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[[ Free Book ]] ⇶ Chaos: Making a New Science ☘ The Million Copy Bestseller By National Book Award Nominee And Pulitzer Prize Finalist James Gleickthe Author Of Time Travel A Historythat Reveals The Science Behind Chaos TheoryA Work Of Popular Science In The Tradition Of Stephen Hawking And Carl Sagan, This Th Anniversary Edition Of James Gleicks Groundbreaking Bestseller Chaos Introduces A Whole New Readership To Chaos Theory, One Of The Most Significant Waves Of Scientific Knowledge In Our Time From Edward Lorenzs Discovery Of The Butterfly Effect, To Mitchell Feigenbaums Calculation Of A Universal Constant, To Benoit Mandelbrots Concept Of Fractals, Which Created A New Geometry Of Nature, Gleicks Engaging Narrative Focuses On The Key Figures Whose Genius Converged To Chart An Innovative Direction For Science In Chaos, Gleick Makes The Story Of Chaos Theory Not Only Fascinating But Also Accessible To Beginners, And Opens Our Eyes To A Surprising New View Of The Universe