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Wonderful Book PMG did a great job with this and the Audio is out of this world PMG did the audio himself and he does all the voices differently with great sound effects. What happens when you re thirteen years old and you feel that your whole world is falling apart and there is NOTHING you can do about it Maggie, tell us her story.She feels her life sucks because her family seems to like her eleven year old brother Jesse than they appreciate her She wonders if anything is wrong with her but decides to put on the facade of being tough and uncaring She takes on this defense mechanism to protect herself from her feelings of being unwanted and unloved Her brother Jesse, on the other hand, seems to be the innocent and sensitive kid who seems to have fun because he is gifted with looking at everything from the positive point of view He loves everyone, believes everything and has a natural inclination to trust everything Christmas is coming and their house won t be their home any because business hasn t been so great and the bank threatens the family with foreclosure Aside from that however, another seeming tragedy is that their mother is dying and it is the family s last Christmas they will spend in their home Naturally, Maggie is pained and rather angry not knowing what will happen next and wondering what bad or good is yet to come On the other hand, Jesse is positive and hopeful keeping in his mind and heart the lessons of his mother to always have faith come what may Both siblings discover that this isn t the only world, and that there is an exciting place of crystals under the earth where they meet amazing creatures After all the excitement in the strange world of crystals and quartz, they end up knowing that no force in any universe is mightier than love. Many people will know P.M Glaser as actor Paul Michael Glaser Since reaching celebrity status in the 70 s, Mr Glaser has branched out creatively, becoming a director and now an author His family was touched by AIDS in the 80 s when his late wife, Elizabeth, contracted the disease through a blood transfusion after giving birth to their first child, Ariel She unknowingly passed the disease onto Ariel and then to their son, Jake Ariel passed away in 1988, Elizabeth in 1994 Jake is HIV positive and healthy Only Mr Glaser did not contract the virus He claims to have had many teachers who helped in cope with the tragic losses in this life A very private person, Mr Glaser first started communicating his philosophy of life in a blog He once said that he had the choice to either become a bitter, old man or to open his heart to others and to his ability to love He chose the second option Now, Mr Glaser has incorporated his philosophy into this wonderful work of fiction, Chrystallia and the Source of Light It s a magical story about a 9 year old boy and a 13 year old girl who are at a cross roads in their lives It is told in the girl s voice.They are about to spend their last Christmas with their mother in their beloved home Their mother is dying and the home is about to be repossessed by the bank The brother and sister have a long standing, and often comical, sibling rivalry The brother is fascinated by rocks and crystals One night, after everyone in the house is asleep, they are awoken by strange sounds in their house The Christmas tree seems to have taken root in the house and there is a huge crack in the floor The children fall into this crack and find themselves in a magical, often cruel kingdom, where everyone and everything is made out of rocks and crystals They meet various characters with very specific personality traits, that seem to be extensions of the children themselves Many of the characters have accents French, German, Russian, Puerto Rican, Southern US and they are transcribed perfectly by the author They are on a mission to get back home, with or without the help of the crystal beings.Mr Glaser has had a long standing fascination with rocks and crystals and it s apparent in the story All information is very well researched Of course, the underlying message of the story is his very own philosophy of life what is the purpose of fear in our lives The purpose is to bring us to our hearts and our ability to love as well as to feel compassion for ourselves and others The book is appropriate for children and adult alike Although it s a serious subject, the impending death of a parent, it is handled beautifully and gently The descriptions in the book are so colourful that you can see the crystal world and the characters in your mind Also, I was amazed at how Mr Glaser was able to get into a 13 year old girl s mind and tell the story from her point of view I certainly hope that Mr Glaser continues in this creative vein because he is as good a writer as he is an actor and director. This book is told in the point of view of Maggie, a young girl frustrated with all the things happening around her Her mom s dying, they re losing their house, and now she and her brother, Jesse, has wound up in a strange new world Enough is enough Maggie wants to go home and she ll do whatever it takes to do that Glaser has written an original read filled with unique characters and an interesting world made of crystal and rock The story was concise and fast paced so that you ll be halfway through the book before you know it I was impressed with Maggie s character development and it was nice to see her grow up from the pouty girl in the beginning The ending was sweet and meaningful and carries a very significant message.Although the characters were fun and unique, there was either too many or Glaser didn t do such a great job juggling them For example, when we are first introduced to all the crystal people, Maggie and Jesse is shoved to the background Every now and then, they d yell out, where are we but are completely ignored It s never a different question either, by the way A few chapters after that, the siblings take center stage and Pytrope and Scheelite are silent I might have missed something but it felt like they were forgotten until the very end of the book Also, a lot of the characters have accents which can be difficult to follow along ranging from texan to french and so on I had trouble, anyway Another issue was that the characters are mainly reactive This and this has happened to the group We must run Oh no, it happened again Run some It s not until two thirds of the book is through before we see someone do something productive Pro interesting characters with quirky traits, unique plot, character development, sweet and meaningfulCon reactive rather than proactive, characters disappear , Maggie is very annoying until she matures, accents depends on the reader whether you ll like it or not Overall, this book was nice and sweet This book is best suited for our younger readers but anyone can read and enjoy it However, I would like to point out to parents that when we meet King Bloo, there is an overly dramatic scene where he is snuffing gold dust Whether or not you mind you or your child reading something like that is up to you Aside from that hiccup, the book is very kids friendly and fun to read Won from the Early Reviewers Giveaway in return for an honest review I won this book from goodreads but never have received the copy So, i can not make an deeper comment on this book. Disclosure I received a copy of this book from LibraryThing s Early Review Program in exchange for an honest review.Chrystallia and The Source of Light by P M GlaserMaggie is a young girl who s life is falling a part Her mother is dying Her family is loosing her home As the holidays approach, Maggie and her little brother Jesse find themselves in a strange new world Chrystallia and all Maggie wants to do is go home What I liked about the book I didn t like anything OK, the concept was interesting, but the book just didn t live up to the potential.What I didn t like about the book I hesitate to write this review It seems everyone liked this book, except for me I really did not like this book It felt like a badly crafted mishmash of Alice and Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz The story was too hard to follow and quite frankly gave me a headache There was either too many characters to follow The flow of the story between the characters was too choppy I kept losing the plot This book is billed as a children s fantasy, but many of the characters have accents that are difficult for young readers to follow A mangled mess of French, Russian and South Texas accents made the story even difficult to follow And probably explains the migraine I got every time I read this book. Absolutely inlove Paul He was my favourite in Starsky n Hutch fancied him like craze just wish he lived nearer to me I think he still looks handsome I knew he would go far he is amazing Brill actor, terrific painter, fab director n screen player n fantastic author Really adored this amazing book Recommend this to all, from young to old My daughter loves this she was def quiet listening to the story I am so glad that Paul read it himself which made it that special cos he put so much feeling into his creation he was def sending us on a jorney n I honestly dont think anyother would of succeeded in doing it just as Paul wanted n needed I wanted to get the book signed, but unfortunately I missed that promotion, so I just got it via Audible My all time favourite, such a beautiful, gorgeous story n Paul really brings it to life walking on Crystals Being a fan of books for young adults teens and fantasy, I really wanted to like this book Mr Glaser was a guest at a convention I attended and I was pushed into buying this So I read it I started it in August 2017 and finished it yesterday I was determined to push through it I personally found this book to be just awful A family who may lose their home, a dying mother, two young children neither particularly likable , and set on Christmas Eve What could possible go wrong The kids fall into a hole that develops in the floor of their home, beneath the Christmas tree no less, and wind up in a world that has talking minerals rocks who have bad accents Why, oh why, did Mr Glaser write this book I try to find something redeeming in any book I read I m at a loss with this one.For the record, there is nothing offensive It s just a badly written story, in my opinion, of course. I got a copy of this book through Librarythings s Early Reviewer program I was very excited to read it it sounded like a wonderful middle grade fantasy adventure in a fantastic Alice in Wonderland like underground fantasyland Well it wasn t What it was was very difficult to read, confusing, and obnoxious I stopped reading after 100 pages because it hurt my brain and because it made me sad It made me sad that some poor kid might pick this book up to read and then never read fantasy again because of this book I am very sensitive to the fact that kids picking up fantasy like this are very impressionable and think that quality stories should be targeted at that age group Enough ranton to the review.Maggie and Jesse have a mother who is dying and are being forced to move out of their house because of her medical costs Then one night their Christmas tree grows roots in the living room and opens the way into a magical crystal world full of crazy characters.I am trying to think of something good about this book The pictures throughout were very well done and fun The book itself was a very nice package nice cover, pages, and font The idea behind the book is a wonderful one Reading the synopsis made me excited to partake in this magical adventure.Unfortunately it was incredibly poorly executed Initially the language and conversations between the characters was a bit awkward but I was willing to overlook that as the adventure continued hoping I would get to the wonderful fantasy world I had been promised Well, things just got worse When Maggie and Jesse enter the underground they apparently awaken some of the crystals down there We don t know how this happens Things aren t very well explained and that whole scenario is very hard to picture despite the wonderful pictures I was constantly re reading to figure out exactly how all this magic was working and still didn t really understand what the author was trying to portray and picture That is just the worsta fantasy world that is so poorly described that you can t even picture it.Still I was willing to wait to understand the world and continued reading hoping to get to the good parts This is when things go even worse A plethora of characters enter the book, they aren t well described and are hard to distinguish from each other Then all these characters start to speak Glaser has written the characters words to phonetically represent the accents they speak in So basically when the characters talk they each use a different set of misspelled words to represent their accents It was almost impossible to read I had to read parts of the book outloud just to figure out what the heck a given character was saying and even then sometimes the sentences didn t make much sense.Can you imagine giving a kid a book with the majority of the words misspelled It confused the heck out of me and I can t imagine what it would do to a kid learning to read I thought maybe I was being dense and tired, so I gave the book to my husband and asked him to read a couple pages His response was What in the world does that even mean Is this really a published book Here is an example Yoo will be rooled IN, against, undt for Rooled goot undt bad, right undt wrong, rooled here, rooled zere, up und down, und everyvhere That is the guy with the German accent speaking Here is another quote from the next page But they eeth th thoft an their out thide eeth m moofing , an th thee other were undereth d, an there eeth no r rool for This is the guy with the lisp I believe there is also a guy with a French accent all of it is spelled goofy and impossible to read My eyes are glazing over just typing the quotes in for you, yes they are really spelled like thatI double and triple checked them.Overall, I pretty much detested this bookit is one of the worst books I have read this year It made my eyes cross, my head hurt, and made me sad for any kid who has this book as their first foray into fantasy Please go read Harry Potter, or Fablehaven, or Percy and the Olympians or The Books of Beginning.do not even try to read this book I have no idea where all the positive review are coming from Sure it is a cool concept but it impossible to read and very poorly written The concept counts for something but not for everything. `Download ↞ Chrystallia and the Source of Light ☚ In This Beautifully Illustrated Children S Fantasy Story, Two Siblings Struggle Against Sharp Edged, Bedazzling Foes To Arrive At A Place Of Knowing, To Which They And Everything Belong It S Christmas, But Thirteen Year Old Maggie And Her Ten Year Old Brother Jesse Are Anything But Joyful Their Mother Is Dying, The Bank Is About To Foreclose On Their Home, And Very Soon, Everything About Their Lives Will Change In An Adventure That Takes Them Below The Earth S Surface To A Realm Inhabited By Crystalline Life Forms Some Of Which Seem To Have Been Spawned From The Children Themselves The Sister And Brother Discover The Strength Of Their Bond, The Breadth Of Their Courage, And The Awesome Power Of Love Amid Dazzling Displays Of Colours And Shapes, Maggie And Jesse Must Move Through Crystal Planes And Canyons As They Do Battle With King Bloo, The Princes Red And Orange, And Holy Clear Jesse Learns From Princess Amethyst That The Thing That Scares Him The Most Can Waken Him To His Greatest Strength Sharing His Secret With Maggie Ultimately Leads The Two To A Place Of Forgiveness, Called Home