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I stumbled across this in the school library while I was already re reading Anne Frank s Diary It is an EXCELLENT companion to the diary, bringing Anne alive in a way that the diary itself cannot showing photos of Anne s life before the war and of the Secret Annexe in which she lived for those two years The text is simple but very informative, both about Anne s life, the war, and the concentration camps Really, I thought this was a most excellent book As Anna Quindlen wisely said in the introduction, As the legend grew Anne Frank had in some essential way ceased to be an ordinary person These pictures make her whole again one little Jewish girl, one life growing, thriving, struggling to break the surface of its soil like a seedling just at the time that the soil was poisoned The failed flowering meanswith the seeds Seeing the baby Anne, the smiling Anne, the free Anne, makes her life all that muchordinary And that muchheroic and heartbreaking. I am fascinated with everything Anne Frank I want to know everything about her, the lives they live during the hiding and everything the family went through It was a sad story mostly about the way people before treated the Jews, how almost all of them were killed As i was reading this and looking at the pictures I remembered the movie The boy in the striped pyjamas that movie, I literally cry and baul like a baby Makes me think why the Jews I am so glad I found this book in the library I am a huge fan of Anne Frank s diary and it is the reason why I decided to journal regularly I first read it when I was 14 years old I reread it every time I can This book is the perfect companion for the diary When reading it, you get to see photographs of Anne and her family before the war, as well as pictures of her diary It just makes it so real, she s no longer the Anne Frank, now I feel her closer to me I m unable to writein this review, but most of my thoughts have been expressed in the introduction I recommend everyone who s read about Anne Frank to read this. Heartbreaking I recently read Anne Frank s diary for the first time, and I was interested to knowThere are many, many books about Anne, her family, her housemates, and their experience This one is among the most highly recommended, so I started with it It s mostly photographs, along with maps and diagrams It really fills in some of the details that were harder for me to imagine from only what Anne wrote the actual layout of the Secret Annex, for example This is an excellent companion to the diary. I love this book It really is a special adjunct to the diary In my opinion it makes the diary so muchinteresting Fabulous photos and background information about Anne and her family. Interesting to read all about Anne Frank, her family, the other ANNEX members from a perspective of what happened after the diary was written Lots of photos and maps and drawings to make it all easier to comprehend.What I can t comprehend is being the person who betrayed them, and many others in Europe that betrayed other jews and has had the death of 7 people on their conscience I so admire all of those who went underground and saved as many jews as possible and great peril to themselves if caught Such as the Ten Boom family, in the story of The Secret Place. Spolier Alert Have you ever heard of Anne Frank Have you ever heard or read about Anne Franks diary Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who lived during World War II When she was thirteenth years old, she received a diary were she wrote on it everyday The genre of my book is realistic fiction I like how the author included a lot of details I like how the author didn t really missed any details about Anne Franks life The setting in my book is in Germany in 1929 The setting of this book is imortant to the theme because its telling where World War II happened A major symbol in the story is when the Nazis foubdbthe Franks Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933 All parties were banned except the Nazis Anyone who opposed him was beaten or improsioned Anne, her family and some friends went to hide in the Annex A friend name Miep help Anne, her family, and her friends hide in the Annex Anne, her family, and her friends hid in the Annex for two years After two years of hiding, somebody told on the Franks and the Nazis found them After the Nazis found them, they put them in concentration camp I was angry about when Hitler had to sent Jewish people to concentration camp just because they were not like him If I would were the author I would have been proud because she wrote a lot of details of Anne Anne died in Bergen Belsen concentration camp Anne s mom died from starvation Her sister died to typhus Three days after her sisters death, Anne died from typhus as her sister Anne s friends had died The only survivor was Annes Franks father Miep saved Anne s diary and gaved it to Anne s father I give this 5 as a rating because it gives a lot of details I will recommend this book to people who like to read about World War II. This is such a rich companion to The Diary of a Young Girl Anne s father Otto was took many wonderful family pictures that were found in the Secret Annex along with Anne s diaries Thankfully Miep and Beb kept all that they found in hopes the Frank family would return Otto was the sole survivor which I did not remember I am so glad I took the time to read this book. ^READ PDF ☠ Anne Frank: Beyond the Diary - A Photographic Remembrance ☈ Anne Frank Lived A Life Filled With The Enthusiasms And Hopes Shared By Many Young Women Coming Into Adulthood But The Times Anne Lived In And Wrote Of In Her Diary Made Her Simple Life Extraordinary In Over One Hundred Photographs, Many Which Have Never Been Published, This Poignant Memoir Brings To Life The Harrowing Story Of One Young Jewish Woman S Struggle To Survive During A Period Of History Which Must Never Be Forgotten