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Good second book in the series. Great sequel, however, I would have lovedaction, it dragged a little bit The Sex scenes were delicious, nothing to complain about it. #FREE DOWNLOAD Ú Alpha Shaman Î MPREG ROMANCE The World Isn T Ready For A Rock Star Werewolf, But Josh Oakley Can T Stop Biology When His Brother Sends Sexy Wolf Shaman Gerwulf To Help Him, Instinct Is Too Mild A Word For How He Feels Gerwulf Calls To His Animal In A Way That Defies LogicGerwulf Knows Josh Is His Mate The Moment They Meet, But He Doesn T Like Guys And He Doesn T Intend To Bond With Anyone He Ll Help The Musician Control His Wolf, But Getting Too Close Isn T His Intention Besides, He Wouldn T Know What To Do With A Man In His BedOf Course, Shifters Can T Dodge Fate A Crisis Forces Josh And Gerwulf To Accept Their Connection Just In Time To Save Forst Pack From An Old Enemy When Biology Ties Them Together Beyond Even A Mating Bond, Will They Be Able To Move Past Their Fear And Into A Future That Holds Than They Ever Expected What I liked Actually I m not fond of reluctant mate plot But this one works with me view spoiler What I disliked I hate it when somebody died Because they would be grieving most of the time I needromance There s several part that has a slow pace It felt dragged I m not really interested with the mystery case stuff hide spoiler All I can say is WOW Absolutely adored this sequel to Rock Star Baby Ms Leaf has done it again and I cannot wait for Book 3 The romance between Josh and Gerulf is hot enough to singe eyebrows, and the love scenes are emotional and sexy The world building just keeps getting better and better, and it was so cool getting to see characters from the first book and how they are evolving along with the story line in this book The suspense is off the charts as well, as Josh and Gerulf and their pack try to find and defeat their enemy The hints we get about Ryan and Josh s cousins in this book are enough to make this reader salivate for the next installment of Bad Oak Boys Quite simply, if you loved the first book, then you are going to be screaming for the next one by the time you finish Alpha Shaman I for one cannot wait, just stellar writing all the way around This one is a keeper for sure ReginaReviewer for Coffee Time Romance MoreOfficial Review Coffee Time Romance Nice continuation of the series Now.on to the cousins Well, this one certainly explained how a male werewolf shifter births a baby CATCH pI really enjoyed this short, shifter story I have always had a soft spot for shifters and for mpreg, so this one had a good chance of working for me and it did Gerwulf, love that name, and Josh set eyes on each other and was straight to gay for Gerwulf you gotta love shifter books grin There were a couple of dark spots evil witches always add to the plot , but they weren t too bad and one or two threads that were left dangling, but that s Ok because there arebooks in this series 4.25 stars Nice continuation of last book. The longer he stood there, theagitated his wolf became Josh didn t feel like just another pack member He felt like the other half of his soul Which, shit That s bad Very, very bad As I mentioned at the end of my review for Rock Star Baby , I jumped immediately into this second book in a series I m finding fascinating I liked Josh so much as Ryan s little brother, and I couldn t wait to see how much havoc he was going to bring to Gerwulf s new, peaceful Shaman Heir lifestyle cackles Josh and the guys are doing a tour without Ryan, as he s at home with his son, Fenris, and his mate It s a good thing for Josh to be the frontman and show everyone what he s capable of Unfortunately, Josh s dormant shifter genes are coming to the forefront, and they mostly have to do with Gerwulf, his mate Gerwulf has spent the past three years training and living in seclusion with the pack s Alpha Shaman, trying desperately to prove to the pack that he regrets being that obnoxious, arrogant jerk he used to be Gerwulf can t exactly explain that most of that attitude came from how he was raised, so instead he s trying to work on being a better person Now, if he can just let his past and the fear he carries from it go, he ll be much better offLook We re mated You made the choice to accept me To accept your position in Forst Pack It s all good Don t let your past destroy what you ve created He paused What we ve created togetherAlpha Shaman was so exciting and incredibly fascinating The Forst pack was being targeted by a very old enemy, one Ralf, the Alpha Shaman, thought long gone Instead, she returned and took Ralf s life, leaving Gerwulf unprepared for his new role as Shaman To defeat this threat it took all of Josh and Gerwulf s combined abilities as Beta and Shaman, respectively, to defeat this witch on the psychic and physical plane, rescuing many of her victims in the end It s definite I m totally, 100 percent hooked on the Bad Oak Boys series Josh and Gerwulf were fabulous together, and again, I m really enjoying the way the author is writing the mpreg portions of the stories Definitely the most realistic of any in this trope that I have read so far I can t wait to jump into Silas s story next. The nature of this book is I DENY DENY DENY EVERYTHING just had an flash of Charlie Brown shouting out them words I guess anyone would be in a deep well of doubt as well if the following had occurred though Sexual freedom to mate monogamyHuman to werewolfStraight to gay instantaneouslyMale to pregnantThe only thing that irks me is the fact that the theme of denial that raged prevalent in the first book of this series has leaked into this one as well almost the similar pregnancy scenario occurs yet both characters are speechless as if it had never happened before.Although I guess when the impossible becomes possible in one s own life than shock is inevitable.Despite that minor detail this series has gotten better with each book released.