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Bursting the dreamy MBA bubblesI thoroughly enjoyed the way this book asked me so many questions on so many levels If you are a true MBA aspirant, you are going to come out inspired, feeling certain about the choices you are going to make If you aren t, this is what you needed most from taking the wrong leap of a huge investment of money and your priceless time.I read this book right after Chioma Isiadinso s The Best Business Schools Admission Secrets based on suggestion and it felt like continuing through the same enquiry with a true focus on Indian perspective.I could steal a star for his humor but Nay Absolutely glad how it has given a clearer vision on the subject. If you are thinking of pursuing MBA in a foreign country, then you have come to the appropriate page to seek what to read to begin with This book looks beyond the hype and highlights the typical issues and challenges regarding an International MBA It flows through all the relevant topics and enumerates the pros and cons of the MBA journey, right from the germination of first thoughts to the MBA jobs All in all, a comprehensive, India perspective book on the subject For prospective candidates facing dilemmas in the course of final decision making, this book is a must read It not only gives a googled out view of all the related aspects, but cajoles the reader to look inwards and think on several aspects that are practical, disturbing and need thorough consideration For, until you address these issues, you may not be able to successfully pursue your dreams with a realistic risk assessment.Mind you, this is not a How to book on International MBA It is of a What book, which describes what the different aspects are, at a level at which any reader can comprehend It also tells you where you need to look for further information, which is a huge task in itself.At the end, you do get a feeling that the author is dissuading the prospective candidate from pursuing the MBA dream However, if you look back through the chapters, the message is clear create awareness so that the candidate approaches the MBA rigmarole with the right attitude, expectation, perspective and preparation.In addition, though the author runs a MBA consulting company, he does not use this book as a platform for advertising it I cam across this book at a time when I was doing well in my first venture and was convinced that I don t need an MBA However, being interested in management in general, I gave the book a go and came back impressed Sameer Kamat, with his background, is able to understand precisely the problems that the aspirants face when they are applying to global B schools There is also a fair comparison between and Indian and Global MBA and tries his best to address the key issues The book very succinctly list down the common myths that the aspirants harbor about an MBA and tries to present a sound, logical argument against them with relevant examples and stories The book is easy to read is well structured and you can complete it in a couple of sessions enriched with useful information There is a handy career guide describing the major professions that MBA s pursue that is very useful for newbies Also, you got to love the honest approach of the author Here is a man who is a MBA consultant but stresses on the fact that not everyone needs an MBA Beyond the MBA hype, is not just a book to read and commented about to take learnings from it But it s actually something than that to me, and that additional something I call it is Bible for MBA prospects I actually am thankful to the craftsman of this masterpiece, Sameer sir I hope I had got this book a lil before I started my MBA journey, I would sure wouldn t have landed up doing an MBA at the moment This book actually act as an immensified portal of learnings and knowledge a person can take who has his mind wandering around MBA keeda You need not google or wiki stuffs for your MBA prep or the path and pre requisites for it, you get it all when you go thru this book It actually portrays all the happening all the pros and cons of doing an MBA no cons hehe just to add a lil rhyme i added it, so guys take no harm and it has that influential power in itself that can cater to the minds which are flickered about either of doing an MBA or not It gives clarity, it gives an aspiration It gives all that an MBA student require to have in the need to crack a focus intellect required for MBA in a b school It talks about MBA in out it talks about the myths it talks about the branches you can enter as your specialization which is again a very big confusion point for MBA keedas, the best part of the book is that you can actually relate parts of the book with parts of your own life You can actually help yourself to a great extent if you have this bible with you and you read the bible and get blessed by the author and even god being sarcastic, blessings would always be But importantly clarity of thoughts is all you conclude to after you finish reading it And one thing which I strongly BELIVE in is that All the educational institutes and the soooo called not even that so called, for some so called and for some life saviour for some the end of the world for some genie in a bottle and even Axe pert hehe GMAT training institutes and places where MBA is of emphasis this BIBLE SHOULD BE MADE COMPULSORY A lot of people s live who don t know why they want to do an MBA, but will do an MBA because they belong to herd mentality and for those who wants to do an MBA but are unable to get into it for some or the other reason, this piece will definitely help all of us to heal that pain firstly and secondly help us in a great manner to strategize our plan of actions and will give an insight of whether I AM MADE FOR AN MBA OR NOT I strongly recommend this book as a a highly recommendable book for every student out their on this globe especially aur indian bandhu s and bandhi s buy a copy of this book before you start the journey of your MBA Trust one way or another this book will HELP YOU like anything and wll benefit you thruout your MBA journey I love BIBLE for MBA prospects oops sowie Beyond the MBA hype. I read this book a few years back and it provided the right direction on how to approach MBA It helped me evaluate whether i should take the plunge and was willing to repay the debt for next 5 10 years The book will tell you a lot of aspects the MBA industry coaching inst, essay editors etc will never tell you.Apart from dissecting the hype around the program, the book provides the right knowledge and perspectives to consider while planning for career enhancement So after you are done with the hype part and see the program for what it is, you will start getting to align your expectations and realistically judge if MBA can help you get where you want to be.I guess this book will provide you guidance which is not possible to get from friends relatives and especially from MBA grads they don t want to shatter the image The book is a must read especially for all MBA applicants to get a feel beyond the numbers considering the media which depicts MBA as a money making machine I bought this book when I started applying to business schools This is a valuable resource for all people who are applying thinking to apply to business schools the earlier the better.1 Gives an overview the full process If you are thinking to go for an MBA, you need to do several things preparing for the GMAT, taking the GMAT, researching schools, writing application essays, and making a resume This books gives you a lot of information, which is often scattered on the internet, in one easy place for a very reasonable price, thus saving you a lot of time.2 Gives you insight on what to expect as you start your MBA journey.3 Gives you information on schools, GMAT scores, specific profiles etc.4 Really gets you to think why you want to go for an MBA This is essential to really shine in your application essays.5 Sets your expectations of an MBA correct This is very much essential as generally people, including myself, have bloated expectations mainly due to the advertisements.Overall, it s a must book to read It will not give you concrete information on how to do well on the GMAT or essays but sets you in the right direction Also, it s a pleasure to read the storytelling is good This book was really helpful in allowing me to think clearly about my goals as a professional Like many young professionals who d been working for a few years but felt they hit a slump , I saw an MBA as a ticket than as a reality and failed to define my goals prior to applying When I went through the interview with the schools I d selected I d fallen completely out of love with the idea again, of an infatuation than true understanding I performed the interview and felt like I was sitting in a stereotype I wouldn t say the book convinced me out of an MBA b c I still have some desire to eventually voyage through one, but it challenged and questioned my motives and perceptions This may or may not influence your decision in the end b c there may be many other factors in the mix for you but for me, it was a perfect book to read before and during the MBA application process. This book has really opened my eyes about the world of management right from applying to B schools to the jobs and careers that one makes out of it Before reading this book I would say that I had very less knowledge about future career paths, but now I seem to have a fair idea.I would recommend anybody who is trying to get a globally sound MBA to read this book I think this book is a hype considering I knew about 80% of the things sameer is trying to convey I found negative energy flowing out of this book I had already given my GMAT one year before this book was launched and even got an admit in top 20 I had to defer my admit so in a free time I decided to read this book to have a insiders perspective But sameer talks about what mainly is hugely out of context and I didn t find anything which was like new to me All the links, books which he shares with us I knew it earlier even though I had no prior knowledge about GMAT At times it just seems he has taken info from Google and just organized it. `Download Book ↼ Beyond The MBA Hype ↝ This Comprehensive And Attractively Written Guide Should Be Required Reading For Anyone Contemplating An MBA At An International Business School Says Dr Jochen Runde MBA Director , University Of CambridgeThis Is A Revised And Updated Edition Of The Bestselling Book With Useful New Material To Guide The MBA Aspirant The Working Executive As Well As The Fresh College Graduate In The MBA JourneyOriginally Written For The Indian MBA Applicant, This Book Has Become Popular Among The Wider Demographic Of MBA Aspirants Across The World Who Are Completely At Sea When It Comes To Approaching International Education OpportunitiesBeyond The MBA Hype Talks About The Typical Issues, Challenges And Dilemmas That International MBA Applicants Grapple With While Applying To The Best MBA Programs