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An inspirational story . believe me, we didn t simply read We let it drip from our tongues like honey Women swooned, spirits soared gods were created. 4.5Me gust much simo Gran libro, gran historia Es tan corto pero cu nto dice Qu tengo que sentir Qu me dej exactamente este relato No lo s Darle la espalda a todo lo que nos ense aron y sucumbir a la exasperaci n del sentimiento Vivir en pos de un sue o que todos quieren ver hecho polvo Vale la pena luchar por eso O acaso no hay salida en este mundo tan obstinado O es que, quiz , solo nos tenemos que conformar con los breves instantes de satisfacci n que nos concede la vida Esta obra hace pensar, hace que retrocedamos y retrocedamos y pensemos y pensemos en lo que hicimos y lo comparemos con lo que queremos, y despu s nos hace comparar lo que queremos con lo que realmente queremos, y luego nos dice que vayamos por ello, aunque eso cueste m s de lo que podamos ganar, porque en una sociedad as el costo siempre ser mayor Vale la pena Vale la pena arriesgarlo todo luchando por lo nico que verdaderamente se anhela Es dif cil decir algo sobre Dead Poets Society Es espectacular Es de esas obras que no se olvidan quedan guardadas en un lugar especial en el que poco polvo entra y poca memoria sale Tambi n debo decir que tiene un final que no esperaba, para nada Me dej m s preguntas que certezas Este libro es una tragedia Cabe aclarar que todav a no vi la pel cula, as que todo lo le do fue nuevo para m Les dejo el poemaOh Capit n , mi Capit n , de Walt WhitmanOh Capit n Mi Capit n Nuestro terrible viaje ha terminado,la nave ha sorteado todos los escollos, hemos obtenido el premio que anhel bamos,el puerto est cerca, oigo las campanas, la gente toda jubilosa,mientras sus miradas siguen la firme quilla, el nav o imponente y osado Mas, oh, coraz n Coraz n Coraz n Oh, las sangrantes gotas carmes sobre el puente, donde mi Capit n yace,ca do, fr o y muerto Oh, Capit n Mi Capit n Lev ntate y escucha las campanas Lev ntate, por ti se ha derribado la bandera, por ti suena el clar n,por ti los ramilletes y coronas con cintas, por ti las rebosantes riberasa ti te llaman las oscilantes muchedumbres volviendo sus anhelantes rostros Vamos, Capit n, querido padre El brazo bajo tu cabeza Tan solo es un sue o que sobre el puente,hayas ca do, fr o y muerto.Mi Capit n no contesta, sus labios est n p lidos e inm viles,mi padre no siente mi brazo, no tiene pulso ni voluntad,el nav o est anclado sano y salvo, su viaje cerrado y terminado.del terrible viaje el nav o victorioso regresa con su objetivo cumplido Regocijaos riberas, y ta ed campanas que yo, con afligidos pasos,recorro el puente donde mi Capit n yace,ca do, fr o y muerto. Dead Poets Society is an inspirational, powerful, soul encompassing tale of a group of teenage boys who learn to go off the beaten track by one influential teacher At Welton Academy, Mr Keating unusual teachings help guide a group of boys to search within themselves, and find the strength to be who they want to be Wow, just wow This book is based off the movie, which I never thought possible I haven t watched the movie in some time, but I never had the same feeling as I do now I think they are practically the same, and I guess I missed the message of the movie, or I was just too young to understand I have no idea when I watched this movie last, but I needed this bookthan ever There were many, many great messages in this book The messages, and ideas were not only outstanding for teenagers, but for adults, too The one that sticks out to me is do you follow the masses, or are you the individual When I asked myself this, I am quite confident that I was taught to follow the masses I am a sheep I grew up in a military home, where everything was structure and controlled I knew from a young age of the importance of school, and being accomplished I had to study, study, study, but did I really think Did I have a sense of self Do I have an identity No I knew I had to do better than my parents, and to do that was to get a well to do job I do not blame my parents for my brain washing, because it gave me my hard working background All these years I wish I knew me, instead of what I thought was right Now, I can sit and ponder all the lessons I learned Another idea popped in my head while reading Am I turning my two year old daughter into a sheep Am I allowing her to experience life at its fullest, when I teach her numbers, letters, and words Am I allowing her to be creative I will have to ponder about my methods, and ask if I am making the right choices I want her to think, and understand lessons I do not want her to be a drone, and just learn facts, like I was taught too I do recommend this book, or just watch the movie The book really makes you think about life in general.A lot of poetry was in the book, so for some added flavor I will share my favorite poem Solitude Ella Wheller Wilcox Laugh, and the world laughs with you Weep, and you weep alone For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth,But has trouble enough of its own.Sing, and the hills will answer Sigh, it is lost on the air The echoes bound to a joyful sound,But shrink from voicing care.Rejoice, and men will seek you Grieve, and they turn and go They want full measure of all your pleasure,But they do not need your woe.Be glad, and your friends are many Be sad, and you lose them all,There are none to decline your nectared wine,But alone you must drink life s gall.Feast, and your halls are crowded Fast, and the world goes by.Succeed and give, and it helps you live,But no man can help you die.There is room in the halls of pleasureFor a large and lordly train,But one by one we must all file onThrough the narrow aisles of pain.Source I was younger I was mesmerized by the lines, and how it flowed It was honey to my lips I feel it is true I think I will read somepoetry soon I am planning to study for the GRE, and now I am thinking should I Do I want to do that What would make me happy What did I always want to do I know, I wanted to write I may not do well at it, but I shall try Carpe Diem, or seize the day Read my blog here www.dancingbetweenthecovers.com Happy reading. . . I started to read this book and couldn t get past the first chapter unfortunately, like other, books written after the movie was made, it falls short of literary sparkle I love the movie though, and for me it will always be a reminder My husband, son, and daughter were in a stage version of this play for opening night My husband died that night This is a poem I wrote about the juxtaposition of the two In Fifty five Words Father and son, Playing father and son On stage, the dialogue Between the character Neil and his father was electric Excellent casting decision It was just like watching themAt home.Teenage angst, Overbearing father In a way, Disturbing In the end, on stage, the son committed suicide At home, that night, My husband Died PS It is now nine years later, and while in many ways it has gotten easier, the two will be forever entwined In remembrance, every year on the anniversary of Kelly s death, I watch Dead Poets Society it feel fitting somehow. &DOWNLOAD ⇯ Dead Poets Society ★ Todd Anderson And His Friends At Welton Academy Can Hardly Believe How Different Life Is Since Their New English Professor, The Flamboyant John Keating, Has Challenged Them To Make Your Lives Extraordinary Inspired By Keating, The Boys Resurrect The Dead Poets Society A Secret Club Where, Free From The Constraints And Expectations Of School And Parents, They Let Their Passions Run Wild As Keating Turns The Boys On To The Great Words Of Byron, Shelley, And Keats, They Discover Not Only The Beauty Of Language, But The Importance Of Making Each Moment CountBut The Dead Poets Pledges Soon Realize That Their Newfound Freedom Can Have Tragic Consequences Can The Club And The Individuality It Inspires Survive The Pressure From Authorities Determined To Destroy Their Dreams Me intern en los bosques porque quer a vivir intensamente quer a sacarle el jugo a la vida Desterrar todo lo que no fuese vida, para as , no descubrir en el instante de mi muerte que no hab a vivido .