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this book has 198 pages The main character is Owen and Russel I can relate to Owen because I have played basketball before and people would never pass so when I got the ball I would just go to the hoop and shoot the ball.I gave it 5 stars because it was a interesting book about sports and math stuff and I like sports and math It reminded me of when I played basketball because I would just go to the hoop and shoot the ball and not pass when I was little.I felt surprised about the ending because Owen made the winning shot of the basketball game because he never made the winning game shot before. Richie s Picks ATHLETE VS MATHLETE by W.C Mack, Bloomsbury, February 2013, 208p., ISBN 978 1 59990 915 8 Owen Seventh grade basketball started out all wrong, and it only got worse He wants us to try out Chris asked Unbelievable, I muttered, staring at the sign up sheet on our new coach s office door Try out for our own team Chris, the rest of the guys, and I had been playing together since Cotter Elementary We were undefeated in sixth grade if you didn t count our five losses, which I didn t because the refs had been out to get us , and we d been shooting hoops at Sunset Park all summer to stay on top of our game Next Wednesday afternoon, Chris said, then pointed at the word as he read it Tryouts As Owen says, things only get worse at least for him After making a fool of himself trying to educate the new coach as to why they shouldn t have to try out, the coach spots Owen s fraternal twin brother Russell walking down the hallway Russell s the tallest kid in their grade , and insists that Russell try out for the team, too Russell is the mathlete in the book s title, the leader of the school s Masters of the Mind team, and Owen figures his klutzy brother should stick to geekdom and leave the basketball playing to him Russell at first seems agreeable to the notion that he ll go through the motions, fail to make the team, and return toacademic pursuits But then their father takes him out to equip him for playing Russell I don t need Nikes, I said, but no one was listening Whenever I felt frustrated or nervous, I calmed down by working my way through the periodic table of elements Beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen I glanced around the store, looking for some kind of a knockoff brand, but Go Time seemed to sell only the big names I watched Dad listening to the salesman, as if the shoes I wore for a single afternoon really mattered And that s when I knew that the tryout situation was officially out of control All I wanted to do was go home and be the Russell Evans I d been for my entire life The brain Oxygen, fluorine, neon, sodium I didn t want all the extra complications Magnesium, aluminum, silicon I didn t want a special outfit for not making the team But as I took a deep breath, getting ready to tell Dad how I felt, I saw it in the salesman s hand It was dark blue, with an even darker sole The pattern looked like a drafting blueprint, and the silver swoosh stitched on the side practically screamed speed He put the shoe in my hand so I could see if I liked it, but he was too late I was already in love And that was only the beginning Owen is hell bound to become a bona fide jerk when Russell actually makes the team and then begins stealing some of Owen s thunder Meanwhile, Russell s friends on the Masters of the Mind team are appalled that their leader has gone to the dark side Amidst all of this turmoil, Russell is both expanding his horizons as well as coming to the realization that all of his academic prowess has never yielded the tiniest fraction of respect and acclaim that comes from a good pair of shoes and making a few jump shots.While there is resolution to the rift created by Owen s petulance, the seasons both for the basketball team and for the Masters of the Mind team are left in progress, with the action set to resume in the Fall 13 release of DOUBLE DRIBBLE, the second book in this series.Fun and filled with some pretty interesting issues, there are a load of 10 12 year olds for whom this series will be a slam dunk Richie Partington, MLISRichie s Picks This book is about two fraternal twins, Owen and Russel Owen plays basketball and Russel is in Masters of the mind A club for the geeks One day Owens coach sees Russ and asks him if he could try out for the team because he s tall Well Russel doesn t play basketball Owen and his dad start training him for tryouts A few days later Russ is up on the court playing a basketball game with Owen But soon Owen gets jealous of Russels good playing,jump shots,and shiny Nikes So Owen does something that makes Russ so mad he stops playing for a while Russ does not want to go back because he has so much things going on, such as homework, grades, and even Master Of the Mind egg Dropping challenge Read to find out the conclusion of this book The theme in this book is you can change who you are you aren t glued into one identity forever Athlete vs Mathlete by W.C Mack is about twin brothers that are nothing alike One twin, Owen loves to play and watch basketball while the other twin, Russell loves to rack up math awards A new basketball coach recruits Russell to try out for the team when Russell knew he wouldn t make it I liked this exciting book This book discovers the talent and struggles of Owen and Russell I liked how Owen and Russell helped each other out with their own problems This book also shows suspense in the twins lives Also there is some conflicts between Owen and Russell throughout the book I rate this book a 5 5 This book made an impression on me because I am also a twin and love sports I also think a person who loves to play or watch sports would like this book. I have read this book before and it never gets old The book is about twins , Owen, and Russell Owen plays basketball and Russell studies They are polar opposites, but when Coach makes Russell try out for the basketball team, everything changes I love how the book is in both Owen s and Russell s point of view. One plot that never seems to fail is that of the differing abilities among siblings In this book we meet fraternal twins Owen and Russell Owen is the shorter brother but excels at basketball while Russell, though lanky, would much rather reflect on the periodic table of elements When a series of events causes the brothers to step out of their respective comfort zones they find their bond tested W.C Mack s characters are well drawn and relatable and this novel is sure to resonate with middle grade readers.Find Fangbone at Westminster Public Library today And if you are in search of new books to read, try our services, What Do I Read Next Our library staff are standing by to create a personalized recommendation list for you Athlete vs Mathlete is about two twin brothers and Owen is an athlete and Russell is the brains Since Russell is tall the coach of the basketball team wants him to try out, when he tries out he makes the team At the first game Russell makes amazing shot and teals Owens fame Owen gets jealous and doesn t want to play any But, Russell feels bad so try to quit the team, but Owen stops him and the next game they play together Well for me I would give it an 8 I would say this because I like basketball and that makes meinterested in the book Also, I like math and school so, this book is me but n a book I liked this bookthan I thought So, on a scale 1 to 10 I would give it an 8 I think other people should read it because it is a story about two brothers getting in a big fight and them getting back together This can be a real life situation I think a lot of people can relate to this book That s why I would recommend this book to others. Athlete vs Mathlete reviewGenre Sports RealisticAR level 3.9Grade appropriate 3rd and upRATING BREAKDOWN Overall 3 5 It was a fine book It addresses sibling rivalry and treating others with respect Don t worry I won t tell the kids that They d never read it Creativity 3 5 Basic sibling rivalry, nerd proves himself as an athlete and his school and family dynamics change.Characters 5 5 Boys were likable and realistic.Engrossing 5 5 It is definitely written for kids so while that s a good thing, Disney made for TV movies don t really appeal to me either The kids will like it.Writing 3 5Appeal to kids 5 5 Our kids who like the sports genre will like it and it reminded me of High School Musical minus the romance If I can convince kids that s what it s like they ll give it a chance.Appropriate length to tell the story 5 5 Short and sweet.CONTENT Language noneSexuality noneViolence noneDrugs Alcohol none `Download Pdf ↙ Athlete vs. Mathlete ⇱ When Their Two Worlds Collide In Seventh Grade, The Owen And Russell Find Themselves In Direct Competition At School, On The Court And At Home The Evans Brothers Are Fraternal Twins, With Nothing In Common But An Address Owen Evans Lights Up The Scoreboards During The Basketball Season While His Fraternal Twin, Russell, Is All About The Honor Roll And Loves The Challenge Of His Masters Of The Mind CompetitionsBut When A New Basketball Coach Needs Russell S Height At Center Court, A Jealous Owen Has To Fight To Stay In The Game And With A Championship At Stake, Owen Must Decide Whether His Brother S Failure Is Important Than The Team S SuccessRussell Is Ready To Lead His Masters Of The Mind Team To Victory This Season That Is, Until He S Forced Into A New And Unexpected Role, As Center On His Twin Brother Owen S Basketball Team Then Arthur Richardson The Third Bullies His Way Onto The Team With An Eye On Russell S Leadership Position Arthur Is No Pushover In Fact, Russell S Never Dealt With Anyone Quite Like Him But Owen Has The Clock Is Ticking, And It Doesn T Take A Master Of The Mind To Know That The Only Way Russell Can Save The Season Is To Team Up With His Twin And Take It BackOver The Course Of The School Year, Owen And Russell Must Decide Which Battles Are Worth Fighting, Whose Feelings Are Worth Hurting And When To Just Let It Go By The End Of The Year, The Twins Have Learned How To Support And Appreciate One Another And They Re Ready To Enter Eighth Grade As Not Only Brothers, But Friends