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This is my favourite play It s great A bit twisted Shanley, the guy who brought us the script of Moonstruck and Doubt, has written a zillion plays, mostly about tough working class Irish and Italian New Yorkers This is my favorite play of his, about two violent, terrified people, a man and a woman, who meet one night at a bar, go home together, and wind up pretending to be married I fell in love with these two Rarely have I watched a story unfold while wishing so hard for love and human connection to heal all bad things past, all the while knowing that it just won t Great play. DOWNLOAD EBOOK ⚓ Danny and the Deep Blue Sea ⚆ The Setting Is A Rundown Bar In The Bronx, Where Two Of Society S Rejects, Danny And Roberta, Strike Up A Halting Conversation Over Their Beer He Is A Brooding, Self Loathing Young Man Who Resorts To Violence Than Reason She Is A Divorced, Guilt Ridden Young Woman Whose Troubled Teenage Son Is Now Being Cared For By Her Parents Danny, Whose Fellow Truck Drivers Call Him The Animal, Seems Incapable Of Tender Emotion, While Roberta, Who Is Still Haunted By The Memory Of An Ugly Sexual Incident Involving Her Father, Is Distrustful Of Men In General And Yet, As Their Initial Reserve Begins To Melt, And They Decide To Spend The Night Together, The Possibility Of A Genuine And Meaningful Relationship Begins To Emerge The First For Both Of Them In The End There Are No Facile, Easy Answers, But Thanks To The Playwright S Skill And Compassion, Both Characters Are Able To Probe Within Themselves To Find An Exorcism And Forgiveness That, While Painfully Achieved, Offers The Hope Of A Future Touched, At Last, With Than The Bitterness And Loneliness That Had Been Their Lot Before Their Fateful Meeting Danny and the Deep Blue Sea stands as a startling example of what John Patrick Shanley can accomplish with only a sparse setting and a couple of completely inarticulate individuals Well, I shouldn t say inarticulate they are articulate about the pain they ve experienced in life, and they know how to pass it along to others Whether or not they will give up their anguish and lean on each other is a major question of the play.Shanley works magic with this man and woman, because he allows them to reach out to one another, and in doing so, to create a world of their own choosing where a lamp becomes a moon and the orb allows them to let go of the things that pull on them and be kind to another person Sure, the major changes both characters undergo would probably never happen anywhere but in a John Patrick Shanley play, but those shifts worked for me because he opens the play with a basic premise these two people are hurting and need somebody Maybe what they really need to get better is the person sitting next to them. The writing is very interesting and the characters are both wounded and looking for love and acceptance in the harsh world that they live in.I had to read this for class, but really enjoyed the characters than I thought I would. A beautiful story of two individuals, who are incapable of finding words to describe the whirlwind of hate, love and hope on the inside that spins them nauseous and threatens to destroy them As they try desperately to find one last chance at connection, their darkest secrets and brightest dreams are revealed It s up to the reader audience to determine for themselves if it is too late for these hapless dreamers.It s beautifully barbaric and seductive One of my dream plays. John Patrick Shanley has a rare gift that gift being that he can take the hideous and show you its beauty, he can take the dark and show its light If you think I m being too romantic, or dramatic about the whole thing go read this play and find out for yourself. This play was an absolutely spiritual experience Perhaps it just found me at the right moment in my life to be receptive to it, but I have never felt like something could be so honest and raw.I started quoting lines in my own life It just made sense. Shanely sets us up with two monsters They are truly hideous peopleyet ten pages in, you ll love them You ll love them not because they re charming, rougish, or magnetic they re none of these but because they are so human it hurts. The play seemed a bit aimless but it worked.