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It took 25 years to read after I read some extract in newspaper. somehow I use to avoid it . I do not like autobiography much. but the attraction of this book was long since i read some part of the book. one can feel the turmoil of very liberal intelligent rebel yet sensitive and down to earth woman her dreams passion and though living with Pu La ;following her own separate dreams was amazing . sticking to your principles yet accepting the tough reality is the course of life . A very genuine thoughtprocess .... one of my favriout book ... an independant personality .. always a very inspiring personality to all ladies from our society .... from mass to class
just hats off to sunita tai .... u r the best .. Very impressive and sincere narration by a wife of an extremely popular multitalented artist. This book is a true mirror of how she had to stifle her aspirations, her true emotions, her true self to render her husband's success. Must read to get another perspective of the great P.L. Deshpande's life.
What a splendid book! Read a marathi book cover to cover after about 2 years and boy was it rewarding!

So honest and transparent writting about the time of her life. I loved the book and the author and the questions raised all over in the book. It was like reading a diary of a person. Always aware of what is happening inside out. Complaining a little but then again coming back to reality that there's no use of that here. Lifelike!

Recommended to buy it and store. There is too much valuable text useful and any point in time to all of us at some time. This is a beautiful book. How can someone write so plainly!
Very unique style of writing! I was expecting very much from this one. Rather than an autobiography, it seems a Diary. Language is not at all appealing. read it for the sake of reading it. I would not recommend it . I think this one is over rated book. My actual rating is 0.25 stars. I had a hard time reading it. Amazing book for female readers... great and honest insights on a women's life.
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I also found a very different aspect of P.L. Deshpande, which I never know before. Hats off to Sunita ma'am and her patience for handling all chores. I think, that's what love is all about! She too admires the same thing in the book and questions herself that why she has been doing this for years!

As this book is about incidences, you will come across other authors and famous personalities apart from P.L. Deshpande. That's also an interesting read and again you will come to know she is too open and frank about her views/opinions. Well, it's extremely difficult to talk about such incidences and narrate them as is.

I sort of related myself to her personality in some aspects and that made me read more about this lady. As I made progress, I came across different aspects of herneat and organized like Monica in Friends, thick skin, a very direct to talk which most of the times taken as rude, practical yet emotional, down to earth nature, selfpride which made her life miserable, social worker, a good decision maker(which P.L. would not have taken), her opinions about life, marriage and beliefs. Her nature to oppose things and seek out for freedom in each aspect helps her to stand out and sort of adds more responsibilities as well.

Her writing style is impressive. (Rather, who I'm to comment on this part!)

We always tend to think that being a wife of such humoristic and a multitalented person would be awesomeness. When you read the book, one will understand perils of being a wife of such person who is kinda childish and immature when it comes to surviving. A very sincere narration! Ending here.