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All Indians will perhaps love this book for what it contains The book traces the history of Indo US relations Having been senior adviser to four U S Presidents, Riedal s narration is based on facts However what is even interesting and fascinating is his analysis His insights and analysis are based on first hand knowledge of what actually transpired between principal protagonists Hence his suggestions appear logical and practical even in the context of Kashmir. Bruce provides the inside story of how US and its presidents particularly has dealt with India and Pakistan over the last 7 decade He is fairly critical of US policies in South Asia and states categorically that none of the approaches have worked so far and its time for people in Washington to reflect on their past actions and rethink their policies Bruce has written about a very interesting conversation that occurred between Nawaj Sharif had with Bill Clinton on 4th July 1999 during the Kargil war Clinton averted a nuclear war in the South Asia Bruce states that America is very good at conflict management but horrible at conflict resolution He also proposed solution how the Kashmir issue can be resolved You can choose to agree or disagree but its worth a thought He argues that if India wants to grow to its potential, it needs peace in the region A good read, although not as interesting as you thought it would be. Masterpiece An excellent overview of the past of American diplomacy in South Asia, going beyond the usual analysis of India Pakistan issues from a western perspective.Bruce Riedel is an accomplished writer, that much is well known Having already read some of his books, the expectations were high as it is He exceeded those expectations He has given an in depth analysis of the historical development of India Pakistan relations, with special focus on the psychological factors that underpin the most acrimonious issues of the relationship He also sheds light on the role played by the United States in not only cooling tensions at critical junctures, but also how the US policy towards the region has been misguided due to historical misunderstandings and lack of attention to the fine print.His writing focuses on what most American writers tend to sweep under the rug how US played into Pakistan s hands everytime, how, despite frequent opportunities, the White House failed to rein in an increasingly erratic regime that used terrorism as an instrument of state policy.He also focuses on the irritants of India US relations, especially the psychological barriers that were erected early in the cold war His emphasis on the positives of the bilateral relations is vital to the analysis of the burgeoning relations between the existing and emerging superpowers of the world.All said and done, a lot scholarly analysis needs to go into India s approach towards the US, and then some USA is probably the most important bilateral partner for India going forward The possible emergence of a Democratic Security Diamond in the Indo Pacific India US Japan Australia , coupled with India s growing relations with Israel have the potential to emerge as the World s firewall against terrorism A possible emergence of an India US Israel triumvirate in counter terrorism cooperation may be the next big thing in the world of counter terrorism diplomacy Expert analysis in these emerging phenomena may help officials navigate choppy waters, and help foster an ever strengthening partnership between the leading democracies of the world. A terrifying book with a below average volume of self serving content expected from State Department bureaucrats I was the only other person on the room when Riedel authoritatively explains the risks and near certainty of war, quite possibly nuclear, between Pakistan and India Reading about the volume and variety of conflict, fostered by the surprisingly deep relationship between ISI and al Queda is sobering The author loses his way when he suggests that dialogue, trade and India ceding Kashmir are the path to peace Is he reading from Chamberlain s play book for Czechoslovakia His notion that concession from India would reduce the incentive for Pakistan s nuclear weaponry is silly A point hammered home when the author quotes Spider Man Despite its conclusive flaws this is a book worth reading, particularly for anyone who s read Stephen Coll s Ghost Wars or William Langewiesche s, Atomic Bazaar The details of Pakistan s support for al Queda and LeT alone are worth the read Evil is abroad and trouble awaits us. One of the best books to read on Indo US Pak relationship from their colonial years to 2013 The author has given unbiased views of the ups and downs in US relationship with these countries and it is a pageturner and wonderful read Will recommend to anyone who wants to read the strategy of US in South Asia under various presidents A good book on the India Pakistan America triangle Won t be useful if you re trying to learn India Pak history This is not the book for that But this would be a useful book to study the whole thing from the American angle And to get a first hand, natural and close account of American decision making and understanding of the whole relationship. .Read ☥ Avoiding Armageddon ♂ India And Pakistan Will Be Among The Most Important Countries In The Twenty First Century In Avoiding Armageddon, Bruce Riedel Clearly Explains The Challenge And The Importance Of Successfully Managing America S Affairs With These Two Emerging Powers And Their Toxic RelationshipBorn From The British Raj, The Two Nations Share A Common Heritage, But They Are Different In Many Important Ways India Is Already The World S Largest Democracy And Will Soon Become The Planet S Most Populous Nation Pakistan, Soon To Be The Fifth Most Populous Country, Has A Troubled History Of Military Coups, Dictators, And Harboring Terrorists Such As Osama Bin LadenThe Longtime Rivals Are Nuclear Powers, With Tested Weapons They Have Fought Four Wars With Each Other And Have Gone To The Brink Of War Several Times Meanwhile, US Presidents Since Franklin Roosevelt Have Been Increasingly Involved In The Region S Affairs In The Past Two Decades Alone, The White House Has Intervened Several Times To Prevent Nuclear Confrontation On The Subcontinent South Asia Clearly Is Critical To American National Security, And The Volatile Relationship Between India And Pakistan Is The Crucial Factor Determining Whether The Region Can Ever Be Safe And StableBased On Extensive Research And Riedel S Role In Advising Four US Presidents On The Region, Avoiding Armageddon Reviews The History Of American Diplomacy In South Asia, The Crises That Have Flared In Recent Years, And The Prospects For Future Crisis Riedel Provides An In Depth Look At The Mumbai Terrorist Attack In , The Worst Terrorist Outrage Since , And He Concludes With Authoritative Analysis On What The Future Is Likely To Hold For America And The South Asia Puzzle As Well As Recommendations On How Washington Should Proceed History has shown that American actions can make a bad situation worse, and it has shown only limited evidence that they can make things fundamentally better The United States is best at conflict management, not conflict resolution Brilliant Analysis of South Asia as a Strategic axis.The Authors effort has to be applauded for the objective piece of writing and analysis. Bruce once again showed us how firm grip he holdes on the international security issues A possible point of flash for WWIII, could be India Pakistan conflict and he points to what went and can go wrong in future. Good