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There are parts of me that really want to buy into Joe s philosophy which appear to me to claim the ability to control outcomes over life beyond what is realistic or healthy I think However, no matter how much I ve tried to entertain it, I always come back to some of same points.1 The point of life is not to control outcomes but to evolve, awaken, grow and develop consciousness, compassion, understanding, patience and humility as we are shaped by the outcomes and circumstances of life we cannot control.2 Thus, to focus on the outcome rather than on being mindful and compassionate on all parts of ourselves that are stimulated or agitated by our circumstances is to miss the point and set ourselves up for disappointment, frustration and disillusionment not to mention, likelihood that we ll repeat the same patterns in our lives until we integrate the parts of ourselves that are unconsciously creating them rather than just focusing on using the subconscious to manipulate and control outcomes.3 To meditate with the intention to create a certain circumstance in ones life I think promotes and propagates spiritual immaturity and attachment things that meditation is actually supposed to help remedy ironically As some have said, what s in the way is the way So that s where I get severely tripped up when trying to honestly digest Joe s philosophy At the very least, I think Joe s work serves as a potential bridge from the scientific community to the spiritual community and introduces some of the potential benefits of meditations in a scientific way However, I think his philosophy overextended itself and actually weakens the message by over promising and focusing too much on outcomes rather than the process It thus reads like an infomercial for meditation than a time tested spiritual path that can work for many rather than for the few miracle story people whom the stars happen to align for and may have regardless of their application of Joe s methods and all is of course reductively attributed their application of Joe s philosophy and methods. Great As usual Very well researched and fascinating I found it riveting I m going to read it again as there was so.much to digest Although initially unsure of what I was about to explore upon reading Becoming Supernatural, from Chapter 11, I was in my own element Firstly, though, you will embark upon a journey with the author to learn the basics upwards, on why thinking beyond linear is highly productive and evolutionary From being highly materialistic, I reached this stage, after feeling dissatisfied, knowing there must be I deeply surrendered in faith, but for those who cannot, or just have a myriad of questions upon each and every shift, the author addresses so much and probably than you thought to ask Perhaps I had an early headstart at age 14, on learning to meditate, which included teachings of The Unified Field I confess to questioning how to be grounded for the purpose of greater manifestation and greater joy in physical life, so much that, due to a health issue at the time in 2008 , I bowed out of teaching reiki, just giving some private sessions to long term clients I turned my focus to my diet to heal, which I d already become avidly interested in of late, and waited to see how the universe filled that void And it did I began to write for magazines, and the experience has been both essential for fine tuning my expression in writing and generally I ve also learnt about marketing, social media, sourcing information and far than I can express in this space In short, it has been an important stepping stone on my path to connect me with the world But yet, even that growth only went so far So here I am, yet again, back full circle, with Dispenza s advice of living in the nonlinear and becoming detached of 3D in order to take a quantum leap no this is not fairy stuff, but solidly scientific, but please read the book for this So, this affirmation has honestly made me personally happier than I ve been in a long while Why, you ask Not just to say, I was right, but because it feels marvelous I feel free freedom , creative, flowing, and pure amazing If you already get all this, begin on page 242. My wife got this book for me at Christmas It sat on the shelf until it needed to be read Dr Joe Dispenza is operating at his 10,000 hours of research in this book While I ve been a fan of his previous books this one shows the full breadth of his incredible work In this book you ll learn How to break free from past limiting beliefs and recondition the brain into a new coherence.Why changing that frequency creates a new reality in a present moment that most of us rarely see.A deep dive into the pineal gland and a series of meditations that activate its potential I did these meditations and during at least one session I had tears of joy running down my face No joke.How to unlock your awareness beyond our limited smartphone world This area focuses on tapping into the quantum field Enjoying becoming supernatural Long long ago I was indoctrinated into such a pseudoscience and lost a lot due to it After understanding just one thing law of large numbers, those beliefs vanished That doesn t mean we know it all, but things mentioned here are just the consequences of a good imagination.How to make a pseudoscience and earn from it Take one bias, let s say, one event, forgetting law of large numbers, then mix it with latest scientific discoveries quantum is best , don t think about it much For example, forget what that quantum really means, just mix And then apply that mix to the whole of the world.Why people believe without proof or prove at the first sight Well, because it s too complex on brains not to D I m almost to the end of the book and I give it 4 stars The content is solid and I say this coz I already know this shit works since my mid 20s way before I even heard of Joe Dispenza Somehow I had intuitively come across the same process, but just never really understood how and why it worked and the science behind it Have I used it regularly since No, in fact rarely Meditation does not come naturally for me so unless I m in a desperate situation or really sick of where I am in life, I don t use this method I dropped 1 star because the entire chapter 8 was basically a marketing pitch to buy the Mind Movie program I do not see how you need that It s most likely just a slide show something you can easily make using Power Point, or even your desktop screensaver or Adobe Premier It doesn t have to be that specific program And to be honest, the only difference here is you re meditating in a trance with your eyes open, instead of closed You don t need it.In , a lot of people people gave 3 stars or less coz of all the stuff he s trying to sell in this book, from his workshops to all his different meditation cd s and there are many Truth be told most of his meditations follow the same format and if you ve heard one, you ve pretty much heard them all The difference would only be 20% If you guys don t want to buy check youtube, I found some there a couple of years ago But if we re talking about manifesting, you don t really need to listen to a CD You just have to know how to get to alpha or lower meaning meditate and then do the visualization combined with elevated emotion thing, that s all you need And again, there are many free guided meditations on youtube that can help you get to alpha.His CDs and method would probably be useful if you re trying to activate your kundalini I haven t activated mine, if your goal is healing then you could benefit greatly from activating your kundalini Lastly, to all the nonbelievers out there, I can assure you that what he s teaching here is nothing new It s exactly what prayer is I went to a Catholic school and this is exactly what they said Pray to God, ask for what you want, then trust that it is done, and thank him for it Isn t that the same concept Intention Gratitude elevated emotion It s exactly what spell casting in Wicca is You cast your spell and then you thank them and say so mote it be And you shouldn t keep recasting your spell, you should let go you can t keep on thinking about why is it not happening yet It s really the same concept which religions have used and abused to their own benefit When in fact if you strip religion out of the equation, it will still work. I should not grade this book so harshly, some will find it useful, but I ll never finish it or use it as a reference My main gripe is that the chakras are presented as if they are not an ancient yogic practice Same with all the meditations they have origins while they don t need to be the focus of the book they most certainly shouldn t be presented as if Joe just discovered them I may have skipped the section where he covers this and maybe I am being too harsh I hope Maybe he is just saying these are the practices that work for him and he hopes they work for others too Really I just need to do a better job of practicing the meditations I do know and stop looking for a way to make it all so easy. some stuff was interesting but i felt that he didn t have very good examples on placebo effects outside of people attending a million of his seminars This was of a marketing material for his seminars than an actual good book I think he just needs to re write it because there s some great material in it (EPUB) Î Becoming Supernatural â The Author Of The New York Times Bestseller You Are The Placebo, As Well As Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself And Evolve Your Brain, Draws On Research Conducted At His Advanced Workshops Since To Explore How Common People Are Doing The Uncommon To Transform Themselves And Their Lives Becoming Supernatural Marries The Some Of The Most Profound Scientific Information With Ancient Wisdom To Show How People Like You And Me Can Experience A Mystical LifeReaders Will Learn That We Are, Quite Literally Supernatural By Nature If Given The Proper Knowledge And Instruction, And When We Learn How To Apply That Information Through Various Meditations, We Should Experience A Greater Expression Of Our Creative Abilities That We Have The Capacity To Tune In To Frequencies Beyond Our Material World And Receive Orderly Coherent Streams Of Consciousness And Energy That We Can Intentionally Change Our Brain Chemistry To Initiate Profoundly Mystical Transcendental Experiences And How, If We Do This Enough Times, We Can Develop The Skill Of Creating A Efficient, Balanced, Healthy Body, A Unlimited Mind, And Greater Access To The Realms Of Spiritual Truth Topics Include Demystifying The Body S Energy Centers And How You Can Balance Them To Heal How To Free Yourself From The Past By Reconditioning Your Body To A New Mind How You Can Create Reality In The Generous Present Moment By Changing Your Energy The Difference Between Third Dimension Creation And Fifth Dimension Creation The Secret Science Of The Pineal Gland And Its Role In Accessing Mystical Realms Of Reality The Distinction Between Space Time Vs Time Space Realities And Much This is a MUST READThis book blew my mind over and over and over Plusses as an avid reader of self help i appreciated that the message was very simple and promoted going within instead of DO ing and Technically yes going within is doing something but it is something that actually makes you feel amazing afterward instead of just busy work to fill your schedule He uses real scientific info to back up every single claim he makes and provides replicable practices to help you find the amazing results on your own Just doing his heart coherence meditation and the energy center blessings has changed my life in measurable ways As the mom of two under six I am always looking for a way to calm down, relax and yell less Making these simple meditations my priority helps me sleep better, feel refreshed after sleeping, have a calmer response to the chaos having kids brings, and has actually made me feel open to playing with my kids and paying attention to them instead of rushing off to the next thing i have to do in order to be a good mom It feels incredible that doing less leads to comfort, joy, feelings of satiation and wholeness.My only complaint is the lengthy repetition of some concepts, because it gets a little tedious at times for us who don t quite care that much about the intricacies of the science behind it But if you can get through all that it is so very worth it I purchased the mind movie software after reading about it and I ve read about the influence of the subconscious in a bunch of other books too and i love the software too Maybe it s an upsell, but it s one I ve been looking for a long time and i feel it already opening the doors of possibility It all comes down to whether you re ready for such an incredible shift of daily narrative Are you ready to stop being a victim of your life and start creating something you never even dreamed was possible I believe its possible, and this is where you begin.