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Daisy Dooley is a little too new age for me It was a good story line, but I can only stomach so much self help books I didn t like the way it ended either It kind of leaves you hanging, wondering if there will be a sequel It wasn t awful, but I ve read better. ,. READ EPUB ☪ Daisy Dooley Does Divorce ♾ For Daisy Dooley, The Only Thing Worse Than Being And Single Is Being And Divorced A Self Professed Self Help Addict, Daisy Leaves The Marriage She Thought Would Forever Rescue Her From The Angst Of Will He Or Won T He Call, Coping With Painful Setups From Well Meaning Friends, And Lonely Saturday Nights, Only To Return To The Painful And Painfully Funny World Of Dating Supported By Her Two Best Friends, One Commitment Phobic Single Serial Dater And One Picture Perfect Happy Wife And Mother Of Two Whose Marriage Sets The Standard In Happy Marriages At Least From The Outside Daisy Must Find Her Way Back Through The Awkward Mating Rituals That Accompany Relationships With The Post Divorcee Rebound Man, And The Passionate Tweny Something Eager To Date A Mature Woman, And Battle The Longing To Be With The One True Love Who Eluded Her Years BeforeIn The End, Daisy Dooley Does Date Who She Deserves, And Delivers A Lot Of Laughs And Lessons Along The Way 10 40 . More serious than anticipated The title does not do this book justice It s a serious read with some craziness sprinkled in for laughs It s not a bad read, even if you are an American lit reader British humor is sometimes hard to understand, but this novel wasn t that way The story line is plausible and one that many can relate to, however, the main character does come across very selfish and at times a little unreasonable In all a decent weekend by the pool kinda read. It was better than I originally thought Daisy does seem a bit consumed with herself and her failed marriage that she chose to walk away from It seems that she is was on this journey to discovering herself and growing up But, she keeps making the same stupid mistakes and refuses to take her own advice or the help of her self help books All and all though, I enjoyed it The characters did get a little confusing at times There were many and not well developed, which helped with the confusion Oh, and I found the chapters to be a bit too long and drawn out Anna Pasternak writes a lively and fun read Easy to pick up and put down and yet I found myself wanting to know what the ending would be, so read quite large chunks at a time I m sure that many a divorcee will find that they resonate with the main character s dilemma of risking entering further relationships All the characters add an extra pinch of spice Too many men to keep track of, and none of them had believable personas Daisy, in spite of ALL kinds of machinations to convince us that she is a decent human, is just a home wrecking selfish woman The people in this story were not complex, they were simply self absorbed and reprehensible humans with no redeeming qualities I read the whole thing and I wish I hadn t wasted my time. This was such a looooong story I kept reading, convinced it would get better It didn t. Couldn t keep my attention