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This book has been on my Keeper shelf for a long time and I ve enjoyed reading it a few times A hired gun and a trouble maker, I love it This book has a hero who can love without being a controlling, domineering man A heroin who just can t help but meddle in other people s business This book has a nice romance, a lot of humor, and great character development It will remain on my keeper shelf. When a gunslinger arrives in place of someone else, at the ranch her father left her alone on, Cassie Stuart knew she had to run him off before he made things worse for her Having sent for a peacemaker to settle a neighboring feud not someone who would stir up a hornet s nest the man known as the Angel of Death simply would not do.Angel had never met a woman quite like the Stuart girl, not exactly a beauty but definitely intriguing At first thinking he didn t even like her, he found himself surprised to want to stick around and help her out To exact their revenge on Cassie for her meddling ways, the townsfolk force her to marry Angel which ends up being little hardship as Cassie sees to his lonely noble heart and he s decided she s gotten better looking with every passing day It s when her parents who ve only talked to each other thru Cassie for years show up, that things get turned awry and Cassie and Angel not telling each other their true fears about romantic relationships, doesn t help either.Angel takes off soon after, believing he s not good enough for Cassie, and Cassie though incredibly hurt lets him leave Still, being who she is, she cant let it completely go She resolves to find Angel s missing parents Which of course she does sighAnother sweet, quirky romance from the Dowager of Romance These oldies by Lindsey read so easily and charm every time Even on 100th re read. @Download Book ê Angel (Wyoming, #3) ë Hoping To Cool Off A Twenty Five Year Old Feud Between Two Neighboring Families, Cassie Stuart Only Succeeds In Pouring Kerosene On The Flames Both Sides Have Warned Her To Get Out Of Texas Prontoor They Will Burn Her Father S Ranch To The Ground What Cassie Needs Is A Peacemaker But She Ends Up With A Widow Maker InsteadHe Is Called Angel , A Ruggedly Handsome Hired Gun With Eyes As Black As Sin Unwanted And Unwelcomed By His Ungrateful Employer, He Would Just As Soon Leave Cassie To Fend For Herself But A Stubborn Sense Of Duty , And A Desire To Taste The Sweetness Of Her Kiss Steels Angel S Resolve To Make Cassie Want Him, Come Hell Or High Waterd For Than His Gun Alone 3,5 Me encantan los libros que he le do de esta autora, este no ha sido la excepci n, pero todos los que le carecen de ep logos, y eso hace sentir que las historias terminan de manera un poco abrupta, pero s lo tengo eso para quejarme, esta ha sido una historia entretenida con muy buenos di logos y unos personajes muy agradables. My favorite book in this trilogy. Johanna Lindsey knows how to write an entertaining love story I laughed out loud several times Angel s reactions to Cassie s pet were amusing view spoiler A panther I went with it because the wild animal turned domesticated could also be a metaphor for Angel s ultimate taming by Cassie, being pretty wild himself hide spoiler Johanna Lindsey was among one of my first loves when it came it authors I first picked up her books as a prepubescent kid and I just ate them up I found her characters to be funny and the heroine was always so challenging while the hero was sometimes gentle and sometimes rough but always so damn masculine Swoon Re reading a lot of her books as an adult now and I m quite amused to see a good chunck of her books miss the mark now Still, I ll always have a fondness for her For that reason, I m bumping this up from 2.5 stars.Cassie was a littlescatter brained that I like in a good heroine but she had spirit Plus I loved her pet D Angel is a lone wolf cowboy who s sexy and dangerous and aloof and all kinds of high handed not a bad thing The stroy was amusing but I found some of the filler characters to be too over the top But if you like shotgun weddings and a light ride the this is your cup of tea. Kindle Sale All 3 books in this trilogy are just 0.99 each Not sure how long it will last.Also, most, if not all, of Johanna Lindsey s HR are on sale for the same 0.99 For some reason, when I went to her author page, the sale price doesn t show, but if you follow this link then scroll down you ll see the sale price. Read 3 starsRe read 3 starsOkay, I ve read this book many times over the years Previously I didn t love it because it was a western Well, now I like westerns and I still don t love it Why Well, let me tell you.1 Weird plot happenings that didn t add to the story and just made me go huh For example, view spoiler 1 twin villain near the end seeking money and revenge, well, mostly just money The hero and heroine could have easily gotten together without it at that point 2 the heroine s panther really pointless other than to show that the big gunfighter is scared of a little ole panther WTF Who wouldn t be scared of a panther living in some crazy girl s house hide spoiler This was an enjoyable story, where I imagined the actress from Bridget Jones playing the lead, as the main character kept getting herself into uncomfortable circumstances Her saviour came from an unlikely place and stuck to her to prevent further calamaties except for an instance of going to the bar to get drunk which seemed out of character of dedicating himself to protecting her.