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Where Animal farm left off.Awesome fable wherein farm animals find out that they can feed themselves and run the farm by themselves after their owner dies Meanwhile, forest animals are organzining to stop the evil corporation from cutting down the trees When the two groups meet up, the government and corporations better look out I would give this five stars but the ending is a little weak. guzel benzetmeler var, okudugum en guzel fabllardan biri i found this book at my local anarchist infoshop community library pitchpipe infoshop myspace.com pitchpipeinfo.it s an admitted spin off of Orwell s Animal Farm with an anarchist take It has critiques like Orwell, but it also imagines an alternative it s pretty darn nutritional yeasty aka cheesy for those non vegans out there and enjoyable there are memorable characters, and funny animal counterparts of anarchist institutions and tactics like food not bombs, direct action, and consensus based meetings.it has a sweet ending and is the kind of cheesy utopia i like it was a quick read because it was short, which also means i couldn t get super into the characters and the story wasn t that meaningful for me, but i see if as of a light hearted cutesty, quasi inspirational, anarchist fable.if you re looking for something light and silly, grab Anarchsit Farm if you can find a copy It s by a weird publisher that has a far out anarchist fiction series about jesus vampires and stuff. In 1996, when this book was written, many of the ideas expressed were new to me Now that these concepts are being discussed widely and put into action by Occupy groups around the world, the book has become even relevent. I picked this up with some pretty low expectations I imagined a crude revision of Orwell s book, this time with the farm animals trying anarchism instead of socialism I was very wrong I pretty much loved this right from the start, mostly for the subtle humour and quirky details I was about halfway through when I realized that I couldn t remember what the original Animal Farm was like so I went back and reread that I have to say that Jane Doe s book stacks up pretty favourably It lacks some of the fine language and the narrative isn t as tight However it s just as imaginative and of course, much upbeat.The central character is Snowball the good pig, who was chased off Orwell s farm by Napoleon s dogs He heads into the forest where he encounters a bunch of eco activist raccoons it s slightly dubious that raccoons would be living next door to Orwell s very English farm, but no matter Snowball changes his name to Pancho because it sounds tougher and he embarks on adventures that bring him to the circle A farm another farm without humans The animals are a bit smarter here and there are lots of funny characters One of my favourite moments is when Pancho falls in love with a female pig, only for her to tell him that she prefers girls To say too much would be spoiling it Corporations are presented as the ultimate evil which is probably going to put some conservative folks off the story, but for most this is going to be a fun read, whatever their politics The death and murder is pretty minimal too so it makes a good read for children Check it out review first appeared at I read this ages ago and I think I really enjoyed it then, maybe It goes a bit better this time around. Cute and moderately enjoyable, but perhaps just a little too cheesy Obviously a spin on Animal Farm, Anarchist Farm is a fable of farm and woodland animals coming together and, rather than experiencing the corrupting effects of power, finding new ways to cooperate in non hierarchical fashion to resist the destruction of both the forest and the farm by the tag team alliance of corporations and government.It was encouraging to read which is a big plus, given that most works critiquing destructive power systems like Orwell s work are depressing rather than constructive or encouraging , but things like the puns in play with some of the animal s names and the exact correspondence between historical events in the animal world and our own history were just a little too blatant and overdone For instance, the IWW Wobblies become the Woollies, animals refusing to work in factories producing fabric when their wages in oats are decreased Of course, I also realized while reading that until about a month ago I wouldn t have known a lot of the history to which the book refers, or caught some of the jokes which are sort of activist in jokes or good hud self deprecation I think for those who are pretty familiar with the history of environmental activism, there may exist a whole separate dimension to the book which is actually pretty amusing And for those who are not, the book hints at what you might want to know, while also providing a good introduction to a positive form of anarchism as opposed to those forms of anarchism which are really just nihilism hiding under another name. `Free ⇥ Anarchist Farm ↜ Anar Ist Iftlik, Sahibi Len Bir Iftlikteki Hayvanlar N Iftli I Bankan N Elinden Kurtarmak Ve Kendi Ba Lar N N Aresine Bakmak I In Girdikleri M Cadelenin Roman Yazar, Bu Kurgu Zerinden G N M Z D Nyas Ndaki Iktidar Ili Kilerine, Bireysel Zg Rl Klere Ve Do Al Ya Ama Dair S Yledikleriyle, Okuyucuyu Var Olan Toplumsal Ve Ekonomik D Zeni Sorgulamaya A R Yor Bunu Yaparken De Esprili Ve Keyifli Bir Dil Tutturmaya Al Rken, Bir Yandan George Orwell N Hayvan Iftli I Ne De Selam G NderiyorBireysel Otonomi, Kolektif G Ve E Itlik Kavramlar Zerine D Nen Ve D Nmeye Davet Eden Metin, Var Olan Ekonomik Ili Kilere Alternatif Yaratabilmek Isteyen Herkes I In Bir Ba Vuru Kitab Ve Ayn Zamanda E Lenceli Bir Fabl Zelli Inde Orwell In Ruhunu A R P Sorduk Kitab Tasvip Etti Hakim Bey, TAZ N Yazar Anar Ist Iftlik Vicdanlar M Za Seslenmektedir Burada Bize Sunulan, Vicdani De I Imin, Eylem Arac L Yla, Hayalden Ger E E Nas L D N Ece Inin Zeki, Al Lmad K, Komik Ve O U Kez Ironik Hik Yesidir Utah Phillips, M Zisyen