Read E-pub ☫ Frida Kahlo: The Artist in the Blue House (Adventures in Art) ☢

Read E-pub ⚓ Frida Kahlo: The Artist in the Blue House (Adventures in Art) ☪ This Fascinating Look Into The World Of The Artist Frida Kahlo Introduces Children To The Themes That Infused Kahlo S Vibrant Paintings, While Demonstrating How Her Life Influenced Her Art Parrots, Trees, Deer, Family Members, Friends, Flowers, The Sun And The Moon Frida Kahlo S Use Of Symbolism And Color Wonderfully Lends Itself To Teaching Children About The Artistic Process Through Illustrations Of Her Work And Photographs OfKahlo And Her Family, Children Are Encouraged To Learn About Herlife, Artworks, And Important Relationships An Engaging Text Andgorgeous Reproductions Call Attention To Kahlo S Use Of Bold Colorand Natural Imagery, As Well As Her Ingenious Use Of Perspective, Collage, And Varying Styles Children Will Learn Much About Creativeself Expression Through This Beautifully Designed And Insightfulbook About Kahlo S Life And Work This is a biography of the life of Frida Kahlo This book describes the real life of this famous female artist, and describes many of her life experiences as well as her artistic accomplishments Frida Kahlo was a woman that lived in Mexico When she was eighteen years old, she was in a horrible accident that caused her to spend several months in bed Because of the extended time lying in bed, Frida began painting because she was so bored Shortly after Friday recovered, she met Diego Rivera because she wanted to show him her paintings Diego Rivera was a famous artist, and Frida and Diego fell in love and got married Diego and Frida moved to the United States for three years, but soon moved back to Mexico because Frida was so homesick Throughout her life, Frida created many impressive paintings Many of her paintings incorporated life and art together through her use of symbolism She used bold colors, perspective, collage, and various styles of art in her paintings Young students could learn a lot about both art and Frida Kahlo by reading this book Students would be able to gain much information about different forms of artistic expression This book does a nice job of introducing the reader to Frida Kahlo and including many important life events about her I enjoyed reading this book because of the nice combination of Frida s life experiences as well as incorporating many of her famous paintings The pictures include both photographs of Frida and her family, as well as paintings completed by her This book would be appropriate for grades 2 4. Not as good as the other Adventures in Art books but still interesting and super easy to read.