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No matter what genre you prefer you ll enjoy reading Cross Roads by C Michaels Early on you are introduced to inhabitants and visitors of Wind River, Idaho While the author leads us down murky paths of betrayal, lust and greed, we are introduced to some unforgettable characters Fly fishing is woven throughout the book and provides a beautiful backdrop for this Romantic Mystery This is an exciting read as you root for the hero and boo the bad guys You ll be guessing who done it right to the end Free Epub ♺ Cross Roads ♙ Benjamin Cross Is Forced Into A Journey From An Old To New Life When He Loses His Prestigious Job He Goes Into Hiding At His Favorite Town In Wind River, Idaho, And Plans To Spend A Few Months Fishing Before Looking For His Next Job But Upon His Arrival, He Finds His Longtime Friends Have Fallen Vulnerable To The Foreclosure Of Their Bar He Vows To Help Them Fight A Powerful And Unethical Newcomer, Mr Templeton, Not Realizing That Their Struggles Must Overcome Murder, Cheating, And Figuring Out Who They Can Trust Trust Even Amongst Themselves Ben Is Forced Down A Road Through Seemingly Unrelated Events Of Fate, Natural And Supernatural Happenings, All Of Which Result In A Composite Of The Man Of Confidence And Skill, And His New Found Ability To Love This Change That Overpowers Him Begins When He Lands In Wind River Benjamin Cross is a school Superintendent in Seattle who has put up a new curriculum to the board with expectations that it would pass, but he shot down after the plan is bad mouthed by one of the members, and shortly thereafter he is fired After a period of feeling sorry for himself, he heads for Wind River where he had for years taken fishing vacations What follows is a story of loves, betrayal, underhanded dealings and a mysterious old man called Mike who claims he is an Angel and who is looking after Ben Ben s stay at the Stick, a bar hotel run by old friends becomes muchinvolved as the owner of a nearby big hotel is trying to get hold of the land that Sticks occupies and has no scruples as to how he goes about it A readable tale and I may look for the next one to see what happens to the principal chatcters. long but over all a good book rambles on a little I found this story so difficult to get into, even after trying three different times The characters did nothing for me and I felt the writing was too plain, flat, dry, take your pick.I m not one to leave a book unfinished and managed to make it nearly to 30% before deciding it wasn t worth my reading time. BAD Do you love fly fishing This book has a beautiful backdrop of the outdoors and flyfishing and rivers You can almost feel that part of it On the other hand, do you like characters who change at the drop of a hat or the turn of a page I didn t either but for the sake of plot twists, people who are characterized as good friends for years become complete schmucks and worse when nothing else is happening.One can understand, for example, how a young woman might be flighty and prone to mood changes However, the transition from whiny spoiled brat to manipulative witch in the period of a day was a bit of a stretch When the character of the angel appeared, I just wanted to see how all the characters would come out in the wash I kept asking myself why the early story of Ben being a school superintendent was even necessary Ultimately I didn t believe that the whole whirlwind wasn t a kind of soap opera It was dramatic, but not believable Still this was an excellent escapist read that kept me turning the pages It kind of makes me sad to think that Ben wouldn t have become that sterling progressive superintendent of schools that he seemed to be, but everything turns out fine.