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I love the lyrical French Cajun southern accent and tone of this book about a young girl who secretly follows her Grandpa Baby and the brothers on a halligator hunt and ends up making an impression on everyone, including the halligator @DOWNLOAD PDF ⚡ Feliciana Feydra Leroux: A Cajun Tall Tale Þ Gather Round Y All Here S A Story About A Lil Girl By The Name Of Feliciana Feydra LeRoux, Who Lives On The Bayou, Deep In The Depths Of Cajun Country I Tell You, That Child S Grandpa Spoils Her Rotten He Teaches Her How To Cajun Two Step, How To Skin A Chinchilla, And How To Shuck An Oyster Faster Than You Can Say Sauce Piquant But There S One Thing Grandpa Just Won T Allow, And Naturally It S The One Thing Felicicna Wants To Do Most Of All To Go Alligator Hunting In The Swamp With All The Menfolk This was my favorite book as a child I would make my mom read it to me over and over because I liked the sound of the cajun words It is a good book to teach about Cajun culture It had a long list of Cajun vocabulary, and a glossary in the back to explain ones we did not know I also liked the end lesson when she proved that she was just as good as the boys. As a Cajun, I bought this book for my lil brown eyed ti BeBe It is very cute but I took off a star because no Cajuns I know call their PawPaw s Granpa. One of the most fun books EVER for a read aloud I ve read it several times to large groups of children and they adore it It helps if you can do a passable Cajun accent Would highly recommend for home or library story hours JE398.2 Tho This was an interesting book But I mostly loved the language It s a great way for kids to learn to read other dialects. I found this book very hard to read, but the authentic dialect was fun once I got the hang of it I wasn t sure that I liked the message that the story was presenting There is a man who the author praises for picking a favorite grandchild and giving her special gifts and spending extra time with her She disobeys him and when her grandmother tries to discipline her for putting herself and her grandfather in danger, other family members verbally defend her and prevent her correction.