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not really sure if it was just my version, but there were a ton of grammar mistakes and the writing style did not sit well with me it was a little amateurish and I had difficulty reading through it otherwise, I liked the story, but it would have been better if it well written. Straight girl suddenly finds herself bewitched by a single shocking kiss and you can predict the rest of the story from there But seriously, this was a nice story, not much drama just a nice ride into a relationship and a love confession READ EBOOK ♔ Falling Snow ☦ Dr Cason Macauley, A High Speed Trauma Surgeon From Denver, Quietly Spends Two Months A Year In The Snow Covered Mountains Of Aspen Working In The ER On A Rotation Between Multiple Hospitals In The State She Is Beginning Her Third Year On The Rotation And Looking Forward To Two Peaceful, Easy Months When She Is Practically Plowed By A Beautiful Woman On The Sidewalk Outside Of A Ski ShopAdler Troy Is A Professional Snowboarder That Has Time For Nothing But The Snow When The Stress Builds From Too Many Sponsor Obligations And A Failing Marriage, She Finds Herself In The ER With A Concussion From A Snowboarding Accident The Last Thing Cason Wants Is To Fall For A Straight Married Girl That Lives Life On The Edge Of A Snowboard Adler Doesn T Realize What S Right In Front Of Her Until It S Gone, But Will It Be Too Late Good read The way that last chapter went down was abrupt though Like, okay,, let s end it it right here The End I enjoyed both sports and medical aspects of the story My imagination was kept busy with the snowboarding tricks as well as the injuries the man who sustained a TBI with a shattered skull left it s mark shudder. Only 3 stars because I loved the story with the snowboarder and Doctor well I m into all the books with winter sports But there were many spelling mistakes that I could spot even if English is not my mother language The writing looked like it was a first work from the writer is it , and I would have enjoyed scenes when Cason was at work, or from their vacation It seemed cut short sometimes.I m not sure I d read other books from this writer for the moment. A delightful read.One bump can change your life, an eye opening experience of finding true love The colorful characters are lovable and realistic and the environment was very vividly described A hot snowboarder and a hot doctor, the chemistry was so palpable This story is well written, I didn t read about the match but I was really watching it I wanted to stand up and cheer when she was done with her run I enjoyed everything from the first page all to the end It will leaves you warm inside and I highly recommend it. Loved the storyline and there was time spent alone for both parties to realize how much they needed each other I love the stories of love lost and fighting your feelings. I really loved everything about this book Graysen Morgan has created brilliantly crafted characters that reveal increasingly of themselves as the story line develops, and by the last page I felt like I really knew Alder and Carson well This is a sweet, romantic story set in the mountains Of course, there are complications along the way, but true love never runs smoothly Highly recommended. I really liked it I think i ve read a fanfic version of it or something similar to it before and it had a lot going on, so i liked that one better. Very enjoyable read I don t know anything about snowboarding so all the terms went right over my head Nevertheless it wasn t a distraction Great main characters I enjoyed watching their friendship develop into something My only complaint was that although it was a good ending it felt very abrupt This is a re read type of book.