#FREE ã Firefly: The Official Companion: Volume Two Ò eBook or E-pub free

A must read guide to the second half of the Firefly episodes.I personally found it a good book with lots of insights into the making of this brilliant show Like volume one, volume two of the official companion is a beautiful book, with glossy pages and nice clear page layouts It seems to have a bit than the first book, or the contents page looks crowded, anyway There s character pages, of the scripts Jaynestown, Out of Gas, Ariel, War Stories, The Message, Heart of Gold, Objects in Space essays about various things, a bit on unused story ideas As in the first volume, the scripts have little insets images from the episodes, bits of trivia It s lovely.Again, a great thing for a Browncoat to collect. #FREE Ð Firefly: The Official Companion: Volume Two ⚢ Before The Smash Hit Movie Serenity Came Firefly, The Cult TV Series Which Started It All And Became A DVD Phenomenon, Selling Almost Half A Million Copies Set Years In The Future, Firefly Centres Around Mal Reynolds, Captain Of The Ship For Hire Serenity And Its Eclectic Crew Of Galactic Misfits When He Takes On Two Passengers, A Young Doctor And His Mysterious, Telepathic Sister, He Gets Much Than He Bargained For This Official Companion Is Just What The Show S Fervent Fans, The Browncoats , Have Been Waiting For, With Unseen Photos, Scripts, Behind The Scenes Secrets, And Exclusive Input From The Cast And Crew, Including Of Course Creator Joss Whedon Contains The Second Part Of An Extended Interview With Joss Whedon, As Well As Exclusive New Interviews With The Cast, Executive Producer Tim Minear And Many Other Writers And Crewmembers The Full, Uncut Shooting Scripts For Jaynestown , Out Of Gas , Ariel , War Stories Trash , The Message , Heart Of Gold And Objects In Space , Annotated With Memories From The Cast And Crew Extended Behind The Scenes Interviews With The Crew Behind Firefly, Including Sections On The Production Design And Visual Effects, Illustrated With Unseen Imagery In Addition A Section On The Firefly Fans And Of Course Vera This volume is even better than the last one I loved the interviews with the cast and all the behind the scenes information from the editors, costumers, cinematographers and many of the other departments that were responsible for making Firefly so great My favorite part of this book was the breakdown of the episode Out of Gas because that is my favorite episode of the entire series It gives a lot of insight into how the episode came about and what the cast and crew thought of it This official volume really gives you your money s worth If you ve seen Firefly, you ve got to have this book plus the other volume I was walking aimlessly through the book store with my soon to be boyfriend, and as soon as I saw Mal on the cover, my mouth fell open Yeah, he bought it for me, and I discovered he liked Firefly too, awesome So, I am proud of my Firefly books and they sit prominently on my shelf for all to see. Love Firefly, loved this book What else can be said Althoughfunny storyI was reading the script of Jaynestown after a Chem final and I kept cracking upeveryone else in the room must ve thought I was crazy.Does anyone else find it somewhat ironic that it s the Companion Or is it just me PICTURES COSTUMES SHOOTING SCRIPTS INTERVIEWS PROPS I AM SO GAY FOR THIS KIND OF STUFF Also, discussion of episodes planned but never written So great.My copy, receipt from Josh Curtis You really are a Browncoat A damn sexy one, but still a Browncoat. So beautiful so much information Seriously, this book, just like the first, is such a high quality book The pictures, the costume information, interviews so much goodness, go get it if you haven t already. This has been an amazing resource for my Firefly podcast Mighty Fine Shindig MFshindig Here s what I wrote about Volume 1.Yeah, I m a sucker for all things Firefly so the five stars probably would only be agreed with by a fellow browncoat fanatic Still the scripts are fun to read even though I ve seen every episode at least a dozen times and the ancillary material was at least new to me So, yes, I have already ordered Volume 2 and sadly the last volume as I am constitutionally incapable, somewhat like a bibliophile version of Malcolm Reynolds, of not finishing what I have started.Loved for all the same reasons.