable More than a mentor, he exuded that aura of an endearing grandpa that has a bottomless reserve of anecdotes and jokes, which he never tires of churning out for anyone who cares to hear Someone whom a student can pay a visit at home for the undemanding pleasure of a relaxing afternoon From personal experience, I haven t encountered any professor who invested that much effort in getting to know his her students beyond the walls of the classroom, who delighted in being able to remember the student s names beyond the school grounds Of course, it may simply be due the nature of the teacher student dynamics back then And for that, I grewenvious Though, of course, females were regarded back then in aunfavorable light soIn any case, this short story of a life lived comfortably in the simplest of terms, with all its highs and lows, is truly touching My favorite bit was his stoicism in proceeding with his Latin class while an air raid was occurring above ground, succeeding in subduing the fears of his students, and even making them laugh, by shifting their attention to the reference of Germanic campaigns in the chronicles of Caesar in Gaul And then there s the curious fact that I was surprised at how the ending nearly pushed me to tears.An easy reading story by Hilton, and the message is just as modest But the lesson is undoubtedly a timeless one if you ll only get to live one life, live it by being humble, with a brimming font for laughter and contentment for the simplest of things In the end, you will be the richer for it. This review is in honour of Beth who enticed me into reading this sweet tale sooner than planned Mr Chips, a shy, reserved teacher finds love in middle age and as a result becomes much loved by his students and colleagues Story has a timeless quality to it beautifully written. You cannot judge the importance of things by the noise they make I was dead set on giving this novella a four star rating I liked it, a lot Then came the last 10 minutes of this audiobook and I could swear someone was cutting onions The movie adaptation is gonna make a blubbering mess out of me. A funny light read.A retired teacher Mr Chipping alias Mr Chips reminiscences the old days He is British and the story is set in the early nineties I mean the teacher retires from teaching in 1913 and spends his days very close to the school doing nothing but reading, talking and remembering This remembering is peppered with equal dose of both funny anecdotes and heart melting moments.A sample for funny anecdote On his farewell day before Mr Chips rose to give his speech, the Captain of the School had introduced Mr Chips using a flowery language And Mr Chips begins his speech accusing the Captain of exaggeration and continues thus But then he comes of an exaggerating family I remember once having to thrash his father for it I gave him one mark for a Latin translation, and he exaggerated the one into seven The anecdotes that speak about the tragic sentiments are mostly related to War and the loss of lives of his old students.A reader from UK might enjoy this book better For it is very well connected to the historical happenings of UK the Wars, the Strikes, the British education system, the change that was taking place in the early nineties Mr Chips does not approve of Mr Shaw and Ibsen and woman riding a bicycle , etc.A lovely book for the retired teachers And if you want to gift a book to your teacher this can be one. Such a heart warming novella of an old school teacher reminiscing his life, how he saw Brookfield evolving, and himself playing a pivotal role in it.As the events unfold in his mind in the form of warm and pleasant and many a times not so pleasant flashbacks, you are bound to participate.Didn t understand many of the Chips jokes Its neither preachy, nor tragic sentimental The best part is, its not pretentious at all on any front.A very enjoyable read you d love to slurp in a single sitting.Thanks for the reco Arpit. Reading books when they re part of your curriculum takes all the fun out of the experience and whatever effect the book is supposed to have on you is lost as you spend day after day analyzing the story and finding answers to questions ButI think it s safe to say that while reading this, it wasn t like that at all I became completely engrossed with the story and was always a few chapters ahead of the rest of the class I remember reading the story, sitting on one of the back seats, ignoring what the teacher was telling us with no one but my best friend aware of what I was doing It s sad and funny and emotional and totally worth it. Rating 4.75 of fiveThe Book Report Old Mr Chipping, nearing ninety and still telling his hoary old jokes from sixty years ago to the newbies at Brookfields school, spends his last few days on earth wandering among the many well furnished rooms in his head We see the events of his entire career as a schoolmaster, his brief, brilliant career as a husband, and his long, glorious sunset as a School Institution As he passes through the portal made for one bet Chips d know the source on that one , he feelsas I hope and pray all who read this will feel on their own long nightit was good, it was good.My Review I read this book tonight because, for far from the first time in my life to date, I learned that I lost an old, old friend My mother s best friend, my heart mother, finally let go of her life barely short of her 92nd birthday on January 4.I know it was only her body wearing down, because dementia had long since taken her essence from the living world But tonight, forty two years after I met her and began to love her, I feel she is here And I promised her I wouldn t cry, she told me it hurt her to see me cry once a lifetime ago, but I can t not It s for myself, for my heart growing old and curling inwards from surprisingly fresh hurt I don t miss her, or miss herthan I did yesterday death is a release when someone is already no longer themselves but the days ahead number fewer than the days behind, and I can see my own end like a hill far away, instead of the comforting illusion of horizons hiding it It s not scary It s justreal.I am now the age she was when I met her My memories are so real The Pirate s Den, the junque shoppe on North Lamar, parking under the pecan tree and racing everyone to be the first to see what was new cold, cold Bull Creek, flat hot rocks, the folds of the Balcones Escarpment and their fossil shells laughing, crying, talking, always with a silver bunned, trifocalled, green eyed artist teaching the only things she knew to teach I needed them then, I treasure them now, and there is no one else to whom these memories mean one single thing except an old guy reliving his past.She was Mr Chips, and I listened the way those schoolboys did now it s my turnsic semper tyrranis, oh wait that was the assassin but that s good too, sic transit Irenaea mundihail and farewell, dear, now you go on home to Mother and Daddy, walk safe Catching up with the classics 23