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!READ PDF ♚ Carnosaur ⚖ The World S Most Vicious Predator Is Back And He S Got Company Tyrannosaurus Rex, Deinonychus, Brachiosaurus, All Have Been Loosed Into The Modern World By Jane Penward, The Vengeance Hungry Nymphomaniac Wife Of The Man Who Cloned Them David Pascal Is A Small Time Journalist Who Gets His Chance To Make It Big By Cracking The Dino Story But The Key To The Truth Carries A High Price It S Held By Jane Before She S Through With David, The Carnage Created By The Dinosaurs Will Spread For Miles And Climax In An Apocalyptic Battle Between The Primal Monsters And All The Technological Forces That Modern Man Can MusterBut Can Anything Stand Against The Voracious Prehistoric Hunger Of Carnosaur CARNOSAUR 1984 by Harry Adam Knight John Brosnan was the forerunner to Michael Crighton s Classic JURASSIC PARK but unravels like pulp because it is pulp That s not to say it s bad, I like it a lot and certainly recommend it Great descriptions of dinosaurs, generates a lot of tension and moves quickly with decent characters Once again, I recommend it And, if you like it, have a go at the films they re pretty awful but I have weaknesses Five stars may seem like quite a high rating for this book But allow me to explain It gets three stars just for fulfilling a very specific craving of mine modern day dinosaur horror, a frightfully underdeveloped genre.In that regard I expected this book to be comparable to trashy fast food, bad but satisfying a specific desire Yet, to my surprise, it was much better than that I have not read any other books by the author, but he is certainly not a total hack Carnosaur is competently crafted, well structured, very well paced and fun For that the rating gets raised to four stars.Lastly, it was ahead of its time and deserves some respect for that I do not know if Michael Crichton read this book before writing Jurassic Park, but there are definite similarities, both in terms of general concepts as well as specific details Carnosaur was surprisingly well research and ahead of its time.That is why it gets 5 stars from me. There s only one way I can describe Carnosaur, and it goes like this this book is far better than it has any right to be I went into it expecting a cheap rip off of Jurassic Park in spite of Carnosaur being written and published well before Crichton s novel , but the simple fact is that I was blown away by how much I enjoyed it But then, I am obsessed with dinosaurs Now fair enough, Jurassic Park is the famous of the two and with good reason it s the better of the two because, come on, it s Jurassic Park, but what I love about Carnosaur is the way it plonks down its thunder lizards in the middle of sleepy, rural England The novel has a different vibe, because of that it s like the difference between seeing a lion in the zoo, and seeing one sneaking out of your shed So yes A brilliant little book, with a nice, almost Wyndham esque feel to it Also, it s nice to see a T rex that s not a T rex tarbosaurus needs airtime Really a gem of a book Entertaining in nearly every way Nothing like the terrible movie adaptation. Sillier than a bag of dicks, but just as fun Gruesome, over sexed and with a proclivity for gutting innocent bystanders, Carnosaur is twisted in an enjoyable sort of way In all seriousness, it gets a bump for prose quality Much better than what you typically anticipate from a schlocky, long forgotten 80s paperback. Funny Only a read once book. Rather fun little sci fi tale, sort of a sexed up Jon Pertwee era Doctor Who ish storyline with some gore and suspense. This book is an unsung classic of the dinosaur horror genre, and I find it tragic that people don t know who Harry Knight is Especially considering the plagiarism case against Michael Crichton for the similarities to Jurassic Park And no, the book has nothing to do with the movie. isbn,original