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[[ Read Kindle ]] ⚶ Darkness (The Wasteland Chronicles, #5) õ The Vegas Exodus Is At A Standstill Besieged By The Xenoswarm In The Town Pyrite, They Must Shelter In Either Bunker Or Bunker If They Are To Survive The WinterBut In Bunker Lurks A Darkness That Could End The Exodus And It May Also Be That The Denizens Of Bunker , Known As The Community, Are Not As Isolated From The Events Of The Wasteland As It First AppearsThe Community S Leader, Elias, Has His Own Plans For The Future Of The Wasteland And Those Plans Will Change Everything Good readI flew thru this 6th book of the series, and like the ones prior to it, I was entertained by it Was a bit redundant though, and the grammar was a tad bit sloppy I will read the 7th and final book with much anticipation. The Wasteland Chronicles Book 5 4.5 stars In Darkness, book 5, the survivors are moving west, looking for shelter for their ever growing forces They are trying to find a bunker that meet their needs and one that s hopefully not taken over by the Xenovirus They were dealt a couple blows in this one but they also dealt a few too I m ready for the final battle to get here to see how it all goes down. Thus far, I think that Darkness has been the best book of the series I was amazed at how the story unfolded, with enough twist and turns to be a roller coaster ride After the previous book in the series, I wasn t so sure if I wanted to continue the series or not, but I am definitely glad that I did because this book kept the story alive for me I plowed through it in less than 24 hours Great read This is the fifth book in the Wasteland Chronicles series The title of this series is very deceiving, because very few of the adventures are actually spent wondering the actual wasteland Or dealing with the Fallout from the meteor impact Some of the elements like dealing with extreme cold is very detailed and handled well within the book Especially in this volume Overall I find that dragon taming and space exploration has taken away from my preconceived notion that I was jumping into a series that dealt with the hardships of a post apocalyptic wasteland.My favorite character in the book, a former bandit named Grudge is featured in this volume Though we don t see a lot of him because the main characters outshine him, he is a welcome breath of fresh air A lot of the main characters especially the evil ones seem like they have lost their way or evolved way too fast off camera I feel like the author is trying to convince me that some of the evil ones are reformed, especially Augustus the emperor and Char leader of the raiders who were former slavers and murders of thousands of men, women, and children I get the concept that these evil men need to team up with the heroes against a bigger threat However I think it could of been executed a lot better, because most of the time the tension isn t there Or at least I don t feel like the hero is ever in threat of being betrayed by Char Perhaps this is because since the first book in the series, the main character Alex always gets his way far too easily I rarely feel like he has ever earned his success or new allies in the series Perhaps the only character development interesting enough was Makara stepping into the New Angels, but even that felt rushed and underdeveloped Despite all of these remaining issues with the series, I still found this to be the best book in the series Would I still recommend this book to fans of mature Post Apocalyptic fiction Well no I recommend Blood Crazy instead However those who enjoy science fiction or Young Adult might be able to overlook the flaws that I have pointed out It seems like the author of the series was inspired by video games, Anime, and comic books Which isn t a bad thing because I love all of those things too I just think the entire series needs a lot of fine tuning and polishing left to go I give the decline of this series a much respected three and a half stars out of five.