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~EPUB ♆ Finite Math For Dummies (English Edition) ♷ Use Mathematical Analysis In The Real World Finite Math Takes Everything You Ve Learned In Your Previous Math Courses And Brings Them Together Into One Course With A Focus On Organizing And Analyzing Information, Creating Mathematical Models For Approaching Business Decisions, Using Statistics Principles To Understand Future States, And Applying Logic To Data Organization Finite Math For Dummies Tracks To A Typical College Level Course Designed For Business, Computer Science, Accounting, And Other Non Math Majors, And Is The Perfect Supplement To Help You Score High Organize And Analyze Information Apply Calculation Principles To Real World Problems Use Models For Business Calculations Supplement Your Coursework With Step By Step Example Problems If Youre Not A Math Person Or Just Want To Brush Up On Your Skills To Get A Better Grade, Finite Math For Dummies Is Your Ticket To Scoring Higher Motivated after watching some episodes of Numbers on Prime, I wanted to find out about the wonders of math and also was curious as to how credible the seemingly incredible ability of math to solve any problem and predict the future as presented on that show really was I sent for this book Well I must confess, I wasn t the greatest math student in school I really like algebra others whined about word problems but I loved the challenge Every other branch of math I hated So I think maybe I am not the best person to have this book I figured it has been so many years since my school days that I d come back to attack the subject and really understand its inner workings Now that I actually have the book in hand, I find it still a challenge.The book description on the product page says, If you re not a math person or just want to brush up on your skills to get a better grade, Finite Math For Dummies is your ticket to scoring higher I m not a math person and as stated in another customer review, you really need a working knowledge of algebra and math in general, if you ask me Even though I said I liked algebra in school, that was the word problem aspect but when it came to matrices and stuff like that, it didn t mesh well with me I find that the author covers a lot of ground and applications but goes through them quickly and briefly so if math isn t your forte you re really going to have to take it slowly to digest it all.In terms of subjects covered and the practicality of those subjects, this book does a good job of it My opinion is that it kind of breezes through everything leaving the reader to have to figure out a lot of it If that suits your learning style then the book s a good match for you but if not like me, when it comes to math then just be aware of what s in store. Great teacher, simple explanations, just be patient, read to understand, move on, practice on paper some exercises and you ll be fine with this manual. The Finite Math Book for Dummies is not for Dummies, but for those folks who have at least a working knowledge of algebra That said, I think that Mary Jane Sterling has done a good job organizing and presenting a wealth of useful information, especially for people in business She tells us on page 13 that A big application area in finite mathematics is that involving financial topics There s interest, dividends, amortized loans, continuous compounding, and My suggestion is that a business person thinking he or she needs some help in understanding business math should use The Finite Math Book for Dummies as a reference, turning to those subjects that are useful in solving some business math problem Remembering my early warning that algebra is needed to take full advantage of this book, I thought Mary Jane Sterling s instructions were clear with many useful examples and visual illustrations.As in all Dummies books, icons are used to give us Tips, that is, some extra helpful information Technical Stuff, for those that want to delve deeper into a particular subject and Remember, a useful summary of important information or rules needed to solve a problem Unlike some other Dummies books, these icons are used appropriately and sparingly in this Finite Math book.Mary Jane Sterling also wrote Algebra for Dummies, which might be a good starting off point for people with little math background Algebra, like Finite Math, is not for Dummies, but with a little help and some effort, almost anyone can learn it and it is a most valuable subject that will be a good introduction to Finite Math, which is recommended with noted reservation. This is a really great reference book if your stuck and need a different method to understand a concept.