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Buddy read with Eilonwy , Evgeny , Asya and Monty Cupcake3 SOLID STARS A good compilation of short stories narrated from Curran s POV, set in chronological order from Magic Bites book 1 to Magic Bleeds book 4 including You can get this for free here s obligatory to say that if you haven t read the first four books in the series it s better to do it before reading this collection Expect mild spoilers ahead.The quality of the writing varies but I felt it a bit weaker compared to the main books For a short story to get 5 stars from me, it has to be pretty much exceptional So basically 4 stars for a short story is like 5 stars for a normal size book and so on The first three scenes in this set present almost nothing new with the exception of being in Curran s head instead of Kate sIn my head we always have these clear coherent exchanges, but once we meet, what comes out is Kate, do what I say or I ll kill you Her default reply is Fuck you and we go downhill from there This quote pretty much sums them up The rest of the stories, however, give us fresh, new perspective, scenes not witnessed by Kate and hence completely unknown to us so far All in all it was interesting and entertaining to be in Curran s headMagic Bites UNICORN LANEIt was nice to see Kate for the very first time through Curran s eyes and feel her through his lion senses No insta love, thank goodness Nothing special, on the other hand But it s always worth it and very funny to read the famous Here, kitty, kitty, kitty line again 3 starsFERNANDO SI loved the joke with the bowl of milk Also, there are several good hints about how Curran would treat a woman and what he wants from a true relationship I liked the dynamic between Kate and Curran but again nothing special 3 starsMagic Burns SOUPThis is the moment when Curran begins to realize he cares for Kate like a lot And the emblematic feeding of soup follows Also, we see that panties with the silky bow for the first time Precious 3.5 starsMagic Strikes MIDNIGHT GAMESCurran is manipulated to jump right into a loup cage How great Before this we see his thoughts about some of his most trusted people and what could possibly cause them to do what they did A negotiation with Julie follows This girl is fabulous I love her part in this We get to see Curran roaring his King Lion ROAR but at the same time tempering his aggressive demeanor as per the situation demands 3 starsHOT TUBThe title speaks for itself My most favorite erotic scene in the series with the only difference it s told from Curran s POV We do, however, get the depth of his passion which is good 3.5 stars half a star is added for the smexy taste and the determined decision at the end Between Magic Strikes Magic BleedsKATE S ORIGINThey called her pequena assassina the little killer and still remember her This one is set after the events of Magic Strikes and one week before the events of Magic Bleeds Jim comes to Curran with some information he s gathered about Kate s origin Information which is important for Curran s decision to court Kate Nevertheless, the decision is made already Feels a bit info dumpish at times but has some interesting snippets about Roland and Voron and most importantly information which is totally new and refreshing.3 starsNAKED DINNERWhy the hell Curran didn t show The 1 million dollar question This is the biggest short story in the collection and consists of two parts The first part includes Pack politicking and we get to see Curran dealing with one of his alphas Tricky In the second part we get murder and some great action sequences showing how the Pack works when it comes to handling murder and legal maters Explanation received 3.5 starsMagic Bleeds CONCLAVESaiman, Saiman, what were you thinking Prepare to see the Lion King really ticked off The alpha maleness is a bit too much but HEY, he is the BEAST Lord It s in his characteristics And being in his head in this particular scene is quite entertaining 3 starsAWAKEProbably my favorite Includes the last few paragraphs of Magic Bleeds and a very powerful and completely new scene which showcases why Curran is the Beast Lord and how powerful he truly is A perfect ending to this collection as it completes the arc for Curran in terms of his love.4 stars 3.5 starsI m having a hard time reviewing this book please don t throw tomatoes at me for what you re about to read 1 The book is good Was it needed When I first started to read KD series, this book wasn t released I think I first read it after I had finished the first 7 books So you can understand my hesitation in accepting Curran s thoughts as they are presented in this collection Those who have read the 8 books can understand that there is a dissimilarity between Curran s behavior in Kate s POV and his own POV I cannot really accept everything in this book as it appears I think the book was written so that we could understand what was happening in Curran s head when he was being a jerk to Kate I think the author s wrote it to fix their mistake in Curran s personality and behavior Me I think it was unnecessary I would prefer to continue not liking him 2 HughI still think Hugh was the best choice for Kate He was amazing I hated Curran so much in book 6 but I ll review that in its own time and spaceDear Hugh If Kate doesn t want you, I ll take you anytime Love, J D 3 Do I like Curran after this book I don t know Maybe a little He knows that Kate is the best choice for him She has power, I think she s powerful than him He says he loves her and he thinks that, too So, who am I to question that Kate loves him and that s enough I ll never love him, but he s not mine to love D So the only thing I can do is shut my mouth. READ EPUB ♡ Curran POV Collection ☫ Collection Of Curran POVs In Chronological OrderUNICORN LANE Magic Bites FERNANDO S Magic Bites SOUP Magic Burns MIDNIGHT GAMES Magic Strikes HOT TUB Magic Strikes KATE S ORIGIN Also Referred To As Kate S Daddy Between Magic Strikes Magic Bleeds NAKED DINNER Parts Between Magic Strikes And Magic Bleeds CONCLAVE Magic Bleeds AWAKE Fathers And Sons End Of Magic Bleeds Buddy read with Armina, Eilonwy, Asya, and Monty Cupcake.This is a collection of scenes from the main Kate Daniels series told from can you guess it Curran POV It is also freely available from the authors web page In the first half of the book the scenes are amusing, but not groundbreaking as people who read Kate Daniels books from the first to the forth already know what happened The only thing I learned from it that my suspicion about Curran being full of it was correct The guy is the King of the Jungle, or the Pack s Leader in this case, so this attitude comes with the job description.The second half of the book is much better as it shows the scenes not witnessed by Kate and thus unknown to readers, most notably the explanation of Curran s injuries which prevented his from going to a date with Kate in book 4 There are other interesting stories in here, but I am afraid I will give spoilers if I say that they are about.As I said before, the quality ranges from amusing, but unnecessary to interesting and filling blanks left in the main plot line It is also fast and short read my copy has only 88 pages The final rating is not surprisingly 3 stars This review is a copy paste of my BookLikes one I really enjoyed reading Curran s POV during certain scenes in the Kate Daniels series of urban fantasy My only complaint is I d like to see And now I know why my readers are always bugging for Valek I just ADORE Curran These short stories from his point of view give a great insight in his complex character.UNICORN LANE Magic Bites Curran meets Kate for first time at Unicorn Lane and he is very pleased with what he sees and with what he smells Come to me, mouse, don t be scared.FERNANDO S Magic Bites Curran and Kate go to the very posh restaurant Fernando s with different dates.It is interesting to see how much Kate s presence affects Curran He is taken with her from the beginning.SOUP Magic Burns I set the soup in front of her with a spoon Thanks She actually thanked me This was going well I had half expected her to throw the soup at me Kate grabbed the spoon and went at it That s right, eat it Did you get the surveys They were On the dresser Shut up and eat your soup Curran feeds Kate and as a shifter, his intentions towards Kate are clear.Kate will need some time to catch up and realise what this soup meant LOLMIDNIGHT GAMES Magic Strikes Curran is trapped in a loup cage by Kate Kate is probably the only one who is not scared of him.The only person who can free him is Julie and he needs to convice herJulie, I give you my word, I will do everything in my power to help our friends and punish our enemies HOT TUB Magic Strikes Five goddamn minutes They wouldn t let me have five goddamn minutes to myself.I wonder how Curran managed not to kill Derek after he interrupted him and Kate at the hot tub.KATE S ORIGIN also referred to as Kate s Daddy Between Magic Strikes Magic Bleeds Curran learns about Kate s daddy and about her terrible childhood Kate was never allowed to be a child.NAKED DINNER Between Magic Strikes and Magic Bleeds Kate was waiting Curran for dinner She is so excited and overwhelmed.What happened Curran never appeared.Kate was heartbrokenShe couldn t forgive Curran.I couldn t forgive Curran.So, let s rewind.What happened to Curran Why did he let Kate waiting although this was his big chance to show to her how much he cared This is a short story that provides an insight to the big bad Alpha s day Life is not easy for Curran He needed to attend meetings, reach decisions, investigate crimes, be the jury and the judge, punish and try not to drop unconscious before his important date with the woman of his life.Well, he managed to do everything except not being unconsciousand going to his date.CONCLAVE Magic Bleeds Kate goes on a date with Saiman.Curran almost kills Saiman.Saiman will never know how lucky he was.Very very short trip inside Curran s head.AWAKE Fathers and Sons End of Magic Bleeds Amazing fight between the bear and the lion, the father and the adoptive son, the Alpha of the bear clan and the ultimate Alpha who demands respect and acceptance for his mate. 3.5 Marry me Curran nuff said. 3.5 stars, rounding up because this collection of scenes from the first four KATE DANIELS books is a Kindle freebie, made available out of the goodness of the authors hearts Download it here at the author s website.This collection of nine different retold and new scenes from Curran s point of view is a must for serious fans of the KATE DANIELS series It includes Kate and Curran s first meeting Unicorn Lane , Curran feeding Kate soup, knowing she isn t aware of the significance of feeding in shapeshifter culture Soup , the famous hot tub scene from Magic Strikes Hot Tub and My favorites were a couple of new scenes at the end of this collection, Conclave where we get to see Curran chew out the alpha shapeshifters and Awake Fathers and Sons where Curran and his father figure, Mahon the bear shapeshifter, settle their differences in a rather alarming way.Be warned that you should read the at least the first four books in this series first, because spoiler city here Plus the scenes won t make much sense anyway if you re not familiar with the series.It s great fun, even if they re not complete stories in and of themselves And some of these outtakes that fight with Mahon will really stick with me.Rowr This collection is available for FREE here Because the Most Wondrous Authorlords MWA are awesome like that The Grand IAA KD Buddy Rerererereread Extravaganza GIAAKDBRE , aka the yellow brick road to Magic Triumphs January 22, 2018 Uh oh, looks like someone is AwakeI took a deep breath, opened the door, and roared at my subjects as if I had every intent of ending their lives in the next several seconds The sudden silence was deafening Oh yes, Daddy s home and he ain t happy Thus begins the Most Glorious Chewing Out in the History of Most Glorious Chewing Outs MGCOitHoMGCO And it s, um, you know, slightly glorious and stuff Take that, you ungrateful bastards Beautiful Just beautiful January 21, 2018 Ah, Conclave nights at Bernard s Fun times, never a dull moment and all that Especially when Saiman the slimy cocksucker is in attendance With one s favourite ass kicker as his dateOne slightly pissed off kitty cat, coming right up December 27, 2017 Things NOT to do before a big panty partyNaked Dinner Have a Roaring Not Allowed Chat RNAC with Aunt B and her Little Peacock Frolick with dead bears in the woods Deal with a lying piece of panther shit Get slightly squished by two Super Cuddly Care Bears SCCB Get kidnapped by Doolittle December 26, 2017 Kate s Origin , or when you learn your favorite ass kicker s family story is like King Arthur, but Lancelot is a butcher and Guinevere is knocked up, but you don t give a fish about it because December 16, 2017 HOT TUB.Need I say Didn t think so.P.S Dead hands suck So does Derek Sometimes When he interrupts, um, cleaning sessions and stuff December 15, 2017 Ah, the bloody shrimpin Midnight Games Ah, to have His bloody shrimpin Fussiness manacled locked up in my basement a loup cage Le bliss Being the clairvoyant little shrimp that I am, I have asked Bea s little peacock to give me one of his handmade paper fans in the likeliness eventually of such an orgasmic a momentous event happening Wouldn t want to faint at the, um, crucial moment and stuff.P.S No, my exoskeleton never feels tingly all over whenever His Furry Majesty mentions little human kittens Absolutely not Who do you take me for A gushing, mushy, sentimental, emotional fangirl or something Please don t be ridiculous, my Little Barnacles November 30, 2017 Soup Time Ah, to be fed a hearty broth by a somewhat bossy, moderately irritating kitty who has no respect for your toothpick, revels in telling you you look like shit, calls you an idiot, and has a thing for panty parades especially when they involve silky bows Le Bliss November 21, 2017 Just reread His Aggravating Furriness take on the now infamous events that took place in Unicorn Lane and at Fernando s My conclusion is Your Exasperating Fussiness, you are such an ass, someone should give you a medal or something I mean, it s not that I don t like you and stuff, but you really were an arrogant bastard when we first met Kate first met you Good thing I Kate happened and saved you from your stupidly foolish, pretentiously smug ways I know, it s kind of hard to take I mean, you re the Awe Inspiring Lord of the Fluffies Furries AILotFF , and accustomed to people kissing your ass than figuratively kicking it and stuff But worry not, kitty kitty kitty Your pride took a several hits, but I guarantee you ll get used to it pretty fast and will be begging for in less time than it takes to say rawwwrrrr you ll survive There there, pussy cat, it s going to be alright Original review I don t usually enjoy reading freebies offered by authors as complements to a series They are usually cute but little else and seldom offer interesting insight on the series as a whole This collection however is very different I found out about it after reading the first six instalments in the series and thought this would be a great way to figure out what was really going on in Curran s head I sometimes have a hard time understanding his actions and have had doubts about his feelings towards Kate I love this collection because we finally get a chance to get into Curran s head Things are much clearer now thank you very much I actually find myself liking him a lot than I used to Not that I disliked him before but I tended to find him really annoying and didn t know what to make of him as a character Now that I understand him better mostly I am reassured about the way he feels about Kate his furry Highness is slowly but surely growing on me.Favourite scenes Fernando sHot tubKate s originNaked dinnerAwakeThis collection is definitely a must read for Kate Daniels fans It adds depth and substance to the series and gives it a whole new perspective. FIRST, you should know that you can get this POV collection for FREE here you should know that if you re reading this, I m assuming that you ve read the books, b c this is an EXTRA Normal rules of nothing after the first 10% of the book don t apply, so there may be spoilers I m not deliberately including them, but I am talking frankly about the situations, so be warned Unicorn LaneEver wonder what was going on in Curran s head when Kate crouched down and said, Here kitty, kitty, kitty, when they first met Here you go.Fernando sThis one let s you inside Curran s head while Kate is on her date with Crest Among the highlights is Curran referring to Crest as a, fancy lad There are others SoupAnd who could forget the notorious feeding of soup NOT ME Not only is it fantastic to know what Curran is thinking when he tricks Kate into accepting his suit, but you get to see his distress over the state of her health that put her in a position to be fed soup in the first place Maybe my favorite of the POVs.Midnight GamesThis one covers everything that happened from the time that Kate tricked Curran into the loup cage and Julie letting him out Curran calls Julie something that is ridiculously cute, but I m not going to ruin it for you by telling you what it is HOT TUBIf you don t know what that means, go away until you do.This is one of the most univesally loved scenes in the entire Kate Daniels universe As hot as it is from Kate s POV in Magic Strikes, in my opinion, it s even hotter from Curran s.Kate s OriginThis one is a little bit different, b c it takes place in between books Magic Strikes and Magic Bleeds Jim comes to Curran about a week before the naked dinner with some information he s gathered about Kate NAKED DINNERAgain, if you don t know what that means, go away until you This is the most recent of the Curran POVs, and while it s not my favorite which isn t really saying much, b c I LOVE every, single one of them to varying degrees , we ALL want to know why he didn t show What could have possibly happened to prevent him from getting to Kate s on that auspicious evening Predictably, this is by far the longest POV It s of a real short story than a POV extra, but that is not a bad thing GOOD thing.ConclaveThis is what went on in Curran s head when he showed up for the Pack People etc meeting at Bernard s, and saw Kate there with Saiman HIGHLY entertaining.AwakeThe best part about this one is that the book ends this scene after Curran demands that the other alphas explain themselves, but here it keeps going, and you get to hear the attempts at explanations If you hate Jennifer as much as I do, you will glory in her set down by Curran There may also be a SHOW DOWN between Curran and a certain resistant to change bear My other reviews for this series A Questionable Client Kate Daniels, 0.5 Magic Bites Kate Daniels, 1 Magic Burns Kate Daniels, 2 Magic Strikes Kate Daniels, 3 Magic Mourns Kate Daniels, 3.5 Magic Bleeds Kate Daniels, 4 Magic Dreams Kate Daniels, 4.5 Magic Slays Kate Daniels, 5 Magic Tests Kate Daniels, 5.3 Magic Gifts Kate Daniels, 5.4 Gunmetal Magic Kate Daniels, 5.5 Retribution Clause Kate Daniels, 5.6 An Ill Advised Rescue Kate Daniels, 5.8 Magic Rises Kate Daniels, 6 Magic Steals Kate Daniels, 6.5 Magic Breaks Kate Daniels, 7 Magic Shifts Kate Daniels, 8 Magic Stars Kate Daniels, 8.5, Grey Wolf, 1 Magic Binds Kate Daniels, 9 Iron and Magic Kate Daniels, 9.5 Magic Triumphs Kate Daniels, 10