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Arc gratefully received for honest review So this book starting off as a high school scene type of read the highs and lows of the adolescent life who is dating who and who is bitching against who, girls being girls boys being boys the typical high school read and went a little round the houses at times, although this was only the first few chapters.Until just like the title it evolved it picked up pace and it was like a different book Along with the characters the book matured and it was a great read I loved Jackie and Andy how their relationship developed their lives moved on from high school and college life and moved onto the sacrifices that had to be taken like a childhood to adulthood romance or a friends to lovers romance, you get to see the characters grow, Nicole gives you the ability in her writing to connect with the characters and route for them as the plot continues, it was a lovely story of two people who were meant to be together. Omg I m so torn.EVOLVE was an awesome read but now the series is over and I m sadI m going to miss all of these kids I have grown to really care about all of them and it s almost like I was sitting there with them dealing with all of their teenage drama EVOLVE made me feel like a kid again It was cool getting Jackie and Andy s stories and points of view I truly love this author and everything she writes Now that I m all caught up I hope Nicole is working on my next big read @Download Book Ä Evolve (Soulmates, #4) ì You Think You Know Andy And Jackie From The Soulmates Series, But How Well Can You Really Know Someone Without Hearing Their Story From Them Directly Andy Jock, Cheater, User, Manipulator, All Of That May Have Been Trueuntil One Night With A Friend At A Party Changed His View Jackie Made Him Want To Change And Become A Better PersonJackie Cheerleader, Ditzy, Slut Reputation Is Everything In High School Jackie Had Played The Part Well For Years, But After A New Year S Eve Party Had Resolved To Change The Way People Saw HerThis Is Andy And Jackie S Story From Their Own Mouths See How They Ended Up Together Catch Up With The Rest Of The Group After Soulmates And Fate Ended And See If Their Love Can Survive All Of The Pressures Of New Adulthood This Book Contains Mature Content And Is Not Intended For Anyone Younger Than I received Evolved from the author for an honest review I was so happy to see Andy and Jackie s story They both had a reputation of sleeping around and they wanted to make it better Hanging out together working on a school project made them realize that they have strong feelings for another He was so sweet and patient with her They had such a sweet love for one another It s not easy and they hit a few bumps along the way I loved revisiting Jake and Maddie also They went through a really hard time and it took sometime for them to get their relationship right but it was worth it I would love to see Michelle fall in love and hopefully get that chip knocked off her shoulder She is a good friend but has a terrible attitude toward guys If you have a problem with teens having sex then just a heads up because there is s little sex I can honestly say that I am huge fan of the Soulmates series I really enjoyed reading Jackie and Andy s story Here we get to see life beyond high school Entertaining read I had read this awhile backAnd somehow my review was deleted So I wanted to refresh myself on the story before I put a new review out Nicole Dykes is a phenomenal writer, I have read all in this series and found the story of Andy and Jackie even enticing than the others What I like about this series is that Nicole manages to mesh in the other characters very well It s hard to watch a story of one couple you love end and then read a new but Nicole manages to keep the other characters we love in all the stories Great read. I received this book from the author for an honest review.I was excited to receive and read this book I liked Andy and Jackie together As the story progressed I got to see just how sweet Andy was to Jackie, and I loved seeing them fall in love.Jake and Maddie We got of them, and I fall in love with them and Jake is growing up and I like reading about that.I have to say that I think the title of this book was perfect, Ms Dykes writing has evolved I found I was engrossed in this book so than the others in this series but I did enjoy those as well I am hoping Michelle also gets a book It has been hard for me to warm up to her and her dislike of men, but I think she has some deeper layers, and I would love to read her story.Great series that gets better with each book. I loved Andy and Jackie story it was amazing I loved hearing about them and still hearing about the other characters too Andy and Jackie had been through some wrong mistakes with relationships at school but after been friends for years and having to a school project together things developed in there feelings It was great and hot as hell I hope there especially with Michelle xxx Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Nicole DykesHe was kissing TiffanyThis was a good NA contemporary romance, and it was good to catch up with the characters from the previous books.Jackie made mistakes in this book, and it took her a while to understand that just because she slept with someone didn t mean they were dating It was good that she learned from her mistakes though, and also good that she didn t go down the same path as MaddyI was never going to make that same mistake againThe storyline in this did have a little bit of overlap with the previous books as it was happening at the same time, but not too much It was good to catch up with the characters from the previous books, and to find out what happened to them The romance in this was pretty good, although it wasn t the best when Jackie and Andy were forced to be apart There were some sex scenes, but they were handled fairly well, and didn t take over the bookI love you, AndyThe ending to this was also good, and it will be good to see what happens to Michelle in book 5 7 out of 10 I m going in