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In terms of context, research style, exquisite An excellent read. [[ Kindle ]] ⇙ Beloved and God ↶ Who Was Antonius Why Did He Become A God Lambert S Beloved God Tackles All The Mysteries The Story Presents With Many Illustations Of The People Places Concerned In The Affair Of The Splendid Fascinating Artefacts Which It Produced, This Account, Based On Thoro Research, Is A Compelling Read This Book Investigates The Mysteries That Surround How This Obscure Greek Boy Came To Dominate The Powerful Emperor Hadrian The Author Recreates The Glory Decadence Of The Roman Empire Ripe For Decline Antinous Was The Lover Of The Roman Emperor Hadrian The Author Demonstrates That Hadrian S Private Sexual Life His Obsession With His Young Lover Antinous Did Have An Impact On Policy His Public Actions, Particularly The Establishment Of Antinous As A State Sponsored God, To Be Worshiped By The Citizens Of The Roman Empire When Antinous, Around Age , Was Accidentally Drowned On The Nile, The Year Old Hadrian Was Devastated His Grief Changed The Empire A comprehensive and highly readable account of the Emperor Hadrian s love for and deification of Antinous Perhaps there is rather too much speculation, though this is inevitable given the limited and ambiguous surviving textual evidence, much of which is Christian and therefore hostile I would have liked to have seen a transcript of the obelisk inscription included as an appendix, rather than the many quotes scattered through the book Also an exploration of the archaeological context, such as Antinoopolis and Hadrian s villa at Tivoli, would have been welcome But, there is an excellent set of references to support further research. For those who cannot get enough of the true story of Hadrian and his beloved Antinous.A sad story..a joyous story.a story of a Lover and his Beloved who gave himself in ways than one for his loverHadrian.Beauty love graceAntinous had it alland it was all for Hadrian. Sometimes we just have to face it we don t always know all that much about something Not even if we wished for it to be otherwise. This is an older work now, but still the most complete synthesis published in English on the topic Lambert writes with a certain artistic flourish, and an inclination to enliven the dull, fragmentary sources that are par for the course when dealing with Hadrian s reign something that makes for pleasant reading of dubious use I am reminded in this of Mary Renault s The Nature of Alexander, also a biography dripping with love for its subject or perhaps it is simply the long shadow that Yourcenar casts over everything to do with Antinous that brings Renault to mind by association I cannot speak to the academic value of Lambert s chapters on the cult or the statuary or the emperor himself, all of which lie outside of my area of expertise The queer aspect, however, is rather deftly and capably handled I find little fault with it and little to correct, despite the work of intervening decades A worthwhile acquisition for those interested in the topic, if one bears in mind the paucity of evidence left on this period, and the men in question in particular. I can t stress enough how interested I am in Hadrian and Antinous However, I unfortunately found this book a hard read The writing was inaccessible I learnt a bit from it but I just hate when a subject is so interesting but writing isn t readable. Amazing read with many details about Antinous and many beautiful photos The author did love his subject matter greatly and did an extensive research For me the definite historical read for any Antinous Hadrian lover out there. Excellent telling of the story of both Hadrian and Antinous, also touching on its influence on early Christian development. extremely interesting and well detailed the author clearly is passionate and wants to tell the complete tale lovely piece