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1.5 starsThere was a surprising amount of story in this considering it was just erotica I liked the attempt to add an actual plot instead of it being a thinly veiled device to string sex scenes together, but it s too bad that much of it didn t really make much sense once I started thinking about it view spoiler It was frankly ludicrous that both societies were so happy to turn their back on top ranked, highly trained enforcement agents and ruin their lives, all because they were kidnapped and coerced by lethal force in to unwillingly breaking a galactic law cross species fornication No logical, reasonable society would simply waste such an expensive and difficult to replace resource if they could find a way out of it It made no sense that they were so harshly punished so in Safan s case for being the victims of a criminal conspiracy when their respective agencies weren t interested in discovering and pursuing the mastermind who, as far as they knew, could have been planning to do it again ASAP.This was made even confusing and stupid at the end when, after hunting down the baddy and turning him in to the authorities even though they themselves were fugitives at the time , Maurra and Safan were kissing in public She openly wore his mating marks down her back, yet all anyone did was give a nose wrinkle in disgust now they re willingly fornicating Crappy, arbitrary law enforcement is crappy and arbitrary.I think this story could have been enjoyable if it had made a better attempt at being internally consistent Or at least had adequately explained what was going on why exactly did two victims get the book thrown at them Just a couple of my random thoughts Maurra and Stafan could have been forced from their jobs in a slightly different way For example the magistrates could have been corrupt and taking massive bribes from the baddy to see them stripped of their positions slandered imprisoned for life Naturally, since Maurra and Safan originally decide to get even with the baddy, it wouldn t have taken much effort to have them uncover the magistrates duplicity along the way either and would have been a better explanation for having their original sentences overturned or at least expunged so they could stop being fugitives Also the law that the corrupt magistrates could twist to their purposes would have made sense if instead of being against cross species fornication, it had specifically targetted cross species breeding due to all hybrids supposedly being schizophrenic no matter the parentage I think the author actually meant sociopathic For example it could have been worded so that any willful attempt to conceive and conceal a hybrid pregnancy was punishable That way Maurra wouldn t have to get pregnant, the magistrates would only have to claim that s what they were trying to do.This way it could just be a galaxy wide social taboo against cross species couples due to the risk of uncontrollable killer babies or whatever making them a pariah, which would still be pretty crappy, but at least they wouldn t be flaunting the law at every opportunity and some how not getting re arrested for it now they were willing participants hide spoiler I like this story because usually it would have ended once they escape their prison HOWEVER, Mooney kept going with the novel about the ramifications of them breaking their rules once they escaped.Maurra has made a lot of enemies, an added bonus to her occupation duty The whole plan was carefully planned for her to be captured along with Safan He was picked because he had a big cough, cough asset Her humiliation would be that much greater, not to mention the whole concept of it being recorded not going to give away too much I especially loved when she went back for him at the end of the novel He is so surprised to see her after so many months had gone by I just had to laugh and then sigh in awe Mooney somehow makes the novels universe seem much realistic then normal sci fi reads By far a steamy and lovable read Any romance sci fi lover get your hands on this [Read Pdf] ☣ Beauty's Alien Beast ♗ As An Intergalactic Cop Gifted With Psionic Abilities, Maurra Instinctively Went To The Ellinod S Defense When She Saw The Immense And Bestial Looking Alien Being Attacked By A Group Of Vicious Kronners Little Did She Know What The Kronners Had Planned For Her And The Ellinod Until She Woke Up Naked In A Cell Inside Their Ship And It Wasn T Long Before She Found Out A Translation Device Had Been Implanted Against Her Spine, Debilitating Her And Making Her Helpless With Pain Whenever She Tried To Use Her Psi PowersNeither She Nor The Ellinod Had Any Idea How Twisted Their Captors Were, But They Soon Discovered That She And The Beast Were At The Mercy Of Someone Who Expected Them To Entertain His Customers , And Entertain Them Well Regardless Of The Consequences Warning Contains Moral Degradation, Public Sex, Self Sacrifice, Unexpected Tenderness, Sadistic Little Aliens, Banishment, Exorbitant Pay Per View Charges, And Sweet Revenge Served Cold You guys know I m a mood reader, right And, no, that s not a like a mood ring or anything I don t even know how you could be a mood ring reader Which is really not the point I read what I m in the mood to read when I m in the mood to read it Sometimes like last night I get in the mood for books about naughty, somewhat non consensual sex between aliens You know what I m secure enough in myself to admit that I like naughty books that are set in space where aliens are doing it I also like amnesiac vampires That has nothing to do with this book, I m just pointing out that I enjoy a wide range of subject matter Wild sex between two nearly incompatible species just happens to be high upon my list of likes.In other words, this book was AWESOME Maurra is forced to have sex with an alien that she never would have chosen on her own and against all odds they begin to form a bond They re being forced to break the law inter species sex is a no no and they fight their weird attraction and it s perfectly AWESOME Both Safan and Maurra are strong characters who are willing to sacrifice themselves to save innocent lives They take responsibility for their actions and handle the fallout from what they were forced to do with dignity I honestly loved them as a couple and wouldn t be AT ALL adverse to reading about their adventures.Linda Mooney has created a vivid and interesting universe, a bad, bad man who wants to hurt those in authority and two people who come together and make things work under some pretty awful circumstances.Hot alien sex, guys I m totally there Kelly Reading the Paranormal My first book from this author and I loved it Maura is an intergalactic cop with psi abilities that she can use as a weapon She tries to help a member of an alien species who is being attacked by another species Kronners It is all a setup and the Kronnors kidnap both Maurra and Safan, the Ellinod alien she was trying to help.When she wakes up, she finds that her captors plan to force them to have sex for a pay per view audience Beyond the fact that they are strangers, the situation is upsetting 1 because interspecies sex is a serious crime and 2 because Safan is an enormous male Safan is humanoid, but he is a giant compared to Maurra and he is proportional Yet, it s try or die.The sex is actually pretty hot But I really liked Safan as well He was outraged at the injustice that was being done to him and to Maurra, while at the same time he was very gentle with Maurra and they quickly began to have feelings for each other I found his species interesting.This book actually has an interesting plot Maurra s psi abilities are suppressed while in captivity by her captors They implant a translation device against her spine, debilitating her and making her helpless with pain whenever she tried to use her psi powers Unbeknownst to Maurra, her captors have a boss who has a history with Maurra and this becomes important as the plot unfolds.They are eventually rescued, but it doesn t stop there Safan is sent to a prison on a mining moon by his people for breaking the interspecies sex laws Maurra loses her job as a JoJo interstellar cop and must come to terms with her feelings for Safan and what she intends to do about it.This is not a long novel, so there is not a lot of explanations for everything I was still able to follow everything Surprisingly though, the interactions between Safan and Maurra are satisfying and hot, while at the same time, the plot keeps your attention Highly recommended When Maurra steps in to stop a fight between an Ellinod and Kronners outside a bar, she is taken out from behind by another Kronner She wakes up naked in a cell on a ship with the Ellinod prisoner in another cell as well Their captor demands that they have intercourse while being recorded so that he can broadcast to paying customers , if they don t he will kill the Ellinod and bring in a less humanoid creature to fornicate with Maurra The story follows Maurra and Safan while in captivity and even after wards while the face the repercussions of inter species sex that they were forced to have you see that is a HUGE no no I really liked Safan I thought he was a fascinating character and it wasn t because of his species He was a strong minded and took control of the situation and even though he didn t know Maurra, he still had the drive to protect her However, he was willing to pass the reins to Maurra and let her take charge and trust in that she knew what she was doing I thought the author did a good job with world building without overwhelming the reader with information The characters were nicely developed to where you got a sense of who they were without taking pages to explain their back history, after all the story is only 186 pages long The only thing I was a little bummed about was how predictable the story is I was sort of hoping for a curve ball but even so the story was still good Favorite partSafan is trying to get the ships computer to make him clothes but it isn t understanding the measurements he is giving it because his species is so large It keeps giving me an error message He growled Fearing he might punch out the data board, Maurra pushed him aside to try for herself Are you sure you entered your measurements correctly Four times After double checking his input, she pressed Enter There was a moment of silence, followed by a click, and a message popped up on the display Data does not compute Do you want a blanket I love Alien Romance stories, but I have a new twist on it I don t want the alien to be just a larger version of a human male I want him to be an alien and for the two to find love despite their differences In Beauty s Alien Beast, Maura is a Jojo, which is an intergalactic cop with psychic abilities She is a badass, no damsel in distress here She comes to the aid of an Ellinod who is being jumped That is when she and the Ellinod, Safan are captured.In this author s world, interspecies breeding is against the law, and Maura and Safan are forced to perform sexual acts in front of a live streaming audience in order to humiliate and damage their reputations The situation Maura and Saran found themselves in was impossible because it was either perform or die Being in captivity the way they were, started a bond that only grew stronger Maura began to love Safan This story was so good because their world was so rigid and complex that even when they did what was right, it was wrong And the bad guy seemed to win I broke out in tears than once reading this I loved this story, from the kickass heroin the very protective self sacrificing hero, It was wonderfully complex, and I want from this world I am giving it 5 Boundless Stars. Very well developed story Erotica was on point You know, sometimes you just need a little dirty alien sex And this book delivers that in spades Maurra is an intergalactic psionic cop a JoJo She can use her mind as a weapon, as well as her fists And she has to do just that, when she witnesses a group attacking a giant alien at a bar What she doesn t realize is, she is actually the target.The bad guys knock her out and she awakens in captivity, along with the alien she comes to know as Safan She quickly finds out that her captors plan to force them to have sex for a pay per view audience Beyond the fact that they are strangers, the situation is upsetting 1 because interspecies sex is a serious crime and 2 because Safan is an enormous male Safan is humanoid, but he is a giant compared to Maurra and he is, er, proportional Yet, it s try or die.The sex is actually pretty hot Like, look around the room and see if anyone notices you sweating, hot And it takes very little time for tender feelings to emerge between Maurra and Safan, despite the horror of their situation.When the couple eventually escapes, they face condemnation from their own people Maurra is stripped of her position and the consequences are even worse for Safan But they manage to make their way back to each other and it gets even hotter from there.The world here is pretty massive And the book is a bit on the short side, like a longer novella So there are a lot of things that are just touched on in broad strokes, especially when it comes to all the different races and planets That might bother some people who like all that a bit fleshed out But when I read a book about hot alien sex, I m satisfied with the focus on the down and dirty And we definitely get that with a good dash of action and a surprising bit of heart I liked it 4 starsARC Provided by NetGalley DNF at 50% The romance aspect just wasn t working for me Wasn t feeling the emotional connection Interesting world set up though.