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It was a good cookbook Emeril lagasse is a very well known author and a very good cook as well. I normally don t read or even own too many cookbooks Maybe if I did, I d be a better cook LOL However, when I had the opportunity to review this new cookbook I couldn t resist I not only like the concept of the cookbook, but I enjoy watching the author chef as he prepares his dishes As we beginning enjoying the lazy days of summer, thoughts turn to family get togethers, barbecues, and picnics with lots of wonderful food Also with summer comes fresh vegetables either from one s own garden or the local market Renowned Chef Emeril Lagasse has a new cookbook that is devoted to using fresh, locally grown and organic when possible ingredients when preparing any type of dish FARM TO FORK COOKING LOCAL, COOKING FRESH is a beautifully illustrated cookbook that not only includes the ingredients and directions to preparing a dish, but also give a little information about the dish In the introduction, author chef Lagasse explains how he came to enjoy picking fresh vegetables as a child and then as an adult using fresh ingredients in his dishes He also notes that he and several other chefs, along with a farmer, even started a farm co op just so they could have fresh, locally grown ingredients In addition, he explains the many benefits of using organically grown local vegetables An interesting point that he makes is when you get children involved in the growing process of vegetables, they are likely to eat them when they re prepared As we all strive to be green for our environment, this cookbook provides delicious recipes for every season The cookbook is divided into 15 sections They covers such topics as the herb garden leafy greens the three sisters corn, beans, and squash fresh from the docks out on the range and home economics preserving the harvest to name just a few Here is just a taste of the recipes included in the book HOMEMADE HOT SAUCE2 teaspoons vegetable oil10 ounces fresh red Fresno chiles or jalapenos, stemmed and cut crosswise into inch thick slices see Note 6 cloves garlic, smashed cup thinly sliced onions cup chopped carrots1 teaspoon salt2 cups water cup chopped fresh cilantro leaves and stems1 cup distilled white vinegar 1 Heat the oil in a small saucepan over high heat Add the chiles, garlic, onions, and carrots Add the salt Cook the peppers in the pan for 5 minutes it is okay if they blister or blacken, stirring as needed 2 Add the water and cilantro, and reduce the heat to medium high Cook for 20 minutes, or until the peppers are soft and almost all of the liquid has evaporated Note This should be done in a very well ventilated area Remove the pan from the heat and allow the peppers to cool to room temperature 3 Transfer the mixture to a food processor or blender, and puree for 15 seconds While the machine is still running, add the vinegar in a steady stream, continuing to puree on high speed until smooth, about 1 minute Transfer the sauce to a sterilized pint jar, bottles, or other container Cover and refrigerate for up to 6 months NOTE If you are a fan of poblano peppers, substitute 6 ounces roasted poblanos about 2 peppers and 6 ounces jalepenos for the 10 ounces of chiles above See page 44 for roasting instructions About 2 cups If you enjoy good food and fresh vegetables, FARM TO FORK is the perfect cookbook giving you a better understand of how the food chain works In addition, it teaches how to make the most of using fresh ingredients found locally when cooking With Father s Day just around the corner, FARM TO FORK is a handy cookbook for that weekend chef or everyday cook. I didn t realize that this is essentially a cookbook Not what I was expecting. Farm to Fork Cooking Local, Cooking Fresh features recipes focusing on fresh, organic and locally grown produce and ingredients There s an introduction by the author, Emeril Lagasse, touting the benefits of buying fresh local ingredients while supporting farmers and their farmers markets This book is filled with scrumptious recipes While fruits and vegetables take up a lot of the book, there are other sections featuring dairy, poultry, fish and grains Some of the recipes are very simple other are complex The simple ones show that good fresh ingredients don t need a lot of preparation to make them taste good, while the complicated ones show the versatility of the products It s all good As a test recipe, I made Roasted Brussels Sprouts page 137 Basically, after the sprouts are crisp tender and lightly caramelized and cooked you toss them with olive oil, garlic, lemon zest and Parmesan cheese Can you say delicious Anyway, we love brussel sprouts so I make them a lot While I loved this version, I m not so sure about my husband He kept saying he liked them he didn t want to hurt my feelings , but when I pressed him he said they were different and preferred my own method of roasting them That s his way of saying it s not a keeper recipe I ll definitely be making them again when he s not around for supper There are a few other recipes I want to make Curry scented roasted Cauliflower page 140 141 and Creamy Spiced Rice Pudding page 207 and a number of others With a book that features mostly fruits and vegetables, I bet it s a bit of a challenge on how to present them in an interesting fashion Personally, I found the chapters, as well as their order, to be a little odd For example, corn, beans and squash are lumped together in a chapter labelled The Three Sisters Nice, but why I understand some of the other groupings Nightshades, Cole Crops, Leafy Green , but not others Dairy is presented at the beginning, while other non vegetable chapters are at the end A sentence or two in the introduction about the organization of the book along with an explanation at the beginning of each chapter explaining why these items were grouped would have been helpful It s a little hard to tell much about the photographs by looking at the uncorrected proof which has them in BW , but I can say that there are quite a few photos in the book, which is great I love seeing photos of great looking food Some of the recipes don t have any photos, which is ok for some of the simpler recipes, but not so good for some of the complex ones Some of the recipes are accompanied by a photo of an ingredient Now I think green peppers are beautiful, however I d rather have a photo of the finished dish for example Sausage Stuffed Bell Peppers so I know what the dish should look like The table of contents of this book is great It lists all of the recipes in each chapter The index wasn t included in this uncorrected proof If it s created with the same care and attention as the TOC was, I m sure it s going to be very useful Honestly, I don t pay much attention to buying locally If I have a choice, I will buy veggies grown here, but that s not always an option We really enjoy eating a large variety of fruits and veggies a lot of those come from faraway places because they can t be grown here We probably wouldn t starve if we only ate stuff that was grown within 100 miles of us, but our diet certainly wouldn t be as varied as it is now Anyway, this book may make me conscious of locally grown raised food Recommended For information about this book or to browse inside, please visit the HarperCollins Canada website.For information about the author, his other books and everything Emeril, please visit Emeril Lagasse s website.I d like to thank those nice people at HarperCollins Canada for this book Farm to Fork Cooking Local, Cooking Fresh by Emeril Lagasse, HarperStudio HarperCollins , 2010 ISBN 9780061742958 uncorrected proof , 304p plus index.This review is also available on my blog, Daisy s Book Journal. I happily picked this up from the Strand ARC shelf as the weather started to turn and I looked at my Green Market squash wondering if I was going to do anything other than roast it As I try to cook seasonal and local, I m trying to find ways to keep both our taste buds and my booking from getting too deep in a habitual rut Emeril s book definitely helps with tha.Be warned this is not a vegetarian book It s definitely a locovore book, if you are lucky to have fresh seafood and meats at your Market or at least to help you bridge the gap I ve mostly skipped over the meat recipes at this time, but I m pretty sure there will be some that simple legume substitutions will work for The book is structures through the type of fruit, vegetable, or dairy product Yes, there are standards such as roasted brussel sprouts potatoes choose your root vege, but I found inspiration that may be due to my exploring new ways to cook such as my pasta roller winter vegetables such as a sweet potato ravioli.I find this book most inspiring for the flavour ingredient combinations Emeril uses While I own The Flavor Bible by Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg, I often get overwhelmed by all the possibilities Emeril has provided a very good starting place from which to expand and better enjoy all the fresh local items I might pick up. I don t know about you, but for me these days are all about soccer Yes, the world cup has started and it s one big colorful festival that puts everything aside Except food of course, because a we still need to eat something and b somehow watching 22 players running on the field makes me hungry..If you add to that the fact that I joined this year a CSA program and just started receiving weekly shipments of fresh vegetables and fruits from Calvert Farm, you can understand that Emeril s book came just in time for me.So for example, last week we got beets I opened the index and went straight to page 183, where I had a great recipe of beet Caviar , which looked not only creative, but quite easy to deal with And easy it was Just in time for a light lunch during the game between the U.S and England last Saturday It was really delicious and I have to admit I enjoyed it than the game..Next came the roasted tomato tapenade with tomatoes from Newark s farmers market and some herbs from the back yard that went pretty well with Germany Australia on Sunday It was a great game or at least a game with many goals with some great food But even if you re not enjoying the world cup, I m sure you will enjoy Emeril s new book It is a local food celebration with creative yet not too complicated recipes that even those of us who aren t natural candidates for top chef can handle.Last but not least, I want to mention Steven Freeman s beautiful photos that make you hungry as well as get you to the kitchen to start cooking right away.Bottom Line If you see the world cup and enjoys food, don t think twice The full review was published on Eco Libris blog at I want, I want I need, I need I starting skimming the recipes on my lunch hour yesterday so I could use the color copier at work for any recipes I might want to try, but I sat there and read every recipe in one fell swoop and I want to make every one I ve been waiting for this book my whole gardening life, because he Emeril understands that when one has a garden, at any given time one certain crop could be vastly overproductive For instance, cilantro is mainly used as a seasoning, but what do I do when I have a bushel of cilantro every month I don t value the beautiful herb any less because I am overwhelmed Along comes my shining white knight with a recipe for cilantro pesto I have to buy this book This book was a complete joy to read I ve been looking for a guide to help in my journey through the mysterious land of veggies and farm stands Being a meat and potatoes guy I ve truly looked for ways to diversify my diet and add than just broccoli or squash or carrots to our dinner table The recipes in the cookbook are fantastic albeit, a little on the experienced side The pumpkin pie is a two three day affair which thoroughly enjoy though, in a pinch I will grab a can of Libby s The Caramelized Peaches in Port wine is sinfully delicious I could go on but those are two of my favorite recipes (Free E-pub) ´ Farm to Fork ß Farm To Fork Brings Out The Green In Emeril With Recipes That Will Inspire Cooks, New And Old, To Utilize Fresh, Organic, And Locally Grown Ingredients Throughout The Year A Must Have For Those Interested In The Green And Locavore Movements, And The Legions Of Emeril S Own Fans I recommend Farm to Fork Cooking Local, Cooking Fresh because of the recipes that feature fresh produce that a person would be able to cook.I created the Roasted Brussels Sprouts and the recipe was easy The food to create it was readily available through the local online delivery service.I m going to skim the book tonight to see if there are other recipes I can cook next week.Not to hammer you about this however buying fresh produce in season IS the way to go and organic produce and food is infinitely better.So I welcome Farm to Fork in my house in that I bought a copy of the cookbook from my local independent bookshop.