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READ PDF ß Boundary Broken (Boundary Magic, #4) ⚞ Years Ago, Boundary Witch Allison Lex Luther Made A Promise To An Alpha Werewolf Now, Just When The Supernatural Community In Colorado Is Enjoying A Period Of Hard Won Peace, The Alpha Turns Up At Lex S Door To Call In His Marker Two Of His Pack Members Have Disappeared In The Colorado Sand Dunes, And He Needs Safe Passage To Hunt For ThemWith Her Friend Simon Pellar Along For Backup, Lex Ventures Into The Dunes To Search For The Missing Couple But What They Find Is Only The Opening Move In An Ambitious Assault Against Those Who Hold Power In The Colorado Old World An Old Enemy Has Returned To Tear Their Peace Apart, And Lex Is Soon Embroiled In Politics She Doesn T Understand, From A Time Before She Had MagicTo Save Her Friends And Her Way Of Life, Lex Will Have To Cross Every Line She S Drawn Since Learning What She Is And It May Still Be Too Late If this book were a daytime TV drama, I missed several shows I ve read all the books of this series, but whilst reading Boundary Broken, I kept thinking I missed a book or short story somewhere I plan to reread the entire series to figure out what I missed or forgotten This time I didn t love Lex as much, because her character hasn t evolved Lex of the earlier books had courage and gumption than current Lex It s book 4 and she s not as experienced a witch as I d expected her to be She hasn t advanced in knowledge or use of boundary magic Maven hasn t made huge demands on her, so it s curious that Lex hasn t experimented or tested herself without relying on Simon or Lily If she doesn t practice or use her powers, how does she expect to protect Charlie, let alone herself Good without being great It s an entertaining instalment in the story of Lex Luther, Colorado s very own blood witch The book feels a little like a set up for a new story arc. This author is one of my favorite urban fantasy writers and her Boundary Magic series is my favorite of her series There are vampires, werewolves, ghosts and witches in this world Most of the human population does not know they exist While each book can be read independently and is a complete story in itself, it is probably best to begin with the first book in the series The heroine, Lex, is a boundary witch, which means she has special abilities at the intersection of life and death She can see and speak with ghosts and help them move on, can press humans and vampires mind control , and raise the dead One of the most endearing qualities that Lex has is that she never really seems to appreciate how powerful she is She works for Maven, the top witch of Colorado, whom she both fears and respects, in a security role and other duties as required Lex is ex military and has many useful talents for someone who can t go out in the daytime When this book starts, Lex is helping two ghosts to cross over She has drawn a circle on the highway, it s after midnight, and there s a witch friend of hers at each end of the road to stop any traffic This is normal, everyday life for Lex She has a steady love interest, a vampire who works for Maven also, but the romance is rarely a focus of the books So after laying the ghosts to rest, she is sitting in her small house with her boyfriend, the two witches who were helping with the ghosts, and her rescue dogs when the werewolves arrive And there the action begins and it doesn t let up until the end There is a lot of violence and some genuinely creepy scenes in this book.I highly recommend the whole series All are well written with complex plots, characters who could walk off the page, a little romance, friendship, and a whole lot of suspense The Old World that exists side by side with the modern day world is a fascinating place to visit Netgalley provided me with an ARC in return for an honest review. Boundary Broken is an amazing urban fantasy read The plot twists and turn were unexpected with a cast of characters that I ve already come invested in Olson binds the reader to her writing with realistic, but totally fictional, characters who have heartfelt emotions and true personal connections to each other Lex is an intelligent, kick but character with heart This was one of those reads that you just didn t want to end.I received this ARC copy of BOUNDARY BROKEN from 47North This is my honest and voluntary review BOUNDARY BROKEN is set for publication March 19, 2019.My Rating 5 starsWritten by Melissa F OlsonSeries Boundary Magic Sequence in Series Book 4Paperback 350 pagesPublisher 47North Publication Date March 19, 2019ISBN 10 1542003849ISBN 13 978 1542003841Genre Supernatural Thriller Mystery Suspense Noble