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READ DOWNLOAD Í Athena and the Olive Tree (Orchard Myths) ⛓ These Powerful And Drama Packed Retellings Feature A Host Of Well Known Greek Gods And Goddesses, Magically Brought To Life By Tony Ross S Lively Illustrations Athena And The Olive Tree Who Is The Fairest One Of All The Woman No One Believed Athena, Goddess Of War, And Poseidon, God Of The Sea, Hattle For Ownership Of A Brand New City And Powerful Zeus Decides It S Time To Play Games With The World S Population Of Mere Mortals I don t know much Greek or Roman mythology in detail, but as a teacher I need to prepare some lessons on Roman myths for 8 year olds One thing I did know however, was that the Romans stole their ideas about gods and goddesses from the Greeks They simply changed their names But they didn t get away with it becausecan I find a child friendly book of Roman myths No I cannot Apart from Romulus and Remus.So here am I reading a children s collection of Greek myths so children get the idea.This is an excellent collection of short, accessible stories for children with great illustrations by Tony Ross Complicated stories told well and likely to provoke a lot of discussion and interest.