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I ve just finished a review copy of this e book by a Canadian teacher from Saskatchewan named Kathy Cassidy I m really impressed While there s tonnes in here for teachers, I think it would also be a great read resource for parents not only in terms of understanding what kinds of technologies might be appropriate for younger children to be learning with and why they might be using them in schools, but also for those parents who want to engage their children in connecting with the world from home, whether home schoolers or just avid connected learners I love that this e book was created in such an interactive manner the format of the book really lends itself to providing the reader with a window into Cassidy s classroom and makes the learning inside visible For example, you can watch videos of Grade One students working on numeracy concepts by stacking Oreos, talking about what they are doing and what they have learned, and then read comments left on their blog by others who watched It really takes full advantage of the digital media format The writing is authentic, engaging and very practical, explaining such things as how to share with parents what is possible, how to proceed with blogging with primary students in a way that is both safe and effective etc There s so much I d highly recommend this to anyone interested in seeing and learning how to use technology to make learning transparent, authentic and connected for early years students and others. Great August read to get geared up for the school year to come soon Very readable and practical book for early years teachers, and anyone wishing to see excellent examples of how technology can enhance education Kathy is an inspirational educator, I have used this book as a reading in my class on using computers for education for teachers in training. A must read for any elementary educator (DOWNLOAD) ⚢ Connected from the Start â In Connected From The Start Global Learning In The Primary Grades, Award Winning Primary School Teacher Kathy Cassidy Makes A Compelling Case For Connecting Our Youngest Students To The World, Using The Transformative Power Of Internet Tools And Technologies Her Well Balanced Text Presents Both The Rationale For Connecting Students From The Start And The How To Details And Examples Teachers Need To Involve Children In Grades K In Using Blogs, Twitter, Skype And Other Social Media To Become True Global Learners The Interactive EBook Includes Videos, Dozens Of Live Links To Additional Resources, And Many Color Photos From Cassidy S Classroom