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Dizzying, depressing, and decadent Is there a word to describe all three of these things Do I make a word out of the author s name Despentary I think that s my word for it BAISE MOI is all about violence, particularly of the sexual variety The added element of sex is what, from the perspective of many, makes it worthy of being responded to with death This book, in a sense, tackles this concept in a way that, to a certain degree, is borderline fantastical I didn t necessarily mind that attitude because the material, here, was unflinching This book doesn t necessarily place you in the head of the perpetrators of the violence, however Instead, it places you close to the action itself The reader becomes something of a exhibitionist to the pornographic madness that lines in the prose of this curiously cruel, and rather vulgar, novel Similarly to many of the well known French literary shockers who forced the readers to confront the sexual actions that we deemed taboo, we have Virginie Despentes, who decides to make pornography out of violent retaliation and revenge The effect is a mixed bag Grisly at times for certain Sometimes overwhelming in its alarming description The average reader likely will not be able to finish BAISE MOI fast enough, for it is bitter and putrid to the very last page I m personally very glad that I still have yet to reach the bottom of the elevator of French extremities in art. Trashy, exploitive, pornographic and ultra violent You could call this Thelma and Louise on steroids, without all the good parts The story is basically about two women, one a prostitute, the other a slacker, who, after suffering injustice and abuse, and murdering a couple of people, meet each other and decide to hit the road to go on a spree of sex and extreme violence I m not quite sure what Despentes s intent was with this novel, nor the film that came out after The women seem to chose their victims quite randomly, from sleazy men, to rich women and policemen There is one scene that made absolutely no sense and was completely unnecessary Nadine, the prostitute, is in a Casino, and becomes paranoid over two women who are eyeballing her Then with out any warning, she shoots a toddler in the head She has no other explanation other than she had to do it I understand these women don t care about human life, and are expecting to die soon given the amount of junk food and alcohol they consume but to shoot a baby in the face for no reason is too much Another scene involves Manu getting into a fight with rude passer by, and yet they don t kill her when it was established pretty early that they can kill someone for the slightest provocation One of the points Despentes likes to make is that pornography is bad and can turn people violent and sexist towards women This is inspired by Ted Bundy confessing that pornography led him to be a serial killer It s pretty skewered all over the place but it is a short book If you want something pornographic and tasteless this is the one for you. I was curious about reading a controversial book that was banned in France because of its graphic content, dubbed a punk fantasy about female rage Yes, it s full of sex and violence, full of expletives, full of anger and abuse, full of women degrading themselves while convincing themselves that they are in control But none of this made for a sexy read I was grossly disappointed The book is written crudely, with no depth I tried to tell myself that the simplicity of the language was probably due to its being a translation from its original French, but I later decided that no It was simply simple, sophomoric writing The characters are shallow too, so much so, that I had trouble at times even getting close to the end remembering which was which And to top it all off, the plot reminded me too often of the movie Thelma and Louise, which preceded it and thus made this story a less interesting version Sad and disappointing. Le falta sentido, le falta inter s, le falta incluso sexo teniendo en cuenta el t tulo I don t really know where to start, it was a tad too sexually graphic for my personal tastes, but I understand that it was necessary If Thelma Louise actually had any balls, this is what they would have been likeand this is what happens when girls get raped, sadly not the murder spree, just the loss of value for themselves and life and the need to push themselves to the limit in order to even feel anything at all. To start off, Baise Moi by Virginie Depentes is generally not this reader s preferred fiction The book is both extremely graphically sexual and violent and to this reader when it comes to graphic violence and graphic sexuality, it is preferred not to be in a gratuitous or meaningless nature and typically, mature content in fiction is something this reader is not timid about To this reader, extreme and depraved contact in books needs to have meaning or a purpose to successfully propel the story forward, rather than appearing to be assembled words on a page in such fashion just because they can be strung together that way This is regardless if the writer is a male or female it either works, or it does not In the story, two women embark on a wildly decadent, degrading, and nihilistic spree that includes random murders and sexual encounters Some sort of illogical, simultaneous mental switch is thrown in the minds of both women that or less allow them to do the things they want to do, just because they want to do them One lecherous man is murdered because he dares to pull out a condom and another murder is that of a small boy in a small diner The story continues with the two women traveling along meeting other people while carrying out any deed they chose to do so The characterizations of the women create no sort of emotional impact toward their being, which makes one feel little toward what eventually happens to them. Not an easy read due to pornographic scenes, disturbing violence, and depressing views of women and men and culture BUT terrific writing on subjects too often ignored rape revenge and violence promoted by women The author is asking if victims could kill their rapists, wouldn t that stem the violence against women Thought provoking. Tan violenta y sexual que echar a m s de uno para atr s Sin duda leerlo ha sido una experiencia gratificante, bien escrita y con dos personajes memorables. Baise Moi is a violent, sexually explicit novel containing so much rage that it is almost unbearable I almost feel a little guilty for enjoying it so much, but I can t help myself The novel centers around two young female characters Manu and Nadine Manu is a young woman who seems detached from life She drinks far too much, does drugs, and even makes adult films on occasion to fund her drinking and drug abuse She puts no value in herself, her body, or anything else After being horrifically gang raped one day, she meets and teams up with Nadine, a prostitute who is addicted to adult films and loud music They go on a vicious, brutal murder spree where they take what they want, including lives, sex, and money, and offer no apologies They seek to find the ultimate freedom One would think it would be difficult to find anything redeeming or likeable in a novel like Baise Moi, but I found it impossible to put down It was so unashamed with its sexuality and violence that it was almost liberating to read The actions of the characters are despicable and disgusting, but it s not impossible to understand the source of their rage and even pity them in some small way The novel is written in an unemotional style You get the violence and gore without pages of inner monologue or inner exploration of the characters themselves The writing style added a lot to the gritty feel of the story When you strip away the aggression, you are really left with two vulnerable characters that feel alone and think they have nothing to lose because there is no hope for anything better in life The core of the story is really quite sad.Baise Moi isn t a novel that everyone will understand or appreciate, but it can t really be explained either I recommend reading it and coming to your own conclusion.On a side note, if you enjoyed the novel you might like the film by the same name It s just as disturbing, but it s interesting. `READ EPUB ⇶ Baise-moi ☠ Baise Moi Is One Of The Most Controversial French Novels Of Recent Years, A Punk Fantasy That Takes Female Rage To Its Outer Limits Now The Basis For A Hit Underground Film Which Was Banned In France,Baise Moi Is A Searing Story Of Two Women On A Rampage That Is Part Thelma And Louise, Part Viking Conquest Manu And Nadine Have Had All They Can Take Manu Has Been Brutally Raped, And Determines It S Not Worth Leaving Anything Precious Lying Vulnerable Including Her Very Self She Teams Up With Nadine, A Nihilist Who Watches Pornography Incessantly, And They Enact Their Own Version Of Les Vols Et Les Viols Rape And Pillage They Lure Men Sexually, Use Them Up, Then Rob And Kill Them Drawing From The Spiky Cadences Of The Sex Pistols And The Murderous Eroticism Of Georges Bataille Or Dennis Cooper, Baise Moi Is A Shocking, Accomplished, And Truly Unforgettable Novel