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~E-pub ♸ Every Move You Make ⚔ Best Book, Every Move You Make By M William Phelps This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Every Move You Make, Essay By M William Phelps Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You This was a great read Didn t want to put it down I love the way M William Phelps writes he grabs you into what is happening This is another book that I d be surprised if it wasn t made into a film The 2 principals being the cop and the criminalI d cast Tom Hanks as the lawman and Leonardo Dicaprio as the thief killerThis non fiction story reads just like a crime story It s got it all murder, mayhem, mystery, sex, and escapes and. Couldn t say I really liked the book until the last few chapters It was interesting but not as bizarre as other true crime books I ve read I think I can probably go back and pick up where I left off on the Night Stalker now much bizarre. The crimes Phelps portrays in this book are odd, yes, but it doesn t seem to me that Gary Evans fits the definition of serial killer in any but the most literal way Gary Evans killed than one person, and a period of time lapsed between each However, I do recognize that serial killers might kill for reasons other than an abnormal psychological gratification Gary Evans was abnormal all right, but not in the way we ve come to think of serial killers He just killed people who could cause him problems down the road I like a lot of things about the book Phelps portraits of Evans and the New York State Police investigator who both befriended and hunted him are excellent Their characters are unusual enough to be interesting and Phelps knows just what information to give and what to withhold Phelps prose is easy to follow and he provides excellent descriptions of the underworld Evans inhabits He neither talks down to the reader nor uses excess jargon He has a feel for what needs to be further explained and what the reader will be able to understand from the context If there is a problem, it s with the editing I ve seen Phelps on a lot of TV programs, and he is well spoken with an above average vocabulary In other words, he doesn t generally struggle with language However, there are multiple errors in the book that should have been caught by editors I know it s nit picky, but I got a lot of grief for the FIVE typos in my novel, and I should have There are a lot than five here, and some just make me crazy Long hair doesn t protrude down one s back A criminal is not good at alluding police Many of the errors are simply words or phrases that should have been deleted, or missing words They re not problems with Phelps writing but with Pinnacle s editing process If those kinds of things don t bother you, have at it If you like true crime, you won t be disappointed. Normally a fan of this authors books this one could not really move me I was glad when I finally finished reading and was able to read a true crime book that wasn t a struggle to read 2.5 stars This was a new experience for me I ve read a lot of Phelps s work and I usually like it, but for some reason this one just seemed fragmented for me I couldn t keep track of what was going on and the shifts around in the story This book was very well researched, but the writing was not up to the standards that I have grown used to with Mr Phelps s work Gary Evans is not a serial I was really familiar with I had heard the name in my previous research, but the name did not have a story to go with it for me In that regard I would say Phelps than adequately filled in the blanks Evens may not be exactly unique, but one attribute that comes through clearly in the reading of this book is that his motive was not sexual driven, or even driven by madness His motive was primarily self preservation Like I say, not entirely unique, but certainly not the run of the mill serial killer.What I liked about this book Motive is discussed, criminal activity is described, and the court proceedings were covered Personal interviews were conducted and cited to give context to elements of the story It is because of these facts that I can say that the story is well researched What I didn t like The way the story was put together left a lack of cohesive framing of this book.Regardless of if I loved it or not, I would still recommend this book to individuals looking for information on serials that had a motive that was not sexually in nature. I normally love books by this author but this book wasn t really for me I found it very hard to follow and it didn t leave me feeling anything really at the end of it Usually I feel sad for a person or happy but this didn t evoke any emotions in me I found it quite confusing and I got people muddled up with each other it is a well written book just not my usual kind of crime I would read about. This book I will never forget The author was SO amazing in the writing of thisTrue Crime and he pulled me in and I could not put this book down becauseit was such a riveting, detailed and intriquing story I was crushed when I cameto the end A MUST READ for all true crime fans. I had hoped this would be better than it was I think the facts have the potential to be better presented.