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!Free Pdf ♹ At Sixes and Sevens (Fur, Fangs, and Felines, #4) ⚇ Werecats Mating With Humans Was Bad Enough But An Alpha Werewolf Aidric S Life Takes An Unexpected Turn When He Meets Alpha Carter Lovelock Of The Dark Lake Pack Who Is Apparently His Mate Now Aidric Must Decide Whether To Accept The Mate The Goddess Chose, Or Deny Her Gift Because Cats And Dogs Just Don T MixCarter Is In A Pickle He Always Assumed His Mate Would Be A Female Werewolf How Else Is Carter Supposed To Carry On His Line And Retain Alphaship When Aidric Comes Into His Life, Carter S Ex, Sabrina, Isn T Giving Up Easily Her Brother, Delaney, Is A Thorn In Carter S Side, And Some Of The Other Werewolves Go Out Of Their Way To Make Aidric Feel Unwelcome, Including One Of His Deltas, EvanUnfortunately, What Little Headway They Make Is Destroyed During A Full Moon Hunt When Enemy Werewolves Attack Aidric And Threaten The Pack House Where The Dark Lake Pups Are Kept An Ambush That Could Have Devastating Consequences On Their FutureWerewolves Are Notoriously Insular, And Before Carter And Aidric Can Build The Life They Want With Each Other, They Ll Face A Fight For Acceptance I waited with much anticipation for this book, after the two main characters, Aidric the werecat from Dolf s clowder and one of his betas, and Carter, the alpha werewolf from the Dark Lake Pack, felt the mating bond in the previous book, when he came to the clowder lands to address an issue caused by his nephew with the Veela and his mate I just had to know how a love story between a dog and a cat would work out There s no insta love in this series, thankfully The mating bond, while presenting a strong pull and a desire to pursue that pull, does not mean instant HEA No, the weres in this series must overcome odds, danger, and potential pain to get their happy ending This applied to all the couples and the thruple from book 1 , and I m glad that the author didn t deviate from that point here either.Obviously, with Carter being an Alpha, Aidric must face the reality of leaving his clowder, giving up his beta position, and moving in with a bunch of werewolves, some of which are none too happy that their Alpha was given a werecat for a mate, and a male to boot Carter s ex girlfriend Sabrina, who fancied herself alpha mate without ever being given that promise by Carter, and her brother Delaney make trouble for Aidric and Carter from the start, sowing anger where they can, and things only get worse when during the first full moon run, an attack is carried out on the pack house where the pups are kept I really liked how the author keeps giving her characters some huge odds to overcome, and how the cat and dog characteristics are presented, what with Aidric chasing his own tail, and Carter s wolf close to the surface, making him somewhat gruff on occasion Their behavior is colored by the animal that lives inside them, and it permeated every action and reaction they had to each other and their surroundings.Carter also struggles a bit with being given a male mate, which would in his mind prevent him from having children pups to carry on his Alpha line, plus the additional headache of having many members of his pack resist his mating a werecat Clearly he hasn t heard of surrogacy or adoption The relationship grows slowly as they start to build on the mating pull, starting to trust each other every day, and learning about each other The UST is high, but neither is willing to complete the mating bond until they are certain of their own feelings and each other When the mating finally comes oh boy, oh boy, that sure is explosive This was an excellent, strong addition to this series, and I hope there will be The book can be read as a standalone, since the events from the previous books are somewhat rehashed by being interwoven into the book s progression, but then you d miss out on the fun of the first three books, and you wouldn t want that, amirite So, just read the whole series I received a free copy of this book from its publisher A positive review was not promised in return. I had such a good time reading this and I want to say this was adorable, because I really do think it was in a lot of parts but I also think that would give the wrong impression of the story.At Sixes and Sevens is told from the dual POV of Aidric who is a beta in his clowder of cat shifters, and Carter who is the Alpha to his pack of werewolves At Sixes and Sevens picks up about a week after the end of It Takes Two to Tango where Aidric and Carter had both immediately recognized they are mates.Carter is confused but pretty happy with the whole thing, because he has been been actively searching for sixty five years to find his mate, so even though it isn t quite how he thought it would be he is determined to claim Aidric My species believed the wolf god, Fenrir, created mates, and I d found mine It s not so easy for Aidric I thought the very real complication of Aidric leaving everything he has ever known and starting over somewhere where all the rules and the customs are completely different was handled really well When Aidric agrees to visit Carter and his pack to see how well they could possibly get on, I was really happy that it wasn t an instantaneous well we re mates so I m moving in regardless of all this emotional baggage kind of thing Out of the two of us, Aidric was giving up far Somehow I needed to convince Aidric it was worth it If I had to threaten everybody in my pack in order to make sure Aidric had a nice time, I would Aidric has his doubts, but he also has his friends who make sure to help him with some pretty great advice I m saying you need to trust in our goddess This isn t a mistake She paired the two of you together for a reason It s up to you and Carter to figure out what that reason is Dammit I rolled my shoulders, trying to loosen some of the tension All I wanted was a nice quiet life That might ve been what you wanted, but are you sure that s what you needed Out of the two of them it s Aidric who actually not only has to lose, but also to grow Carter is very open from the beginning and willing to accept his mate It s Aidric who has to work through some issues.I really liked the pacing of the story, which I thought was great, but mostly I loved that it was so important that Aidric and Carter communicate with each other AND THEY DO THEY ACTUALLY COMMUNICATE WITH ONE ANOTHER Not only that, but the two develop an even closer bond than any other before them, which was really cool, but it s also one of the things I wish had been explored or explained.I loved how their sexual dynamic worked there s plenty of passion as Carter and Aidric solidify their mating bonds with some fun dirty talk thrown in but I also loved that outside sex they are so playful with each other, especially in their animal forms that I had quite a few laugh out loud moments This was a fun read that I couldn t put down Plenty of hot sexy times, dirty talk, lots of action, humor, and a great pace combine to make this a great addition, and I really hope this isn t the end of the Fur, Fangs, and Felines series We only get one destined mate Advanced Review Galley copy of At Sixes and Sevens Fur, Fangs, and Felines 4 provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review.This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews. A Joyfully Jay review 3.75 starsThis is the fourth book in the Fur, Fangs, and Felines series and Church does a pretty good job of letting it stand on it s own The backstory is filled in at all the strategic places, and it almost works But I think this is a series best read in order to get the full affect I ve been reading along since the beginning, and while I was definitely interested in this story and wanted to see what happened, I also came away with mixed feelings.I really enjoy the world the author has built, and it s populated with a lot of interesting characters The great thing about a series like this is getting to know MCs a little before we get to their story, and getting to check in with previous couples or throuples as the series progresses Aidric has been featured as side character in the first three, and though we didn t get to know him very well, we do see he s steadfast and strong At the end of the previous book, he met his fated mate, and now we get to see how two headstrong men make a relationship work.I also liked that this book was told in alternating first person It really gave an immediacy to each POV, so we really got to understand the characters Aidric is full fleshed out and realized here, and Carter is as well One of the things I really enjoyed was how the differences in werecat and werewolf culture colored each MCs perspective, and how they had to work to overcome and change that in order to fit into their mate s life It was an interesting interplay, and I liked watching both Aidric and Carter stumble and readjust It gave them a solidness I enjoyed and made their relationship stronger And for me, I was particularly happy to see those cultures explained and presented, highlighting the differences It definitely worked in the story s favor, and made it a engaging read.Read Kris review in its entirety here. Wow, what a truly incredible read I was so captivating that I stayed up late last night finishing his book This is the first book in this series I have read but it will not be the last that is for sure Adric is a werecat and the last thing that he ever wanted to be fated to mate a werewolf How is it possible that the goddess and gods would choose to put a cat and dog together That is what he keeps asking himself He is very skeptical about this mating but he has decided to at least get to know Carter better before he decides to go through with the mating To make matters worse Carter is an Alpha also.Carter is not worried in the least about Adric being his fated mate He is actually happy about the person that was chosen for him Now he just has to show Adric that the Gods knew what they was doing.The closer these two men get, the the danger for them increases Not everyone is happy about their mating and it seems that some will go to great lengths to make sure that the mating does not last Can these two men that barely know one another come to terms with the fact that not only are they mates but someone in Carters pack may be after them This was such an amazingly exciting read I could not put it down once I started it I cannot wait for the next book in this series to come out because I will definitely be reading it as well Was given this galley copy for free for an open and honest review 4.5 5 I was surprised by how much I liked this book, and I d really love to read the rest of the series.Aidric is a werecat with strong ties to his clowder Meeting his mate was supposed to be the best and happiest day of his life, but running into Alpha Carter Lovelock felt like a curse than a blessing Despite his reservations, Aidric decides to humor his intended mate and visit his pack Being miles away from his family and friends, stuck in the company of someone he d rather not be tied to, Aidric learns that there s to life than what you might expect and there s to Carter than meets the eye I really enjoyed reading this book, despite not knowing anything about the characters or the rest of the series I ll admit to being a bad reader and jumping into this series on book 4 with no prior knowledge of characters or plot But it didn t much matter with this book because I was able to follow along perfectly and the supporting characters melted into the story like they d always been there There was a slight familiarity with some of the characters who I assume have their own books in the series, but other than that, there was nothing that felt out of place or missing and this book works just fine as a standalone.At first I was a little put off by this book A few pages in and I had a feeling that this was going to be one of those types of books that tells you what happens instead of showing you through actions and emotion A few chapters in and I realized that s just Aidric s million miles a minute mind because the rest of the book read like a dream I didn t realize how much I liked Aidric until something came along to threaten his livelihood with Carter and the Dark Lake pack These two really sneak up on you and before you know it, you re rooting for them and keeping your fingers crossed for a sugary sweet HEA It was enjoyable to read about different types of shifters in this book, since most shifter books are strictly about wolves Aidric s playful nature as a cat bled over into his personality as a human and I loved the way the two parts of him meshed together All in all, this was a pretty good read It s the first full length book I ve read from M.A Church and the first book I ve read in this series I d really love to read the rest of the series and catch up with some of the other characters and especially get some background info on the Vetala, which were only featured briefly in this book. 4 starsThis is my favourite of the series I liked the introduction of the were s and their society.It was a good change of pace from the clowder This one held my attention the best out of the series so far, as I enjoyed the storyline.Hope to see the pack in forthcoming books I love this series I love watching the cats play, and in this, wolves I really liked how the mating progressed and that, though it was very insta lust it wasn t insta love The only negative things I could say was tortoise shell cats are 99% female Males have an extra X chromosome XXY Also, Wolves don t bark If it wasn t for the totally accurate portrayal of cats playing, I would wonder on the authors knowledge of the animals That aside, I loved this story. Definitely one of my favorites in the series Loved the characters, the differences between cat and wolf shifters, and I loved that Aidric and Carter took some time to get to know each other and make sure they wanted to be mates before acting on it Also enjoyed the pack issues and dynamics with this one, hope to read another book in this series in the future And the animal lover in me loved when either of them were playing around in their animal forms, and playing together Aidric had a if I fits, I sits moment in a box that was adorable. Rating 4.5 starsI absolutely loved this book There is nothing I like than werecats and werewolves getting together Aidric and Carter were both wonderful MCs I thought the chemistry between the two was just phenomenal I really liked the other members of Carter s pack and I thought it good that we got some closure to Jack and Baylor s storyline I think some of my favorite parts are when Aidric and Carter are in their animal forms They were just adorable Also, the ending of this book really touched me I thought it beautiful.I really hope the author continues this series I would love to read about not only Dolf and his clowder but also Carter and his pack I m pretty sure that the author is setting up Brier to be the next in line for his own story I will definitely be there for the ride.