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~READ E-PUB ☬ Anatomy of Change: A Way to Move Through Life's Transitions ⚖ The Body S Innate Capacity For Feeling, Intuition, And Compassion Can Enable Us To Heal Our Physical And Emotional Wounds In The Anatomy Of Change, Richard Heckler Draws On Aikido And Lomi Body Work To Demonstrate How A Set Of Practices Can Bring New Awareness And Choice Into Our Daily Life Ooh, I love this one I bought it for a class a million years ago, before I was ready to read it Actually, let me tell you that story, too.I was only twenty, and I had just run away from home or whatever it is that you do when you leave without notice, when you are an adult Pulling a geographic is another way to put it So, I came back to the city i.e., Oakland , and I started auditing this really amazing class in Somatics at the now defunct New College in SF And I was a right mess, in those days, but I was growing the best that I could in the circumstances This class was totally transformational, too I could feel that, even if I couldn t show up for it And I literally could not show up for it.I bought this book for the class, and then, when I ran back to the farm, I put the book far away Years ago And forgot about it Until last winter, when my brother was cleaning out the barn behind his place and found all of my old things, including many many exciting books, of which this was one.So, now, five and 3 4 years sober, I am ready for it, as I am moving into the body I ve been living in for 30 years This book explores the physicality of having a body There is no good way to really describe it, which makes the feat of this book all theimpressive The books has explanations and exercises, and it moves things into the world of now what which I appreciate.Two things keeping it from 5 star rating 1 it feels a little scattered, like at the end, it kind of peters out, for some reason 2 it is from the 90s and it hasn t exactly aged gracefully It is interesting to see what I think feel has changed over the last 10 15 years I don t know how to put it exactly, but there is something in the way he writes about violence oh, I know, the rhetoric of violence has shifted a great deal since 9 11 01 In the nineties, I think people were still talking about one on one violence as the big threat, whereas now, terrorism is the focus I think it would be interesting to get an update, in the light of the 5 year illegal war America is waging in Iraq, with a particular emphasis on our use of torture as an interrogation technique Man, it just got heavy in here I guess I ll end on the note that this book made me want to readby Strozzi Heckler, and also to take aikido classes. An excellent book about returning to the feeling of the body Wonderfully written and easy to read it offers some theories about the movement of emotion that are brought to life by case vignettes The highlight of the book for me was the chapter on the Rhythm of Excitement which explains the notion of emotional energy in such a down to earth way, again with very relatable examples This has been the most lucid account of energy I have read to date There is a small section with actual movement practices. This isn t the kind of book that you read and absorb in a single sitting Much of it rings true, but to really benefit from it would mean to absorb its message s in the body, something much harder said than done I will be returning to this one. A powerful message on the importance of embodiment with a clear conceptual framework around it The book reads like a teaser for further information on this framework and how to work with it, which I think is a bit unfortunate considering that at 138 pages, there would ve been room forinformation. Interesting piece of work dealing with the physical to develop the emotional spiritual in the individual The author uses Aikido in his therapy sessions to teach clients to be centered, spiritually aware beings Of particular interest are the examples of those with posture related issues and emotional problems that promote them The author addresses these issues through body work to resolve deep rooted emotional issues and bring happiness calm into clients lives Worth the read, certainly has meaware, sitting and walkingappropriately with my back straight Incredible book for body workers, athletes, dancers and those who are interested in connection between physical movement and emotion Nothing conceptually new for me, but great language and wording. This book got me excited about the possibility of practicing aikido. Most of the book are what s, so if you re looking for how s like I was , this may not be the most useful There are a few interesting physical exercises documented, but they lacked instruction in the day to day applications There are a number of anecdotes from the author s own professional practice, which I greatly appreciated, but they lacked explanation for the reader who is seeking to understand and learn how to intervene somatically Even the final chapter, Taking It To Others was inaptly titled, as it is still opinions, knowledge and stories of the author, without teaching any concrete intervention techniques The book has value, but apparently not the sort I sought. important stuff about how our emotions can cause a physical lock in the body, and reading it encourages me to stretch and physicalize in order to break bad habits.