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A story with a long build up, gradually getting better than the previous chapter.Krister Ledoux is a 18 yr old college kid that has his life forever changed because what still haunts him a year later is the accident his father caused and went to jail for The people that ended up dead And the hate mail he still receives He goes out of his way, leaving behind everything he knew to find the person sending him those letters He then meets this girl at the train station and finds some connection with her they have that melancholic vibe going on He then finds out that she is related to one of the people that died in the accident He begins to think that she is the one writing him those letters Is she The storyline line was pretty good, nothing I ve ever read or heard of before to be honest However, I was still unable to grasp the essence of the plot until a little bit after the middle At first I was real pumped in reading this, but then as I read on, things started dragging a bit for me, and before I knew it, I started losing where I was at so I d skip some paragraphs, then it was pages, but only a few I feel that if I knew on what the story was about, I would ve been able to have that foundation to rely on I guess this is what I get for wanting to read this for this cover The cover really drew me in and I assumed the story was going to back it up That s why they say don t judge it by the cover cause obviously a cool cover could hide a crappy story, or a crappy cover could hide an amazing story It s always a gamble with stories and their covers.Krister s characteristics show that drastic changes have been made post accident Krister pre accident Krister There were times when it Krister thinks about himself when he was in high school, his girlfriend, his best friend, his relationship with his dad before tragic struck Now it shows Krister without his girlfriend, but still using her to delude himself of whatever set him off, dissing his best friend a lot, hardly going to class, hating his father.Cambria is shown with post and pre accident characteristics as well She used to rebel against her mother, normal outgoing party girl living it up and having fun Well, she still tries to be the same, but can t hide the pain and guilt she feels for her mother s death, and her older brother s instability and anger issues All she wants to do is overcome it all, but pretending doesn t let her totally forget, but allows her to be someone else for a change.Krister feels responsible for his father s actions and all the people that died and their families lives that were damaged He figures that once he could find the person writing him the letters and somewhat save them It was said in the story that he was obsessed, and technically its correct Although not being so with receiving those letters would be beyond me However, it was therapeutic for him, because in order for him to have peace of mind would be to help those who had lost.Overall, this was not all that great I could predict a lot of things I wanted, so many times, to instigate some fight in any of the melancholic characters, and would ve liked of a backdrop with Krister and his ex girlfriend s relationship, both before and after everything, but nevertheless pretty good. [Free] ☨ Bone Deep ♕ The Boy Who Wants Forgiveness Haunted By The Train Accident His Father Instigated, College Freshman Krister Ledoux Is Obsessed With Finding The Person Sending Him Cryptic Hate Mail He Knows It S One Of Them A Family Member Of One Of The Accident Victims, And He S Willing To Go To Hell And Back To Find Out Which One The Girl He Can T Forget She Was A Stranger Who Kissed Him In The Middle Of The Train Station, And Now She S The Girl Who Pleads With Her Eyes For Krister To Be The Distraction She S So Desperate For Krister Doesn T Know What It Is About Her, Why He S Sucked Into Playing Cambria S Game All He Knows Is That When He S With Her, He Isn T Consumed With Thoughts Of The Crash The Collision That Can T Be Avoided Cambria Doesn T Know Who Krister Is That He S The Son Of The Town S Most Infamous Killer, And He Knows If His True Identity Surfaces He Ll Lose Her Forever However Secrets Can T Stay Buried Forever, And Now Krister Must Fight To Prove That Their Bone Deep Connection Is Far Powerful Than The Hatred She Now Has Toward Him Originally posted on my blog Tangled Up In Books I received a copy of this book from InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review for this blog tour In no way did this sway my review or my rating Sometimes I get this strong desire for a really emotional read When I read the blurb for Bone Deep that desire flared up bright and I knew I had to read it My emotions while reading it were such a mixed up mess At the same time I d be both praying something happened between Krister and Cambria and yet praying that it wouldn t I was fighting between swooning and smiling and trying to keep down this dread and fear for what was to come of these two characters I was already in love with So many different, quite contradictory feelings and thoughts sucked up and swirling around together in a vacuum of emotions Bone Deep succeeded in completely wreaking havoc on my heart It was beautiful and bittersweet.My heart always seems to gravitate towards the broken characters In this case we have two and like I already said I fell in love with both of them First there s Krister Ledoux, the entire book is told in his POV which was awesome and different Normally we re always in the female s POV or a switch between the two Honestly I don t think I would have liked it as much had it not been in his I also don t think I d have been able to read the level of sympathy and understanding I had of him had it not been There was just something about watching this story unfold through Krister s eyes and seeing how deeply the accident his dad caused had scarred his life How a year later, which is when this story takes place, he is still just as broken Maybe even so His pain and turmoil are so real I could feel them Every time he got a letter in the mail my heart hurt because he was paying emotionally for something he didn t do and I knew it would just sink him further and further.Then there s Cambria Lockwood whom you can t help but like When we first get to meet her she s just so fragile and falling apart All about finding distractions from life and her loss and how it messed up her family I was constantly at war within myself wanting her to put her trust in Krister and thinking just how easily they could fix each other and feeling that dread of knowing at some point it s all going to come apart Watching her blossom and live while waiting for the other shoe to drop I d read all the moments of joy and happiness with these two and see her start to change and my heart would swell and then just drop because before you even open the book, just reading the blurb you know what s eventually going to happen.I was drawn in immediately and it was impossible to put down With each turn of the page I was pulled in deeper and deeper to this beautiful story of tragedy, loss, forgiveness and picking up the pieces and learning to live again It was the perfect degree of emotional read and I m so glad I signed up for it I recently purchased another book by Brooklyn Skye, Fragile Line, before I read this one and I was already looking forward to starting it, but since Bone Deep that feeling has multiplied With one book Brooklyn Skye has won a spot on my go to authors list and I can t wait to read of her work 3 starsWhat happens when your life changes in the flash of an eye, the drop of a hat or the smashing of metal Does this change you Can you put yourself back together keep going everyday These are the questions that are asked and answered by Krister and Cambria They do not know that the events of one day will change their lives forever Krister has just been trying to get back to a normal life No stares, no people feeling sorry for the kid, no look who it is He just wants a normal life where he is just Krister not the son of the man that killed 8 people on a train one afternoon because he was texting Krister continues to live his life but at what cost He is so caught up in trying to not be like his father that he is losing his best friend and girlfriend Then there she is sitting on a bench at the train station She has this pull about her Krister tries to stay away but can not.Cambria is dealing with the loss of her mom and an overbearing big brother who is not handling their mom s death well She knows she has to keep living it is what she would have wanted her to do She is in college and doing well but she still needs to make her life better She can not help but go to the one place that makes her feel close to her mother, the train station Cambria feels like it is all her fault If only she was not acting like a child Her mom would still be here Then this stranger reaches out and sparks life back into her She feels it is a sign from her mom that things are going to be ok.Krister and Cambria continue a journey of self discovery But when secrets are revealed, can Krister come clean about them Will Cambria be able to live with those secrets Can their hearts break any from losing someone they love 3.5 Stars Bone Deep is an intriguing new adult novel that delivers a multitude of emotions through its complex characters and unique storyline Brooklyn Skye definitely caught my eye with this one the premise so fascinating and full of potential for forging an emotional connection to the characters Krister and Cam are caught in an absolutely heartbreaking situation made all the complicated by their instant chemistry and unavoidable connection I enjoyed exploring their relationship, the brutal realities of their individual worlds, and the vibrant life they were able to lose themselves in together Bone Deep is by all definitions a New Adult novel, delivering a story of self discovery, acceptance, forgiveness, and love While the specific experiences may be unique to the story, Krister and Cam s personal journeys, their trials and triumphs, are undoubtedly relatable Krister was definitely a captivating character I was drawn to his anguish and confusion He was very much stuck inside his own head, which made Cam s appearance in his life and the subsequent growth of Krister s character seem like such a refreshing change of pace Instead of obsessing over the details of her emotional turmoil, Cam was simply frozen in her grief In his quest for redemption, Krister grounded her, forcing her to feel and helping her move forward by simply being there to experience life alongside her While Brooklyn Skye gives us an in depth look into these characters, I felt like I was missing the whole picture I wish we could have gotten a detailed look into their pasts, their lives before tragedy struck, and what their future held in order to really appreciate the true emotional depth of the characters.I adored the concept of Bone Deep Krister s feelings of guilt and responsibility in the aftermath of a tragedy his father caused lent themselves to a story riddled with angst and personal growth His unexpected connection to Cam and the secrets they both kept further served to build the tension of the story to an addictive high I also felt as if a lot was left unresolved, particularly in regards to the secondary characters For example, Jamon and Wrenn s strangely close relationship was referenced several times without any real explanation as to the nature of it Did Krister and his father ever come to an understanding about what really happened on the train Cam s brother dealt with issues that were given a large enough role in this novel to warrant significant closure for this character, yet the character felt barely tapped into These loose ends are what kept me from being blown away by what was an otherwise intriguing novel Brooklyn Skye has definitely started something heartfelt with this one Overall, I found Bone Deep to be enjoyable, raw, and full of angst. Obsessed by Books arc given in exchange for an honest review Have you ever met someone who comes into your life at an unexpected time, completely rocks your world, turns you inside out and upside down until all you feel is HER down to your bones Krister is living with the guilt of his father s actions Weighted down by the repercussions of a moment of distraction that cost 8 innocent people their lives a year ago His father was responsible for a train crash that devastated families and changed Krister forever At 18 he feels like his is a shadow of himself and is drowning in the struggle of acceptance for the things he can not change and letting it go to move on with his life.Cambria is also drowning Another lost soul changed forever by a chain of events that she feels responsible for due to her teenage rebellious streak.Her bucket lust 1 Set foot on a train and not feel like you re going to throw up2 Lose the big V3 Be true to yourself4 Make a difference to someone s life5 Fall in love6 Be fearless, even if for only one minute7 Tell someone you re sorry and genuinely mean it8 Get your brother back That cleverly sums up the plot of this novel This is a story of two damaged young adults who find each other in the darkness and reveal their inner hopes to one another It is a journey of hope and acceptance Of realisation and moving on It is well written and I enjoyed it but gave it four stars as I would have liked to explore the relationships with Cam s brother and heard from Krister s dads pov But overall a highly recommended read I did something horrible to someone I love, but a part of me thinks it s really good I did Reviewed for HookedOnBooks 5 Stars Have you ever met someone who comes into your life at an unexpected time, completely rocks your world, turns you inside out and upside down until all you feel is HER down to your bones Krister Ledoux is an 18 year old college freshman who is suffering through the worst year of his life He s the son of a man who killed 8 people, injured over a hundred , and is now serving time in jail, all because his dad was too busy texting his young hot girlfriend to pay attention to his job Everyone in town looks and acts like he s the scum of the Earth, he s distant from his friends, and just doesn t know how to move past what has happened.Until he meets a beautiful stranger on the train platform Cambria Lockwood is a sad, broken girl who sweeps Krister into a whirlwind of love and lust that he has never experienced She opens Krister up, allowing him to feel and be again, while he helps heal her broken heart.But when he finds out who she is, what it will mean for them, can he tell her the truth, even if it means losing the only girl he has ever loved forever Bone Deep is slow burning book It starts out slow, but gets better and better with every page turn At moments, I wanted to punch Krister in the face, because he comes off selfish and such, but he grows through the book and becomes a very interesting, fleshed out character I love Cambria, her personality, her ways, I felt she was a very relateable character, and I would love to read about her This book holds attention, contains many twists and turns, and has an amazing arc that leads to amazing conclusion If you like romance, steamy sex scenes, and a sense of anticipation, then definitely pick up Bone Deep for a good entertaining read This author is one to watch, she tells a very good story yet again.Its full of action, regret, secrets and angst that will take you to places you don t want to visit but have to.I m not giving anything away on this book as whatever I write will give too much away There are reviews above mine and below and I have nothing to add but for the excellence of this author.DON T MISS OUT. Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickAfter reading Fragile Line by Brooklyn Skye, I couldn t wait to read of her work So I jumped when offered the chance to read and review Bone Deep As much as I had loved Fragile Line though, I didn t feel the same way about Bone Deep While Bone Deep was a decent story, it wasn t one that I loved or want to go back and read This one just didn t offer anything much in the way of new or different and is a story that I thought was predictable.Krister Ledoux is dealing with the fallout of a horrible tragedy that was committed by his father His dad caused a horrible train accident that left several people dead and even injured Krister has been receiving hate mail and is determined to not only find who is sending the letters, but also do what he can to atone for his father s mistake But when he ends up meeting a mysterious girl at the train station, he can t help but finally feel alive again Krister knows that Cambria is dealing with something and is looking for an escape, and he will do whatever it takes to help her the way she has helped him But Cambria has no idea who Krister is and that his father is the one who killed so many people in the accident When the truth comes out, Krister and Cambria are left to deal with the fallout from the secrets that they kept from one another Can they find a way to move forward, or will their secrets have been too painful to recover from I liked Krister and Cambria well enough, but I didn t really connect with them They were younger characters, but I honestly felt like they were pretty immature even for their age group They were pretty self centered and didn t really think of anyone else I especially thought that was true in the case of Krister I do understand that they had both been through a lot and were young, but I still thought that it was no excuse for some of their actions Krister had withdrawn from life and his friends and refused to move forward with his life He felt like because of his dad s actions and the way some people treated him was an excuse to stop working at his internship, stop attending class, and be kind of a jerk to his friends Cambria pretty much buried her head in the sand and refused to take action where her brother was concerned She knew he was acting unusual and having problems, and yet she didn t really do anything about it until it got out of hand I did feel like Cambria and Krister were good together and that they had some really great moments But I just was left feeling sort of ho hum about them as a couple.Overall, I thought that this story was mostly enjoyable The beginning was slow and was a bit confusing at first It kind of felt as though the reader is dropped into the middle of a story and you are left sort of wondering if you had missed anything I felt like I was playing catch up trying to figure out what was going on I also didn t care for the fact that Krister was still fooling around with Jess while things were beginning and going on with Cambria He didn t want her with anyone else, and yet he was still off and on with his ex While this story was a good read, it just didn t blow me away and wasn t one that I will remember I felt like it was similar to other NA stories out there, and that it followed a pretty predictable path There really wasn t any new ground broken here, but that is okay if that is what you are looking for I think if you want a quick and easy NA read that you might give this one a shot But if you are looking for something unique or different, this one might not be for you I will look for in the future from Brooklyn Skye, because while I wasn t a huge fan of this story I really like her writing style and loved Fragile Line ARC Provided by Inkslinger PR