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Before I get into this review, I have to mention that I m probably incredibly biased You see, talking about Goldfish made me remember my swimming career From ages 11 14, I thrived in the swimming world My times were always improving, I qualified for a number of swim meets, I had many friends, and I had great times Unfortunately, once I hit 15 years old, it all went down from there My body stopped growing, my peers in high school were faster than I was, and my personal records stayed the same I grew to hate the meets and the practices and I had no friends among my new team For me, everything sucked.Goldfish made me remember all of that Andimportantly, it made me miss swimming Or at least the time I was 11 14.Because you see, Lou is in the same exact position as I was Instead of an outstanding race, Lou fails at making the cut offs for a qualifying swim camp But her best friend does Because of this, Lou is incredibly heartbroken and decides to quit swimming, because how can you go back to a team that expectedfrom you As a 15 year old, this is huge This is the time in your career where you either find out you have a talent in swimming, or you suck that was the latter for me Because of the meet, she feels like everyone will shun her, like her swim coach which she does, that bitch Plus, with Hannah at swim camp, she has no other friends.That is, until she forms a group with a couple of guys who want to learn synchronized swimming for some talent show With time, and planning and research, she ends up becoming friends with the three of them, despite everyone else on her original swim team looking down on her.I m going to go ahead and point out that I know nothing about synchronized swimming I don t know whether the events in the novel are accurate, or whether it really is that simple to audition for a talent show and bring in a tank for that matter Or whether it really is that original for synchronized swimming to be a talent, especially when it s a couple of guys and Lou, neither of whom are trained in this sort of thing What really made this novel for me, is that you CAN move on and be BETTER at other things Just because you failed at one thing, doesn t mean you will at others Ever since I have quit swimming, this is what I ve been doing everyday Discovering my other passions.Overall, I thought this novel was a fun, light read Even though the main character is a little young, younger than we see in most YA, I felt that it had to be this age because as I mentioned before, this is when decide whether to quit or continue I think I would recommend thisto readers that used to be, or still are, swimmers, just because it s easier to connect with Lou Like me I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review Quotes taken from ARC may or may not be in the published edition. (((Read Book))) ⇸ Goldfish ☞ Lou Brown Is One Of The Fastest Swimmers In The County She S Not Boasting, She Really Is So Things Are Looking Pretty Rosy The Day Of The Olympic Time Trials With Her Best Mate Hannah By Her Side, Lou Lines Up By The Edge Of The Pool, Snaps Her Goggles On And Bends Into Her Dive Everything Rests On This Race It S Lou S Thing Or It Was She Comes Dead Last And To Top It All Off Hannah Sails Through Leaving A Totally Broken Lou BehindStarting Again Is Never Easy, Particularly When You Re The Odd One Out In A Family Of Insanely Beautiful People And A School Full Of Social Groups Way Too Intimidating To Join Where Do You Go From Here Finding A New Thing Turns Out To Be The Biggest Challenge Lou S Ever Faced And Opens Up A Whole New World Of Underwater Somersaults, Crazy Talent Shows, Bitchy Girls And A Great Big Load Of Awkward Boy Chat Lou Brown Guides Us Through The Utter Humiliation Of Failure With Honesty, Sass And A Keen Sense Of The Ridiculous This Girl Will Not Be Beaten Goldfish is an oldie but a goodie It s exactly the type of story to read when you need a breather The book is quick, fun and easy to read.Lou was a lot younger than I expected and it showed in her voice The triple speed inner monologues, her always panicky thoughts were all indicators on how much growing up she needed to do I liked Lou Despite her whiny nature and lack of confidence she was never pretentious and had sass at times Lou Brown was generally a good person.The boys were fun to get to know They may not have been the friendliest to Lou in the beginning but their dedication had me moved I loved seeing how serious they were on making it onto the reality show BHT No amount of obstacles was going to stop them and trust me when I say they encountered quite a few roadblocks In various shapes and sizes literally.There was the tiniest bit of romance which was cute and a whole lot of family and friendship in Goldfish Lou s family was hilarious They re odd, not the most showy affectionate bunch but always supportive It was touching to see the literal distance they went for Lou and her best friend Even the boys helped out.Goldfish served up what the synopsis said it would With a quirky main character and bizarre but realistic occasions I recommend picking this one up whenever you need a break from heavier stories. Lou Brown has only one goal in life, to become an Olympic swimmer, along with her one and only friend, Hannah who is a swimmer too.But when Lou fails to make it in the heats to get into the prestigious high performance training camp, and Hannah does, she is left with no swimming lessons, no best friend to hand around with, and no purpose to her life.Things get doubly hard for her at school without Hannah, as Lou is classed as a social outcast, and no one wants to sit with her, let alone talk to her So why is it that three of the cool boys are trying to get her attention, and what on earth are they trying to do in the swimming pool Girl out of Water is a hilarious account of one young girl s life Lou is extremely funny and witty and had me crying with laughter, at and with her, throughout the book.Her life is completely bizarre, from an older sister who pretends that she doesn t even know her, to a divorced mum and dad that live together, whilst her mum goes on dates with other men, and her out of work dad goes out everyday in his suit, pretending to go to job interviews Plus there is also her friend Hannah, who seems to be losing the plot whilst she is away at camp, making for a daring rescue mission.The cool boys, Gabriel, Roman and Pete, want to win the Britain s Hidden Talent contest, and they want to do it with a sort of synchronised swimming, underwater dancing show They have already failed one audition and now they need Lou to teach them everything she knows and to train them up, so that they can win The boys are complete individuals, personality wise, yet they are all just as wacky as Lou Over time you start to notice a friendship occurring between the outcast and the cool kids.The plot had me hooked right from the opening chapter and I read the book in two sittings, on a return train journey I had many strange looks at times as I actually did laugh out loud on the train in front of lots of strangers oops If you are looking for a book that will give you a happiness boost and lighten your mood, then this is the one Whether you are 8 or 80, you will love this book.Reviewed by Stacey at www.whisperingstories.com Girl Out Of Water was an absolute delight Following the storyline of Lou, awkward, lumbering and clumsy As she treads water, Lou is a vision of grace but after coming in last to qualify for the Performance Training Camp, she now faces the prospect of life beyond the water Lou is by far one of my favourite fictional characters, she s intelligent, hilarious and incredibly entertaining Her inner monologue often refers to how awkward she feels as a young woman with an athletic body, she s not particularly self conscious, but aware that she s towering and muscular But Lou also uses humour in awkward situations, which only endeared me to her character further.It s fine If I ever get a boyfriend, I can carry him around when he s tired.She wobbles away on her monstrous shoes She looks like a baby gazelle I can t imagine how dumb I look when I clump along behind her Gazelle and the mammoth, off on their adventures With older sister Laverne, the Brown household is an usual family situation After losing his job, her father has moved back into the family home, while her mother is experimenting with dating often with disastrous results In what is an unusual role reversal for young adult novels, it s their father who is the homemaker, while her mother s specialty dish is food poisoning Lou s parents are incredibly supportive, they understand her devastation but encourage the fifteen year old to spread her wings and concentrate on her studies The only problem Lou faces now is a life without swimming and discovering who she is without best friend Hannah, a girl who Lou has always been content to stand in her shadow.Pete, Roman and Gabe have been practicing as an amateur dance troupe, but having already filled their quota, are refused entry into the Britain s Hidden Talent competition and need to find a niche to enter with a new routine and employ Lou s assistance.It was incredibly charming, not to mention laugh out loud funny It also touched on series issues such as realistic body image and the pressure teens face often from parental influences While Lou s family is incredibly supportive, her best friend Hannah is the daughter of two parents who push the young teen to her limits She s spent, suffering from low self esteem and yet her voice isn t heard until another adult speaks for her Between both Lou and Hannah s characters, teens will find a relatable medium they can champion.I absolutely loved it Never a dull moment, Lou s character hooked me from he very first page and reduced me to big, honking, incredibly unattractive laughing A brilliantly entertaining read and a feel great experience 4 out of 5 stars I would like to thank Maximum Pop Books, Walker Books and the author Nat Luurtsema for sending me a copy of Girl Out Of Water in exchange for an honest review.For any fans of Louise Rennison, this book is perfect for you It s heartwarming humor makes for a great teen read full of mishaps and mischief Lou is a fifteen year old trying out for Team GB and the national swimming camp but when she fails to qualify and her best friend Hannah makes it, she finds herself friendless and coachless all in one go She tries to make friends but on making friends with three handsome boys Pete, Roman, Gabe , trying to coach them in synchro swimming turns into a disaster filled roller coaster of a ride I really like Nat s writing style and how the story wrapped up towards the end, I was giggling at the thought of synchro swimming going wrong throughout This story definitely made me smile and I would recommend to girls age 12 I had no major issues with the story and felt that Lou was a quirky but caring character. This was fun A really cute premise and a voice that had sporadic hints of hilarity If you liked sports themed YAs, add this one to your TBR. TJ s Time Travel Tipshttps tjtimetraveltips.wordpress.co Goldfish was not at all what I expected when I started reading I expected Lou to come out of her shell a bit, I expected her to make a friend or two, and even meet a boy But the rest No frickin way This story was amazing So creative, so interesting at so many levels And exciting The brilliance lies in the narrative the inner thoughts of Lou Brown There is such a huge contrast between Lou s thoughts witty, original, and creative to the extreme and her words to anyone outside of her family or best friend awkward, insecure, or nonexistent As an extrovert, it was fascinating to watch My father, an introvert, was constantly telling me of the witty and utterly brilliant retorts that he came up with after the fact or thought but never uttered Lou, 15 years old, insecure, self conscious, and very much an introvert, has been sailing through life in the shadow of her extroverted best friend, Hannah Suddenly finding herself separated from Hannah, Lou doesn t know how to interact outside of her family The one aspect of her life that had given her an element of self confidence, competitive swimming, was also ripped from her She is like a fish out of water A goldfish out of water There are enough excitement and plot twists, as well as witty dialogue, in this book to make a wonderful movie Absent, of course, would be Lou s inner dialogue unless Lou narrated her thoughts, which I would recommend they are just too clever to leave out But once Lou finally started speaking her clever thoughts out loud, and found a friend, who understood and shared her wit, Gabe, the two of them had me laughing out loud Literally I laughed so hard I cried at one point The story also has depth It deals with eating disorders, healthy body images, teen angst, driving competitiveness, the role of the family in a teen s development, and the deeper meaning of friendship This book is brilliant I highly recommend it to anyone at any age 5 stars I received a copy of this book from Macmillan Children s Publishing Group via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I loved this book I have a lot of emotions right now, for personal reasons, and I am really thankful that in nearly 2 decades of swimming, I never had a Debs This book means a lot to me for a lot of reasons, and I will be writing a review soon that hopefully does it justice, as well as sharing some feelings about all the other stuff But until then Add this to your TBR, basically. I really enjoyed reading this young adult contemporary It s a perfect summer read I looooved Lou Her humour is simply brilliant I can t give five stars because in the end it got a bit too over the top for me but I will read the sequel for sure and I need to check out Nat Luurtsema s other books as well.