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4 stars, pushing 4.5 This fourth novella wraps up the initial set of the adventures of Murderbot Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Murderbot, the snarky, introverted cyborg hero of Martha Wells THE MURDERBOT DIARIES series, returns from its trip to Milu, the deserted terraforming facility in space The cyborg Security Unit which has committed the unprecedented crime of hacking its governor that required it to obey orders was searching on Milu for additional evidence against the evil ridden corporation GrayCris, as related in the third novella in this series, Rogue Protocol Because of key evidence found on the Milu trip, Murderbot decides it needs to meet face to face with Dr Mensah, who is technically Murderbot s owner and possibly also its friend though Murderbot would say it doesn t do friendship.Murderbot s return to HaveRatton Station isn t as straightforward or successful as it hoped Station authorities have been alerted that there s a rogue SecUnit on the loose, and security personnel are pulling out all the stops to capture or kill Murderbot Worse, Mensah may be in serious trouble News sources on HaveRatton state that she s traveled to TranRollinHyfa, a major space station where GrayCris has its corporate headquarters, to answer GrayCris s legal claim of corporate espionage against her Now Mensah has disappeared and is presumably in the hands of GrayCris Murderbot gets another chance to hone its talents at armed conflict and human rescue missions and, perhaps, at friendship as well.Old friends and old enemies both make an appearance in Exit Strategy, the fourth novella in THE MURDERBOT DIARIES series Murderbot continues to develop as a personality, shedding part of its deeply ingrained introversion, but still reluctant to open the door to friendship Mensah s understanding of Murderbot s fears both draw Murderbot to her and make it want to run away.That she understood even that much made me melt I hate that this happens, it makes me feel vulnerable Maybe that was why I had been nervous about meeting Mensah again, and not all the other dumb reasons I had come up with I hadn t been afraid that she wasn t my friend, I had been afraid that she was, and what it did to me.It Murderbot is never assigned a gender, and probably would be appalled at the thought still frequently criticizes human stupidity, though it doesn t even try to pretend to itself anythat it isn t going to do whatever it can to help out people who need its assistance It s all delivered up in Murderbot s hilariously sarcastic voice.On the feed the human settled some details of what I was designating as Operation Not Actually A Completely Terrible Plan.The first novella in this series, All Systems Red, won both the Nebula and Hugo awards, and the following novellas in this series have maintained its engaging combination of space opera adventure and Murderbot s unique concerns about its self identity and choices Cyborg SecUnits are viewed as mere property by their developers, but Dr Mensah and others have urged Murderbot to view itself as their friend and as an individual with independent rights and freedoms Murderbot struggles with both views, and seeing that struggle play out is one of the appealing things about this series.THE MURDERBOT DIARIES series has been a pleasure to read The four novellas in this series range from about 150 to 175 pages each, so they go down quickly and easily, but they have some real substance along with the excitement and mayhem I m delighted that Wells is now planning to publish a full length Murderbot novel There can never be too much Murderbot in my life I received a free copy of this ebook from Tor for review Thank you so much Niki s Narrative Novella Review Part 4 4 I entered into this final installment a little worried For the character, for my emotions, for that heightened expectations that comes from reaching the end of something truly fantastic and hoping the quality holds up I was not disappointed Exit Strategy had the perfect balance of all the amazing elements that make this series so special Did I shed a tear at some point during this book I can t remember It might have been a combination of laughing and crying, or just something in my eye Either way, I have strong opinions about how much I d love to see this world expanded onI still have a few questions, butimportantly I d miss Murderbot too much In an interview I read, Wells mentioned that this is the end of the story arc, but she s already thinking about what to do with it next yay.So if you need me, I ll be in my cubicle recharging from this series and trying not to get snot on my phone I really hate it when I leak.read the rest of narrative at www.NikiHawkes.com I had a complex emotional reaction A whole new burst of neural connections blossomed Oh right, I often have complex emotional reactions which I can t easily interpret Murberbot continues its adventures, and exploring the learning curve of what it means to be a Murderbot Absolutely solid balance between planning, action, and dialogue in this installment It was very dramatic, like something out of a historical adventure serial Also correct in every aspect except for all the facts, like something out of a historical adventure serial My nitpick and damn if Wells wasn t the one to point it out don t do that, authors is that there was a part that said Bot can t process organics Like no organic material in, no waste material out Does Not Compute Unless Wells organics are plant based, then we might have a system This seems like a bit of chemical sophistry, as Bot does require some oxygen now and then.Still, it had a perfect resolution all the feels so we ll go with five non robotic stars.Re read July 2019 with Dan 2.0 Still a fun read Read right after Rogue Protocol, which gives a greater sense of character development. It was very dramatic, like something out of a historical adventure serial Also correct in every aspect except for all the facts, like something out of a historical adventure serial. Amazing As always.I ve written a full review for the Murderbot series before, so I guess the biggest thing I have to say about this conclusion novella is that it sticks to everything it has already succeeded at This series is so much fun, and also one of my favorite examples of playing with tropes I ve ever seen Robots turning human stories often utilize the trope of the robot falling in love This is a trope we have all read before and been annoyed by before This series No romance No romantic feelings Murderbot is growing feelings, yes, but platonic feelings.The thing I really, really, really like about these is how they play with the trope of the close to human being who reads as non neurotypical I think often when books use or incite this trope, it s for a side character or evil character, and it just kind of reads awful But I personally love this trope when done well.I think neuroatypical people are very, very used to seeing themselves in mostly villains Butimportantly, I think we are very used to seeing ourselves as outsiders we project ourselves onto characters who are considered monstrous by the rest of the world because they don t feel in the same way everyone else does That s me, and it has always been me I obsess over media because it is one of the lenses through which I first saw the world I avoid being emotional in front of other people because I have taught myself to hide my emotions I overcommunicate and feel too much had to get that Hayley Kiyoko reference in But I am also a human being, even if it s sometimes hard for people to see me as such.So though it may sound weird, the fact that this series writes a character who reads as somewhat non neurotypical, but is not villainized for this, and is constantly framed as a good person trying to do their best that means a lot to me Well, and also they re really funny It was just announced that Martha Wells is coming out with , and I honestly cannot wait.Blog Goodreads Twitter Instagram Youtube [ BOOK ] ☫ Exit Strategy ♥ I Love Murderbot Ann Leckie The Fourth And Final Part Of The Murderbot Diaries Series That Began With All Systems RedMurderbot Wasn T Programmed To Care So, Its Decision To Help The Only Human Who Ever Showed It Respect Must Be A System Glitch, Right Having Traveled The Width Of The Galaxy To Unearth Details Of Its Own Murderous Transgressions, As Well As Those Of The GrayCris Corporation, Murderbot Is Heading Home To Help Dr Mensah Its Former Owner Protector Friend Submit Evidence That Could Prevent GrayCris From Destroying Colonists In Its Never Ending Quest For ProfitBut Who S Going To Believe A SecUnit Gone Rogue And What Will Become Of It When It S Caught At The Publisher S Request, This Title Is Being Sold Without Digital Rights Management Software DRM Applied If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Emotions Galore Exit Strategy by Martha Wells I don t want to be human Dr Mensah said We tend to think that because a bot or a construct looks human, its ultimate goal would be to become human That s the dumbest thing I ve ever heard In Exit Strategy by Martha WellsSecUnits are sentient constructs, part machine, part organic, largely human in form and created in part with human tissue, that are owned by companies and used to provide security or protection to humans and or property as needed. Gosh I have enjoyed this series so much In Exit Strategy Murderbot gets himself into eventrouble than usual and practically the whole book is action as he escapes from seemingly impossible situations and rescues various people against all odds As the books have gone along he has increased his capabilities with every event and by now he can apparently control whole space stations with his hacking abilities I suppose I should really say it , not he, but by now Murderbot seems practically human He has not decided however if that is a good or bad thing In fact we leave him at the end of this book trying to make many decisions about his future.This was supposed to be the last book in the series but now I discover that there is a full length book being written right now so that we can enjoyadventures of the wonderful Murderbot in 2020 I can t wait Exit Strategy by Martha Wells is book 4 in the series I read the first one but have listened to the rest Since book one, I picture the unisex murderbotfemale than male but in book two it seemsmale Either way, it is certainly hashumanity than most humans The story is peppered with humor, lots of action, adventure, corporate intrigue, and fantastic tech busting from our favorite murderbot It is a super hacker on two artificial legs A wild ride through the universe with one of the nicest Miller s you could know Love it The narration complements the story so well Nicely done Everything comes full circle for Murderbot in the conclusion to Wells quadrilogy of novellas The GrayCris Corporation takes Doctor Mensah hostage, believing her responsible for the difficulties Murderbot has caused them Murderbot must affect a rescue of its friend without giving up the goods it has on GrayCris and while almost certainly walking into a trap Wells weaves together all the elements that have made this series such a rousing success caustic humor, lightning paced and suspenseful storytelling, and a deeply human emotional core The action in Exit Strategy is almost non stop, but the true reward for readers is the completion of Murderbot s character arc, its journey from self serving anti hero to selfless hero a transition it achieves without losing the edge that made it so endearing in the first place. This was a fun conclusion to Martha Wells The Murderbot Diaries novella series I m a big fan of Well s capitalist future gone awry sci fi world and of her memorable and fantastic lead character, the security unit, Murderbot Our favourite grumpy, socially anxious, security bot is this series only POV character and that really works as Murderbot is a truly unique character with an engaging voice That unique voice allows Wells the ability to get both humour and touching emotional moments into the story in an easy and fluid fashion.The plot of the final Murderbot instalment was nothing special but it was an OK backdrop to let us spendtime with Murderbot which is never a bad thing In this one Murderbot finds itself back in the thick of the action as Dr Mensah has fallen into the hands of the corrupt corporation that started all the trouble back in the first novella and it is up to Murderbot to save the day It was a fun story but I have to admit that the action scenes were nothing special Lucky for us readers Murderbot is a strong enough character to make any story fun I love the internal musings we get and also love following the personal growth and development of Murderbot over the course of these novellas They are easily the best thing about the Murderbot stories.This instalment missed having a fun secondary character like Mickey or ART but I guess it was OK to see Murderbot having to interact withhumans I warn readers to prepare themselves for this fourth instalment as our favourite SecUnit has gone soft or malfunctioned as there was even gasps in horror some hugging taking place All in all I felt this was a fun story and I ll remember Murderbot as one of the better andinteresting fictional characters I ve ever run across I m glad this is not the last book planned in this world Rating 4 stars.Audio Note As always I felt like Kevin.R.Free did a good job with the audio.