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I liked the first few chapters then the book went to shit Chase started acting like a child I was happy when Taylor finally told him to grow up It seems after they got together it was sex, sex, sex which is not surprising with a Liz Andrews book.It doesn t help when the sequel is a menage as a continuation of their story I don t like menage stories so that didn t help me invest in the characters I was already getting bored and that put me in the I don t even care category especially since the 3rd will be female I like m m and m f just fine I just don t like female bits in my m m stories.I had stopped reading Liz Andrews because her books were becoming all about sex, sex, andsex and the story as an afterthought This was my first book back into her world and its sad to say this will also be the last. Those abs are so shopped he looks like he has a This is what happens when I don t listen to other reviewersFriends to lovershow can one go wrong with this theme you ask Well let me draw you a map because it was all over the place and ended up on wrong This story put the dick in predictable and not in the fun way The characters were cardboard I skimmed the sex and the parts that I did read had new and unusual terms for m m sex Oy Overall, I was not a fan Lesson learned when 10 12 reviews tell you its no buenoits no bueno. Totally touches all my favourite overused tropes best friends become lovers, G4Y, jealousy and some angst The first part of the story was good, a nice introduction to the characters and a solid start to who the main guys were and a good build of a story Then it all went to hell It quickly became about sex, a bit of whining,awkward sex, a little drama, and the end I actually gotinterested in the secondary characters than I did the main ones.It doesn t make things better when the sequel to this book will be a menage Not only that but also adding a girl Jeez I get that Chase is bisexual and Alex is G4Y for Chase But reallyI liked the first 35% of the book, sadly for me it just stopped being enjoyable after that I tried a new author for me this month Didn t work out Moving on. ( Free Pdf ) ♾ Best of Both Worlds ⚆ Sometimes You Just Have To Come Right Out And Ask The QuestionAfter Months Of Exploring His Bisexuality On His Own, College Student Chase Randolph Is Ready For A Night Out On The Town All The Way Out He Never Expected Alex Landry To Witness His First Experimental Sexual Encounter, Though Chase Has Been Attracted To His Best Friend And Roommate Forever, But One Thing Is Sure Alex Is Straight So Straight, He S Never Caught On To Chase S Mixed Tastes Alex Assures Chase They Will Always Be Friends, But Privately, His Own Reaction Shocks Him An Ex Jock Isn T Supposed To Fantasize About His Roommate Not Supposed To Need Another Man S Kiss So Badly It Makes Him Sweat He Was Prepared To Change Direction After His Football Career Ended Before It Began, But Change This Drastically As Chase And Alex Struggle To Come To Terms With The Changes In Their Relationship, Jealousy Pushes Friendship To The Brink Of Disaster Or Love Warning No Heaving Bosoms Here, Just Two Gorgeous Guys, Lots Of Muscles And Some Closet Doors Banging Wide Open 1.5 StarsSome will think this was a cute simple read Others will think it s a sexy GFY I however think the plot was contrived Taylor had the answer to every problem Alex is just confused and not hot Chase and his wanna be alpha domineering role did nothing to sex ify this story not recommended Quick review Cover Smoking Rating NC 17 Steaminess HOT Thumbs Up 4Overall I enjoyed it for what it wasCharacters A little unbelievable at timesPlot Sexy story linePage Turner Yes Series Cont Yes Recommend YesBook Boyfriend ChaseSUMMARY 50 words or less This book may not win any literary awards, but for me it was entertaining The storyline was hot I enjoyed it There were a few unbelievable parts and some of the dialogue is cheesy But love is cheesy sometimes Looking for a quick hot read, check this one out.To see my full review and yummy pic, check out my blog post below.COMING SOON I love friends to lovers stories, so naturally, I was looking forward to this book However, after reading some reviews and finding out the sequel is a menage I hate menages I m so not buying this book Thanks but no thanks. Oh God, how did I end up here You know, I never really liked Romance as a genre by itself I like my romances mixed in with action and drama, not as the main plot of the story The only time I go looking for it, is when I read fanfiction I already know the characters and the ship, now I need them to get the HEA they didn t in the main story.This book felt like a fanfiction The plot was for the main characters to get together But we didn t really get to know them as the people they were They were both cardboard characters, written exactly like each other Sometimes I had a hard time telling them apart It s like the author was writing the romantic relationship of two characters that she expected us to already know and love And since that s not the case, I really couldn t care less about anything that happened between them.Plus, I would have at least enjoyed it a little bitif we really got to see how they went about their lives amidst all the sex Honestly, this books waslike a badly written smut fan Believe me, I know I ve read my fare share of em And I say badly because the conversations were awkward and the things they said to each other didn t really make sense I thought it was me, a non native speaker of English randomly finding fault with the writing, but then I checked the other reviews and found out we re all on the same page.I m really only blaming myself though I have no idea how I ended up picking this book I should have stuck to my fanfictions, they re seriously waybetter than this book, even the badly written ones. Just the other day I was reading a story about college boys and thinking how they were really too na ve in their behavior for being guys living out of the protective umbrella of their family Here the feeling was exactly the opposite, when first we met Chase, I didn t feel the vibes of a college boy but of amature man Then in the course of the story, and especially when we met Alex, the college boys theme isaccentuated, but still, I have the feeling this story could have been also between two older friends suddenly realizing their mutual feeling had turned into something else.The author pushes a lot on the bisexual button, so much that I m comfortable in saying this isa bisexual than a gay romance, even if there is no woman in the mix but the author wants her characters to be bisexual, and like that, I have no trouble in picturing this couple, maybe in a next future, opening their relationship to a woman, given that they find someone who is compatible with both of them.The moving from friends to lovers was not sudden, it was something boiling between them for a long time, so long that it doesn t seem strange when they almost rush to the sexual aspect of their relationship It s a rush for the reader, since they have just met them, but it s not for them, who are best friends since high school, and now something , something deeper for a long time.There is a lot of sex, long, detailed sex scenes between Chase and Alex maybe my only complaint is that I would have not minded to see them interact a littlewith the external world, even maybe testing the waters about their relationship with someone else other than trusted friends But maybe that is the subject of another novel for this author