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READ PDF ê Beastly Desires (The Verochka Pride #1) Ø Kamali Oriade Is In Over Her Head And Terrified For Both Herself And Her Son After Watching Her Father Murdered Before A Significant Portion Of Her Pride Was Wiped Out By A Merciless Rogue Lion, She Soon Finds Her Terror Transforming Into Cold, Unerring Determination To Survive Not Just For Herself But For The Cub Who Means Everything To Her Her Son Is Wanted Dead And She S Wanted As A Trophy For A Man Who Craves Taking Everything Her Surname Is Attached To Just When Her Battle Begins And Running Seems To Be The Most Viable Option She Stumbles Into The Presence Of One Pushy, Overbearing, Food Obsessed Tiger Who Doesn T Seem Too Interested In Letting Her Go Kaisal Verochka Is A Typical Pride Male He Torments His Sibling And Younger Cousin, Pisses Off His Parents And Sleeps When He Isn T Hunting Or Listening To Classical Music To Stem His Baser Urges With A Shadowed Past Full Of Mistakes That Haunt Him Daily, He Never Expects For Someone Least Of All A Lioness With An Itchy Trigger Finger To Come Along And Silence His Demons Using Only The Power Of Her Smile He Never Expects The Laughter Of A Cub To Lift The Weight Of Regret From Him And He Never Expects One Chance Encounter To Leave Him So In Tune With Two Individuals That He Can T Find It In Himself To Separate From Them But It Happens It Happens, And He Refuses To Give Up That Smile, That Laughter Even If It Means Massacring Those Pursuing What He Now Considers His This was better than I thought it would be I thought Nico would come but Rave did alright so I didn t hold that against the author I thought for sure Kaisal was going to go back and end him, now that would ve been a great read had he went in just like Nico did and take him down All the sitting around and waiting was good to see their relationship change but with this being a shifter story I was already prepared for that It would ve been good to see him in action with all the talks about how he made his living Then for his father to come through and really show out that would ve been a great read. When you get on the Nikki Winter train be prepared for nonstop action that consists of a fantastic story, filled with humor, romance, drama, great pearl clutching sex and an incredible tale.Kamali Oriade is on the run with her son Callum Her father Enilo Oriade pride leader was ruthlessly killed and the majority of her pride was wiped out The murderer Nico wanted to take over, he wanted Kamali for himself and to kill her son because rightfully Callum would become King So as a mother she ran with her son and would kill a mofo who got in her way which to unsuspecting b stards did and came out dead on the receiving in Nico and his foolish followers will fully understand the deadly repercussions of under estimating a woman They will learn that unlike her father, Kamali will take down satan himself and not blink about doing it.Kamali s running led her into the path of Kaisel Verochka Lion pride leader of the Verochka pack in Denver, Colorado Its a great thing when you meet your soul mate but the other person isn t clear on who you are, if your friend or foe All Kaisel knew was he had to help her and her son and that is what he did In helping them, they helped him for you see Kaisel had believed that because of the things he had done in his path made him unworthy to receive love or anything good in his life But having Kamali and Callum who is hysterically funny by the way filled those empty spaces and put his heart back together Kaisel had a family and he would kill anybody who would be foolish enough to try and harm them in anyway.Kaisel gave Kamali and Callum a life that they never had before, a life of freedom and unconditional love But Kamali wasn t foolish enough to believe that because they were there, the threat against her and her son would go away No it wouldn t go away as long as Nico and his b stards were still around but what took her a good minute to realize was that Kaisel the Alpha Leader and his pack where with her and would kill for her and her son They belong to Kaisel, he was Callum s father and Kamali s mate and come Heaven or High Water nothing and no one was going to come between him and his family.This story also told of a man who had been broken over the loss of the love of his life Enilo who is Kamali s dad never got over it and instead of embracing the daughter that wife left him, Kamali was a constant reminder of all that he lost and sadly he wound up losing his daughter and eventually his life Oh how things could have been so different for him and his daughter but his grief drove him away from her, turned him into a business man who made millions of dollars but missed out on really living his life with his daughter Kaisel came in like a gentle stream and gave her the life she had always wanted but was too afraid to ever think it would happen for her These three souls became one in this brilliant story.But what is a story by Nikki Winter that doesn t have a strong, smart mouth and tough heroine What is a story by Nikki Winter that will have you hollering with laughter because the banter is just so amazing What is a story by Nikki Winter that will have you wanting a story for the secondary characters because she writes them full of life What is a story by Nikki Winter that will have you saying, now I need a man like that who can turn my world upside down in a good way and wanting to commit the rest of your life to that man I am implore you if you have never read a book by this incredible author please do so because you will not regret it She is definitely an automatic 1 Click for me without apology for I know I am going to get a fantastic story from her each and every time.Well Until My Next Review Ciao Bellas This was my first taste of Ms Winters work and I was highly impressed by the strength and endearing charm of her characters Yes there is a roaring, hot hunk of an alpha and a damsel in distress But in between the pages of this work the Alpha has a soft, compassionate side and the damsel is fierce and possesses depth In the story, Kamali, a lioness is on the run to protect her young son from the danger of a crazed shifter who would do him harm in his effort to claim her She encounters Kaisal, a tiger shifter who is taken by her at first glance His compulsion to care for her extends to her son, Callum, a delightful character, and well that kind of open hearted care really drew me in as I suppose it did for the main character Kaisal s family rallies around the mother and cub as well, while danger looms The dialogue between the characters was snappy, full of sass and at times the playfulness seemed out of character, but altogether the book was well written, entertaining and splashed with riveting heat. Awesome Laugh out loud HILARIOUS dialogue along with hot STEAMY sex is a recipe for pure AWESOMENESS I am not so patiently awaiting the next book in the series