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4.5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by K Webster If you didn t know this about me already, I am a HUGE fan of K Webster I was really lucky to win an arc of this anthology filled with some incredibly steamy novellas with guaranteed HEA s First off I want to give a moment s praise to the beautiful cover WELL DONE Now, I had only intended to read K Webster s story but then I saw the next one was by Jade West and her books have been blowing up my GR feeds for quite a while so I decided to read hers as well I now understand why she has such a huge following I want to preface my reviews by stating these stories are for pure enjoyment You aren t going to read any Pulitzer prize winning material here but oh boy will these get your temperatures rising You re about to meet some sinfully seductive alphas who seem to have insatiable sexual appetites and excel in the art of dirty talk MALFEASANCE by K Webster Malfeasance was an off the charts steamy May December romance The Hero is about thirty one years older than the Heroine and yet the age difference was not in the least bit off putting There was definitely a case of insta love but let s be honest, it s the sexy times the couple has throughout this story that made it quite enjoyable Max is a fifty two year old Judge, who has been a widower for several years He s remained celibate since his wife s death Taking care of his teenage daughters had been his main focus and the thought of getting romantically involved with another woman never crossed his mind until the night he ends up at a sex club with one of his buddies and lays eyes on a beautiful blonde waitress There s something familiar about her but he can t place it and then it all clicks into place He remembers that haunted look in her eyes when he spotted her in the back of his courtroom almost a year ago when he announced the not guilty verdict of her sadistic ex boyfriend Max knew at the time that this man deserved to be sent behind bars for the rest of his life and that the jury had chosen unwisely but there was nothing he could do When he happens to come across the young damsel in distress in the back of the club at the hands of the psychotic ex, he quickly jumps into action and rescues her.Dorian has spent the last year trying to get her life back on track She s been unsuccessful at keeping her whereabouts hidden from her ex and isthan relieved when the handsome Judge comes to her rescue Max ends up taking her to his buddy s secluded cabin and while they spend the night there, they can feel an intense attraction igniting between them Max battles with his conscience because of the huge age difference but Dorian is not in the least turned off by his age at all Dorian thinks Max is one of the sexiest men she s ever met.Max ends up bringing Dorian to his place and helps her get a job as his intern Things between the two heat up evenas they are practically spending every waking moment together It doesn t take very long before the two become physically intimate and once they give in to their desires it s like the floodgates have opened and there isn t a moment when they aren t ripping off each other s clothes and going at it The story had very little substance, but I did enjoy it a helluva lot There are very few times where I actually enjoy an insta love romance but in this case, because I knew this was going to be a guilty pleasure read, I just allowed myself to appreciate the story for its pure entertainment value FIFTH AVENUE BLUES by Jade West This was my first Jade West story Oh, my This woman writes some of the filthiest smut I ve ever read and damned if I didn t enjoy it immensely Kyle Prescott is a famous British actor who has major skills in the bedroom and one of the dirtiest sex talkers EVER Emily Foster is the shy and introverted Librarian who used to be classmates with Kyle back in High School She had a huge crush on Kyle back then and they once shared a kiss at a party but she ran out on him thinking that he was drunk and would regret what happened once he sobered up Emily had and still has very low self esteem and couldn t imagine someone like Kyle would ever have any interest in a girl who looked like her Now, years later, Kyle is back in town and he s actually looking to spend some time with Emily He has a shot at a big television series and needs her help running lines Kyle is dyslexic and Emily was the only one who had successfully helped him in the past When he asks her to help him again, Emily doesn t hesitate to say yes and they soon wind up back in his hotel room It only takes a matter of seconds before Kyle is unleashing his dirty talking skills on Emily and awakens a heated desire within her The sex is insanely dirty and H O T Once they ve had a taste of each other it seems neither of them can control their sexual appetites A plethora of sex is to be had in this sexy, dirty, short story Oh, and there is one sugary sweet HEA as well Another guilty pleasure read for this reviewer I know I ll be picking up another book by this author sometime soon DRAWN TO HIM releases on September 19th One Click it Actually, pre order it now for 99 cents This is a great book to take on holidays or to read over the weekend as it gives you a little bit of everything Drama, mystery, suspense, comedy, taboo and of course lots of heat Although I didn t like some of the stories as much as others, they were all enjoyable Infatuation Willow Winters 4 This was my first taste of Willow Winters writing and from the first page she had dragged me into the alaskan wilderness with her descriptive style.Lila is sent to a small alaskan island to interview the mysterious Alec Kulls and find out the secrets of his successful family I loved the setting of this one but I found the pace a little slow for a novella when I got really into it it was over The heat once these two got together was intense.I liked all the mystery surrounding the island with the old traditions and love potion, I think this would make a great full length book The Billionaire s Beginning M.Never 3.5 Ty Winters is a cocky super rich businessman, nothing impresses him any and his bored until he spots a lady at the bar his at It looks like she doesn t have a care in the world I envy her. It seemed all a little to insta for me but then there s a twist when after a soul crushing kiss Ty finally asks her name turns out she is part of a rival family, think romeo and juliet.Simone served in the military as a medic she surfs, she volunteers at hospitals and helps charities She is an all round good girl Simone got burned while on active duty and believes no one will every love her because of her scars Dr Dreamy L.J Shen 4 Savannah is a ditsy 22yr old vegetarian hippy styled girl who gets a temp job at a paediatrician s office Her boss Dr Rhys Matthews is cocky, very rude and amazingly good looking women flock to bring their kids to see Dr Dreamy.I really liked this one it was funny, light, fast paced and HOT I think it was the doctors dismissive attitude and Savanna s ditsy ways that made it enjoyable I learnt a new word in this one Carbie Malfeasance K Webster 4 Judge Max Rowe is 51 and has been dragged out to a mates sex club by his friends Max has been a widow for 12 years and his friends want him end his dry spell and finally get over the loss of his wife When a shy little blonde asks for their drink order the judge recognises her from a case and felt compelled to speak with her.Dorian is 22 and on the run from her abusive ex who ruined her life, Max helps her escape from the club when her ex shows up From that point Max is determined to keep Dorian safe and help her start a new life I really liked this one, it had a darker vibe with Dorian s ex chasing her The age gap was massive but it was super steamySo many yeses All the yesesFifth Avenue Blues Jade West 4 After a failed relationship Emily moved back to her hometown and into her parents house She takes a job at the local library and her life is now boring but safe until Kyle Jordan Prescott her high school crush comes strutting into the library Unlike Emily Kyle has not been leading a boring life, he is a famous model and soon to be TV star.Kyle has come back for Emily s help with something but also to finish something that they started a long time ago.Well this one was a little OTT but also a dirty little treat I have to say Kyle s type of kink is not for me personally, doesn t make it any less hotter to read though Datenight Isabella Starling 5 Wow, now that s the way to start a novella Sure did grab my attention straight away Cleo has a kink that not many others have, it s dark and taboo She goes online to live out this side of herself but how will she handle it when it all gets real Flynn has the same taboo kink as Cleo only his is the dominant role, from the very first time he sees Cleo s profile on a website he knows she is perfect for him.This was a little dark and twisted and I really liked it This was my first time reading this author and it definitely won t be my last Reviewed on behalf of the 1 Click Addict Support Group This anthology was filled with so much deliciousness, I never wanted it to end There s 7 novellas to be found here, and while I didn t get all of them yet, I did read a good majority and I was so hooked Bad Cop by A Zavarelli 5 STARS I was a wild child and Justice was the shiny forbidden apple I was never meant to have All I ever wanted to do was hold his hand and go on crazy adventures with him But it was a dream that wouldn t come to fruition. This novella was, hands down, my absolute favorite in the collection This was my introduction to this incredibly talented author, and I immediately binged myself on her entire backlist She managed to pack so much feeling into a short story that had amazing character development and an emotional second chance romance.A wild child that hasn t had an easy life, the boy from the wrong side of the tracks whose heart she broke now turned town sheriff and all the untold truths lost in the years that since passed This story was incredible Ginger and Gray were amazing together DR DREAMY by LJ SHEN 4 STARS This is sexual harassment What it is is a delicious foreplay that s about to materialize and blow your fucking mind Maybe not tonight Maybe not even this week But I m watching you, Miss Martin All the time You fucking want me, and you re going to get your way Sooner than you think. Can this woman write a hero that I don t completely salivate over Hell no And I hope she never does This wasn t as angst ridden as her usual But it was super sexy, ridiculously fun, and with a good dose of her signature alphahole The heroine was sassy and gave as good as she got And lemme tell you, she got PLENTY Pun intended Dr Matthews in bed, Rhys outside of it Your choice when we fuck on any type of surface that isn t the bedONE NIGHT by KL Kreig 4 STARS I want her gratitude hanging like an apology between us I want to punish her until she begs for mercy I won t grant I want to fuck her until she s boneless, mindless, and thoughtless Until memories of our night together assault her with a relentless, battering force. I adore KL Kreig s words This was a deliciously sexy romance of a chance meeting and what was supposed to be just one night turned into something muchWe get a sexy, intense alpha We get a sassy, take charge and snarky heroine Put them together and you get a whole lot of sizzle I loved it Fifth Avenue Blues by Jade West 3.5 STARS I m pure filth, I growl You should stay away from trouble like me You re such a nice girl I want it she whimpers I want all of itSoum Wow If ever there was a really well written porn script, this story was it Holy hell I mean HOLY HELL My ovaries were sweating, man If dirty and I seriously mean DIRTY talking men are your thing, meet your catnip We re talking of the gaping holes, facials, and butt sex variety It was freaking hot But honest to gawd, it made this pervert feel like a prude at times, and if that s not a feat, I dunno what is I love the concept of the shy, awkward girl finally getting the man of her dreams that happens to be the popular boy that she had a crush on in high school now turned successful actor It was dirty SO DIRTY ALL OF THE DIRTY It was downright filthy And I kinda sorta maybe liked it I think My ovaries are still recovering INFATUATION by Willow Winters 2 STARS I never stood a chance with this man Not that I ever wanted to run He made me want to stay he made me want him just as much as he wanted me. I m not really sure how I felt about this one This was my first book by this author, and I already know I ll be readingbecause I enjoyed her writing style This novella, however, just didn t do anything for me It was a sexy insta love romance and if that s what you re craving, it ll certainly hit the spot I was missing a connecting to either of the characters and found the development lacking for my personal tastes, so I struggled with connecting to the story It wasn t bad Just wasn t my favorite in the anthology either.Review to come ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on 4.5 Sexy Novella StarsEdited to add my review of The Billionaires Beginning Whoop whoop There s something for everyone in this anthology From mysterious businessmen living in rural Alaska to dirty talking doctors who take what who they want The stories range from mysterious and enigmatic to taboo and down right erotic Seriously, you can t wrong with this amazing collection.Infatuation Willow Winters Journey into the wilds of Alaska with a columnist on the hunt for a great story Stay for the sexy and enigmatic businessman Willow Winters pens her most intriguing and enigmatic story to date in Infatuation It certainly left me wanting .Bad Cop Ashleigh Zavarelli This bad cop can cuff me anytime I thoroughly enjoyed this second chance romance featuring a tough as nail female lead and the dirty talking cop who tames her wild ways.Doctor Dreamy L J Shen Wow If my kid s pediatrician was this smoking hot, I d be banned from the doctor s office This fun and flirty story features a man who unapologetically takes what who he wants Trust me, I wasn t mad at him for being OTT and bossy Loved it Malfeasance K Webster I didn t read The Wild since it wasn t on my radar, but I did read Malfeasance and this smoking hot little novella is the tits No one write older man younger woman OTT taboo love quite like K Webster I loved this so hard This Judge can rule over me any day of the week Date Night Isabella Starling I can t even articulate my thoughts on this one Where are emojis when I need them This story was erotic, thrilling, and absolutely unexpected It s my first read from Isabella, so I didn t know what to expect I m certainly intrigued and can t wait to readfrom her soon.The Billionaires Beginning M Never M Never just made my list of authors to 1 click From Southern Nights, to Moto, to this sexy little number, I ve been very impressed The Billionaires Beginning is intriguing, emotional, and so sexy It s a 5 star read Loved it.I can t stress enough that there s something from everyone in this bundle The books range from flirty to down right erotic They re each well written and fit the novella mold very well For the most part, the stories don t feel rushed at all They are entertaining and engaging Highly Recommended Forof my reviews My Blog Book Twins ReviewsFacebook Blog PageTwitterSubscribe to Blog ( E-PUB ) ☽ Drawn to Him ☫ There Are Some Men Who Make You Helpless You Know The Kind They Steal The Breath From Your Lungs And Make Your Heart Beat A Little Faster With A Single Look You Can T Stop Staring, But The Moment They Pin Those Gorgeous Eyes On You, You Re Done For The Kind That S Too Hard To Resist This Is A Collection Of Men Just Like That Handsome, Confident And All For You DRAWN TO HIM Is A Collection Of Eight Exclusive Never Before Seen Novellas You Can T Resist, Complete With HEAs They Have All The Book Feels And Angst You Ve Been Wanting Great cover on this one It s hard when you have a collection of stories to have a cover that represents the entirety of the collection, but this one works very well It has great composition and title work as well.This turned out to be a bit of a mixed bag for me There were three that knocked it out of the park and a couple that missed the mark completely The rest fell somewhere in between That s to be expected though when you go into reading a collection of short stories by very different authors Infatuation Willow Winters 4 StarsI enjoyed this one a lot Excellent writing and the story felt very mysterious and atmospheric The pace was good The sex scene was hot The characters were likable Since the story is left rather open ended, I am going to assume this is going to be a full length book or a series perhaps it already is I really hope so because I definitely want to readabout these brothers and the town The Billanaire s Begininning M Never 2 StarsThis one was just OK for me I didn t connect with either character, and I found the fact that Simone kept alluding to her secret and not just straight up telling the hero annoying as hell since it was drug out basically to the end Like I said, just OK.Doctor Dreamy L.J Shen 4 StarsOMG, this book was a RIOT I loved it It was funny as hell Well written and paced The sex scenes were smokin I ADORED the heroine The hero was an ass A dirty talking smokin hot one, but a BIT too cocky for me to warm 100% up to him That said, he did grow on me by the end My only other niggle was that he was technically still married when they get together and had they been separated for awhile I would have been fine, but he only basically broke up with his wife four months earlier, so I found myself a little turned off by that Overall though it was a great read.Malfeasance K Webster 5 StarsMy favorite novella so far No surprise there as K is one of my favorite authors This had everything I love in a book Way older dirty talking hot as hell hero 52 and a likable and feisty younger heroine 22 It was pretty much insta everything and low drama The sex scenes were smokin and plentiful It was well written and well paced, and the plot was pretty fleshed out for such a short little story Loved it Fifth Avenue Blues Jade West 2 StarsEh, this one was just OK for me It was dirty as f ck no doubt about that, and normally I am ALL over crude sex talk, but the sluts and the destroy her holes just didn t work for me in this one It was like the sex scenes didn t match up with the characters and the plot I am also not much of a fan of famous heroes because they are almost always skanky manwhores and Kyle was no different and honestly, I didn t find him likable at all I also wasn t a fan of the heroine who went from an awkward, insecure doormat to a pornstar slut in 3.5 seconds So ya, a bit of a miss this one.Datenight Isabella Starling 5 StarsWOWZA was this one HOT I honestly don t have much to say about this other than I LOVED it It was well written and paced The plot was interesting The characters were likable The sex scenes smokin Just a super enjoyable story that hit the mark perfectly.Bad Cop A Zavarelli 3 StarsI m in a bit of a quandary over this one I liked it, and I didn t I thought the hero was a major immature douche for most of the story I generally always have issues with characters that act all butthurt over things that happened YEARS earlier when they were teenagers, and the hero was BIG on holding onto that butthurt And the way he expressed that was beyond childish for a guy in his late 20 s and a sheriff IMO On top of that most of the towns people were also a bunch of assholes as well That said, I ADORED the heroine Even if I think she should have told the whole lot of them and the hero to go f ck themselves There is no denying it is a very well written and paced story And the one sex scene was hot So yeah, another mixed bag with this one.One Night K.L Kreig 5 StarsAwww, I LOVED this one So much so I really wish it had been longer It was super sweet and sexy Well written and well paced Relatively low angst and drama The plot was interesting and like I said I wish it had been a full length book There wasn t a ton of side characters, but I hope Will is going to get his own book And both main characters were very likable Two thumbs up from yours truly. Whoa What a collection of reads by these fantastic authors Delicious, some of them dark and dangerously thrilling, others exciting and action packed, and then some are mysteriously captivating I liked all the stories, some were close to my preference in style, tone and subject, but some were missing out on obtaining the right formula of the format rules of a novella and I always say that is the hardest thing to fulfill in this format making the content substantial in a limited format that simply excludes deeper characterisation and the plot itself BUT having that in mind, I was absolutely pleasantly surprised by the very first story, so I m gonna put the emphasis on that and the next two who came right after it, considering my preferences, the surprise factor and the thrill Infatuation by Willow Winters, Bad Cop by Ashleigh Zavarelli and Datenight by Isabella Starling 1 Infatuation by Willow Wintersa young journalist Lila comes to an Alaska island for an arranged interview on a subject of maintaining the island s traditions and its prosper and development with the impact of the most influental family on the island The Kulls.Everything that surrounds her is covered in some mysterious haze, even before she s faced with the head of the family Alec Kulls.The physical attraction is undeniable and even though Lila is adamant to stay professional, the pull is so strong she barely has a common sense to stay focused on her task, inspite her initial decision to steer clear of men and relationships in general Alec Kulls is a man she can t deny nor she wants to and he openly states the fact that he personally arranged this interview beforehand Lila is pulled into this mysterious haze even further as she gives in to the darkish pull of this mysterious tall, dark and handsome specimen And she will nerver find out the real reason everything played out the way it has It was never just an interview.One day she ll understand Until then, I know she has feelings for me And what I feel for her is real Everything else be damned. yeah, the story made me wanna find outabout Alechmmm, maybe Ms Winters can work smth with this idea wink 2 The Billionaire s Beginning by M Never A seductive, modern day Romeo and Juliet tale in business rivalry3 Doctor Dreamy by L.J Shen a forbidden steamy insta lust romance between a hawt doctor, a domineering alpha and his young secretary4 Malfeasence by K Webstera forbidden romance in a crime induced background, a older judge will do anything to protect ayounf woman of 22 from an abusive man to whose case he was involved with.5 Fifth Avenue Blues by Jade WestIt s Jade West, people Duh wink 6 Datenight by Isabella Starlinga taboo, dark fantasy turns into true love Now this story was it , i would also wish for it to be longer LOL7 Bad cop by A ZavarelliA young woman comes back to her hometown for a new start after ten years and meets the ugly eyes and prejudice from the townies, but he is there also, now being a Sheriff, when he used to be her soulmate inspite the different backgrounds in status and wealth She s trying to escape her bad relationship and he s trying to forget her, and yet that s the last thing he wants and needs to do.Ashleigh Zavarelli, proved to me that she can equally deal with a full length novel s suspense and thrill and she deals with the same in a short format I loved her novella Salacious abd this one is not ranking any lower Bravo 8 One night by K.L KriegThe title says it all LOLBut no, seriouslyit s hawt, raw and steamy as hell.Loved it ARC provided by one of the authors Ashleigh Zavarelli in exchange for an honest review 4 Stars Whoah This was one little hot Anthology that had me fanning myself Eight sexy stories that will have you panting forYes please Although I did enjoy somethan the others, this was still a great collection of some of the hottest stories I ve ever read Malfeasance K Webster This author keeps bringing her A game in everything so it s no surprise to me that she does in a short story as well A well respected sexy older judge rescuing a young woman with an abusive past I was reaching for the popcorn and wine because this was gooooooood Dr Dreamy L.J Shen OK can someone please tell what this author drinks when she s writing No one and I mean NO ONE, writes an a hole quite like Leigh does and Dr Dreamy was no exception An explosive chemistry between a prominent pediatrician and the new assistant will have you wishing that this was a longer story But Dr Mathews wasn t an easy guy at first and the things this man said will have your palms itching to smack him one minute, and have you losing your panties the nextImagine how it d feel when I titty fuck you to oblivion when I go down on you when we sixty nine in my McLaren Ever been fucked in a one point five million dollar car, Miss MartinDo you see what I mean Someone just pregnant right there, I m sure of it Infatuation Willow Winters I m really praying that that this will turn into a full novel because I was hooked from the start This was filled with a dark mystery of somethingto come and I loved every minute of it From the small town to the out of this world beliefs, Infatuation will leave you infatuated Fifth Avenue Blues Jade West I think we need to call the fire department because this was a five alarm, hot as hell, it makes no sense to even wear any panties,HOT A second chance romance with a sexy actor and an shy insecure librarian is what made this story feel different and relatable I loved it and the epilogue was PERFECT Date Night Isabela Starling I have no words for this one Hot doesn t even begin to describe the amount of fire that was going through this book so I m just gonna let this gif speak for me If you re still wondering if you should read this Anthology, then you need to have your head examined This is the perfect collection that will leave youthan satisfied with their stories. Drawn to Him truly is a collection of amazing novellas that are full of feels, angst, sex and good times I m a huge fan of anthologies but they re not all winners Sometimes you ll find exceptional stories mixed in with ones that are a bit subpar That was definitely NOT the case here Each and every story was incredible on its own and together they made for one heck of an enjoyable time Not only did I get to read some fantastic stories by several of the authors I love, but with this anthology I even discovered a new one.Although I enjoyed each story in this collection, a few of them really stood out to me Malfeasance by K Webster tells the story of a Judge stepping up to protect a woman with no defences The story lacked real substance but I enjoyed it just the same There s a significant age difference, but that just made the couple even hotter And it was easy to ignore it amidst the drama of the plot and the intense chemistry between the characters Doctor Dreamy by L.J Shen was fun and steamy, raunchy and romantic in the most unromantic of ways Savannah, who was also the narrator, cracked me up with her inner musings Add to that the hot banter and every interaction she had with the incredibly sexy Dr Matthews and I was left feeling desperate for this short story to magically turn into a full length novel Bad Cop by A Zavarellli readlike a novel than a novella and made it feel like an added bonus One Night Stand by K.L Kreig was the story of a one night stand turning into forever and told with the same eloquence this author has shown in her full length work Willow Winters, M Never and Isabella Starling also shined with their contributions Equal parts sexy and angsty, they delivered in ways that were unique to them No less amazing than what I expected What I m extremely grateful for was my first read from Jade West Her work has shown up in my newsfeed endlessly and I ve added quite a few of her books to my TBR but just haven t gotten the chance to read them I thoroughly enjoyed having this experience She is so dirty and I love it Seriously, this anthology has a story for everyone If you re a fan of romance and happily ever afters, then Drawn to Him is a must have for your collection Release DateSeptember 19, 2017 TypeAnthology 4 Stars for these eight sexy and demanding men Doctor Dreamy by L.J Shen was my favorite because good Lord was that man a dirty talker He was grumpy but that dirty talking made up for it Bad Cop by A Zavarelli was good also Ginger and Gray were hot together I m a huge fan of all Zavarelli so I knew it would be a winner You can t go wrong with any of these authors They each prove that they can pack a whole lot of sexy in just a few chapters I would have loved for each one to be longer but they were fun none the less The cover is perfect