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Audible 3,5 stars.I enjoyed this audio book, but maybe not much enough to keep on listening to it without long pauses in between I don t blame the narrator Dax Fischer did a good job, it was just too much of a ridiculous mystery for my spoiled taste Probably it is a reason why I lost the connection to the MCs somewhere in the middle of the story Still I ll recommend to read it to all fans of MM suspense romance with a main focus on the relationship between two very different but pretty hot guys Don t expect a well done mystery here, but who read Cut Run series because of a mystery part Extra 0,5 star bonus for Dax Fisher s narrating skills. 5 STARSThat is by far the most intense undercover cop novel I ve read, actually it s almost on par with Hostile Ground by L.A Witt Continental Divide leftup to your imagination putting your bloody nerves and anxiety levels through the roof It was very well written with incredible MC s and the storyline and writing just flowed in directions that kept me on the edge of my seat. This book was just what I was looking for M M,than a novella or short story, engaging characters, hot sex, crime, and something to make me emotionally invested and involved.I know this is a co write between Lisa Worrall and Laura Harner and, I must say, it was seamless I have read Lisa Worrall before and I truly enjoy her writing style and I loved Continental Divide.The two MC s are hot independently and smoking together Their combined chemistry had my Kindle melting This, for me, is a big plus.James Jamie Mainwaring is an Earl, 87th in line to the throne, and while he enjoys the finer things in life, like plush hotels and fine dining, he is not a snob Much to his mother s chagrin, he is a police officer, and gay, who has worked his way up to Inspector He now has several baffling case files on young boys that have completely disappeared in London Jamie is a fabulous character sexy, worldy, comfortable with who he is, kind, communicative and professional Detective Remington is from Arizona you don t actually know whether Remington is his first or last name for some time thoughout the book Jamie comes up with some.inventive names for him throughout Remy has been investigating the disappearance of local boys in and around Phoenix He believes police or other officials may be involved and does not like, what he perceives as, the uncaring or incompetent behaviour of his peers superiors Remy does a check on the internet, bypassing his captain, to look into other similar cases on a global scale, thus attracting the attention of Interpol Remy is gruff, painfully uncommunicative, sexy, has baggage and is slow to let people in but is loyal once they are Needless to say Detective Remington and Inspector Mainwaring are thrown together to investigate the missing boys It seems there arethan those in their respective jurisdictions and they have been recruited to investigate further, as partners I felt for Jamie when he had to develop a cover to join Interpol s human trafficking team In effect it isolates him from his mother because of his scandalous public, gay, behaviour to make his, soon to be, undercover persona believable Remy also has his own private demons to fight that the case digs up.I liked the humour in this book, it was subtle, just right for the style subject matter of the book I liked the British isms and the American isms They were appropriate for who was speaking, where they were and who they were with at the time The fact that Jamie is an Earl gives him access to things that others could only dream of when required for the investigation, that was pitch perfect for the plot I liked the subject matter, young boys disappearing, patterns emerging of disenfranchised youths whom no one cared about, just gone The fact that the characters took the investigation seriously, that it wasn t just a vague plot to throw a lot of romance and sex around, was well done Also, sadly, that human trafficking is a timely topic making the novel feel real and contemporary I liked the psychologically appropriate misunderstandings between the MC s, primarily because of Remy and his secretive past Plus, a few little jealousies came to the fore by way of both characters deepening feelings for one another I had no problems with knowing, approximately half way through, who was involved in the disappearances It was interesting watching how Jamie and Remy went about the case, whilst enjoying their burgeoning relationship and trying to get a handle on the enigmatic Remy Plus, it was hot being a voyeur to Jamie and Remy s sexual interplay There were really interesting secondary characters galore, Miggy comes to mind first and foremost and let s not forget quirky little Yardly.I know some readers get peeved when there is no HEA SO..please beware this book does not end in a HEA, nor in a HFN Not everything is left in limbo though The case wraps up, the characters debrief and Jamie and Remy, sadly but necessarily, go their separate ways Personally, I liked the way it ended it fit the book Remy has a backstory that was, I m gathering, purposely not fleshed out in this book and, I m assuming, will continue into the next one I hope so, because I will be righteously pissed if there is not a continuation of these wonderful characters I want, nay must knowDoes Jamie sort out his family upheaval Who is Remy talking to What happens with Miggy and his case For God s sakedo my men get their HEA I very much recommend reading Continental Divide, it is well written, smart, timely and enjoyable from beginning to end Although, I m begging.please give me .Review also posted here Enjoyed this, interesting story and hot chemistry between the two MC s 4 starsI m not going to go into a lot of detail.I see my favourite reviewer Mr TA Webb has done an excellent job as usual, but for me, this series has started off really well, and the second book is already loaded and being read Jamie Mainwaring pronounced Mannering, nope I don t understand it either and I m English is a Lordand a detective in London Colt Remington is a detective in Phoenix, Arizona How these two are brought together and for what purpose you will have to discover for yourself, but I will say that the action between the two of them is smokin.and that s all I m saying Just a quick note for the grammar police.yes there are lots of irritating niggles in this bookspelling jell instead of gel , Jaime instead of Jamie, some words missing altogetherbut I suspect that is entirely to do with the person who actually typed the damn thing and not the authors.but it does make you wonder how the editor kept her job Perhaps someone could enlighten me I m furious and frustrated and I just don t even know what to say This was a five star book up until the end when it just fizzled There was tons of suspense and I kept waiting for something to happen but nothing did But that wasn t even the worse part view spoiler There was no HEA or even an HFA What s worse, is that looking at the reviews for the next book, it doesn t happen there, either It think it s just wrong to make us believe these two have something incredibly special and that they love each other and then make them end up apart I feel betrayed view spoiler I won t read the next one until there s a third that makes it all okay again.I might writelater if I feel like I can do so without vomiting Ironic since I ended up in the hospital from complications from vomiting while I was reading this I should have stopped hide spoiler Didn t know what to expect with this, but I have enjoyed everything that I have read by Ms Harner so far This is no exception This time it s Phoenix cop Colt Remington and British Lord Jamie Manwaring brought together when they both happen upon a child sex trafficking ring Their simultaneous discoveries of boys that have disappeared, brings them together when an organization similar to Interpol happens upon their findings It is oil and water for these two, but their coming together sparks a very romantic duo Unfortunately, Remy is a very damaged man that can not open up to a relationship, and Jamie is a snarky wealthy lord of the realm Remy doesn t do relationships, and Jamie needs one badly Inspite of this baggage, they love each other very much It s a very loving, yet bittersweet romance It left me wanting much , so muchI give it an ocean full of stars. spoilers Warning, I m not sure this book should be considered romance While it started out ok, it does not have a HEA, or even a HFN The characters appear to develop feelings for each other, then nadda.And the next book in the series.The 2 MC are with different people I was soo mad that I had invested all those reading hours rooting for Remington and Jamie only to have them casually go separate ways.Others may feel differently, but IMHO, that is not romance.Heellloooo I guess I should have paidattention to the seriestitle QQ Separate ways, 1 I just felt I was mislead because the title was recommended as a m m romance. *E-pub ↬ Continental Divide ☙ Detective Remington Frickin Hates The Missing Persons Detail, But A Cold Fury Builds In The Pit Of His Stomach When He Realizes That Over The Past Three Months Six Boys Have Disappeared From The Smaller Communities That Surround The Greater Phoenix Area All Reported To Be Runaways Looking To Escape Their Shitty Lives, But Remy S Starting To Put Together A Different Picture And He Doesn T Like It One Damn BitInspector Jamie Mainwaring Stares At The Six Reports, Willing Them To Make Sense Six Boys, Six Months, All From Just Outside Of London, Which Meant Six Different Investigations All Of The Boys Were Between The Ages Of Ten And Fifteen, All Purportedly Runaways From Dysfunctional Families Something Was Rotten In DenmarkThere Are Always Runaways Every Small Town Loses Them Every Big City Collects Them Kids Look For Freedom And Discover They Have To Lose Than They Ever Thought Possible London And Phoenix, Culture And Cowboys, Nothing Linking These Two Sprawling Metropolitan Areas Nothing Except A Hit On A Computer Data SearchTwo Cops, One A Cowboy, The Other A Lord A Secret Government Agency, Human Trafficking, And A Blazing Hot Mutual DistractionWhat The Hell Have Remington And Mainwaring Gotten Themselves Into 3.5 4 stars Great story interesting plot and I loooved Jamie Colt Hated the ending The ending crushed my little romantic soul I know there arebooks in this series, but I m scared to read them after having my heart ripped out like that. Edit 12 12 15 In light of the recent news of Harner s plagiarism of other books, I m dropping the rating for this down to 0 stars 2.5 stars was way too generous to begin with I thought as individuals, Jamie and Remy had some potential Jamie s an earl but took a job as an inspector to do something useful with himself Remy s a cowboy he wears boots and he s from the American Southwest, so that makes him a cowboy right rolls eyes who clearly has an abusive past but it s never outright stated and it feels like a wasted plot line Actually, most of the plot was wasted in this book, because as soon as these two see each other, they re insta lusting and nearly insta sexing and I was pretty much bored through the first half of this book while the authors assured the readers that yes, this is an M M book It all feels extremely contrived and not at all authentic Their whole meeting in the hotel room Please First, I highly doubt view spoiler Remy would have his guns, detective or not, as firearms are illegal in England, so none of that even made sense And you re telling me the guy couldn t take a half minute to get dressed before answering the door Give me a break Then he continues to sit there naked when the director shows up This setup becomes evenabsurd because there s no reason for Remy to even be there The other detectives from the other countries where this sex ring was set up weren t there It made sense for Jamie, since he had the social standing to make the UC gig work, but Remy Again, contrived hide spoiler